Finger Lickin’ Girlfriends’

Smash Pictures to Release New Volume of ‘Finger Lickin’ Girlfriends’ With Puma Swede

LOS ANGELES — Smash Pictures has announced the upcoming release of “Finger Lickin’ Girlfriends 4” starring Puma Swede.

Directed by Jim Powers, the fourth volume in the popular series will hit streets on Jan. 15.

“Timing couldn’t be better with our star Puma Swede,” Smash Pictures’ Stuart Wall told XBIZ. “Our broadcast distributor in Scandinavia is a huge fan of hers and requested we shoot her. We granted his wish, shot an amazing scene pairing her with Ryan Ryans, and now she’s appearing in mainstream news [for starring on a Swedish reality TV show]. Homerun for everyone!”

In the movie, mature star Swede introduces young model Ryans to a lesbian experience. Older burlesque dancer Veronica Avluv brings home a young woman, Ashlyn Molloy, for a squirt-a-thon.

Cheer squad leader Scarlet Red has fun with an eager freshman, Darcie Belle. And a young personal trainer, Jenna J. Ross, gets more than she bargained for when she shows up for a yoga session with Nikki Daniels.

Set to street in January, the title will be Smash Pictures’ first release ringing in the New Year.

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Puma Swede’s Appearances on ”Swedish Hollywood Wives” Outrages Swedish Celebs

For Immediate Release:

Sweden’s #1 adult star and always busy blonde bombshell Puma Swede is making headlines and waves in Sweden after her appearances on popular primetime Swedish reality TV show ”Swedish Hollywood Wives” – a show centered around well known Swedish celebrity wives with rich american husbands. One of the stars includes Brit Ekland…Peter Seller’s ex-wife who had a highly publicized relationship with Rod Stewart.

Puma’s presence on the show has offended two Swedish celebs – sparking debate if porn stars should be on ”family” television.

Swedish actress Gunilla Persson lashed out that Puma’s work in porn was the work of ”Satan” and ”Sodom & Gommorrah” and had no place in a ”family” television show.

Anna Anka (wife of famed composer Paul Anka) has hit out to the press that Puma Swede should not be on the show because of younger viewers and accusing the show of ”moral decay” in an interview that can be seen here: &

Puma is quoted as saying ”It’s funny to see myself in the headlines for being in a reality TV show. It’s not like I have sex on camera during the shows. Anna Anka said in the show it’s the job of a wife to give her husband a blowjob in the morning… but somehow my career is offensive. I am glad that mainstream shows are finally letting adult stars on primetime. It’s about time.”

Puma has been on mainstream TV frequently in recent weeks with appearances on Bobbi Eden’s show ”Dubbel D in LA” currently on Dutch mainstream TV. She was also ”Skankenstein” on an episode of ”Sons Of Anarchy” this season (in a scene with Jenna Jameson).

Puma recently released her successful autobiography “Puma Swede, My Life as a Porn Star” (published by Lind & Co.) available at ITunes, Amazon, in soft cover here) and in Swedish here. Her Official Site PumaSwede.comwas nominated by XBIZ for Best Performer Website 2014. She is part of the popular VNA Girls Network of Sites with other established stars such as Vicky Vette, Julia Ann, Sara Jay, Siri & Nikki Benz. She is also working on her own line of adult toys.
Puma Swede can also be seen weekly via webcam at her official site most Tuesdays and she can be followed on twitter here

About Puma Swede:
Puma has earned many award nominations, including an XBIZ Nomination for Best Website 2014 and AVN nominations for Web Starlet of the Year (2009) and Best Group Scene for Rocki Whore Picture Show (2011). She has starred in over 100 adult titles including Oil Overload 9 (2013) and Up Her Asshole 3 (2013). She can be seen in such mainstream productions as Sons of Anarchy, I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell, an-all star adaptation of the Tucker Max bestseller, and The 41 Year Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt SuperBad for It.

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Member Video Spotlight! Pussy Pie – Puma and Veronica Avluv!

I think you guys really should take a look at the video that just got put up in the members area. 36+ minutes long and features me and insanely hot MILF Veronica Avluv.  We play two housewives doing cooking of pies for our local church group. No one shows up so our pussy pies come out instead. Lots of action, pussy licking, ass rimming, vibrators and hot lesbian fun. I lost count of the orgasms. I also got her covered in whipped cream. The video has only just become available to website members as a free download here. I think you are going to LOVE IT. If you are a high heel or stocking lover, this vid has that too!

Join the site, if you are not a member here… and meet me at my next live members show! You get live daily shows here FREE with membership!

xo Puma!

Sequence 02.Still051 Sequence 02.Still098Sequence 02.Still056Sequence 02.Still094


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Did you miss…

…me? Weather you did or not – I’m back :) Been traveling some and now up fighting jetlag at 5am :( But it’s worth it! I love traveling and seeing new places :)

First there was Hong Kong last month. Wow, I really liked it over there! I was there at The Asia Adult Expo to look at sex toys for what will hopefully become part of my own line of sex toys :) It’s all in the works in Sweden so more info coming when you can get your hands on it :)

PumaSwede_hongkong17 PumaSwede_hongkong16 PumaSwede_hongkong19 PumaSwede_hongkong20 PumaSwede_hongkong34 PumaSwede_hongkong35 PumaSwede_hongkong36 PumaSwede_hongkong37 \PumaSwede_hongkong38 PumaSwede_hongkong46 PumaSwede_hongkong47 PumaSwede_hongkong48 PumaSwede_hongkong49 PumaSwede_hongkong50 PumaSwede_hongkong51 PumaSwede_hongkong52

Also did a bunch of exploring of the city. Amazing restaurants and coffee places. I did venture off to try a local restaurant that didn’t even have a menu in English. I was quite an attraction when I walked in, but they where very helpful. I don’t know exactly what I ordered or ate, but I did find some kind of bird-foot in my rice lol…

PumaSwede_hongkong1 PumaSwede_hongkong3 PumaSwede_hongkong4 PumaSwede_hongkong6 PumaSwede_hongkong7 PumaSwede_hongkong8 PumaSwede_hongkong9 PumaSwede_hongkong10 PumaSwede_hongkong11 PumaSwede_hongkong12 PumaSwede_hongkong13 PumaSwede_hongkong14 PumaSwede_hongkong18 PumaSwede_hongkong19 PumaSwede_hongkong18 PumaSwede_hongkong23 PumaSwede_hongkong25 PumaSwede_hongkong26 PumaSwede_hongkong27 PumaSwede_hongkong28 PumaSwede_hongkong29 PumaSwede_hongkong30 PumaSwede_hongkong31 PumaSwede_hongkong32 PumaSwede_hongkong40 PumaSwede_hongkong38 PumaSwede_hongkong42 PumaSwede_hongkong43 PumaSwede_hongkong44 PumaSwede_hongkong53 PumaSwede_hongkong54 PumaSwede_hongkong55 PumaSwede_hongkong57 PumaSwede_hongkong58 PumaSwede_hongkong59 PumaSwede_hongkong60 PumaSwede_hongkong61 PumaSwede_hongkong63 PumaSwede_hongkong64 PumaSwede_hongkong65 PumaSwede_hongkong66 PumaSwede_hongkong67 PumaSwede_hongkong69

I came back and 3 days later I was off to Italy and a wedding. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong on the trip over there… Flight was cancelled and I was redirected to fly  to Paris and then Italy. I missed my connection flight in Paris :( I think it’s as clumsy to miss a flight as it is to run out of gas, but I did it lol… I finally landed in Italy in a different place where I was suppose to land. Of course my luggage was lost. Long story short – I did have a little moment of whining/lost temper/tears until I went to the mall (did get lost 2 times on the way there in the rental car) and bought some new clothes and stuff. The wedding was amazing and my luggage finally arrived after the wedding :)

PumaSwede_italy48 PumaSwede_italy1 PumaSwede_italy2 PumaSwede_italy3 PumaSwede_italy4 PumaSwede_italy5 PumaSwede_italy10 PumaSwede_italy7 PumaSwede_italy11 PumaSwede_italy12 PumaSwede_italy13 PumaSwede_italy14 PumaSwede_italy15 PumaSwede_italy52 PumaSwede_italy54 PumaSwede_italy55 PumaSwede_italy56 PumaSwede_italy57 PumaSwede_italy58 PumaSwede_italy59 PumaSwede_italy60

I also visited Cinque Terre and Lake Como while I was there. Found George Clooney’s villa, but George himself was not in sight! I think he was getting married in Venice, but I guess my invitation got lost ;) I ate so much since every time you ate you’re asked to get starter, primi, secundi and a dessert on top of that. Of course you don’t have to order all that, but it was soooo damn good so ate :) And a few pizzas went down too :)

PumaSwede_italy16 PumaSwede_italy17 PumaSwede_italy18 PumaSwede_italy20 PumaSwede_italy21 PumaSwede_italy22 PumaSwede_italy23 PumaSwede_italy24 PumaSwede_italy26 PumaSwede_italy_bw1 PumaSwede_italy_bw2 PumaSwede_italy_bw3 PumaSwede_italy28 PumaSwede_italy29 PumaSwede_italy30 PumaSwede_italy31 PumaSwede_italy32 PumaSwede_italy33 PumaSwede_italy34 PumaSwede_italy35 PumaSwede_italy37 PumaSwede_italy36 PumaSwede_italy38 PumaSwede_italy39 PumaSwede_italy40 PumaSwede_italy41 PumaSwede_italy42 PumaSwede_italy43 PumaSwede_italy44 PumaSwede_italy45 PumaSwede_italy46 PumaSwede_italy47 PumaSwede_italy49 PumaSwede_italy50 PumaSwede_italy51 PumaSwede_italy61 PumaSwede_italy62 PumaSwede_italy63 PumaSwede_italy64 PumaSwede_italy66 PumaSwede_italy67 PumaSwede_italy69 PumaSwede_italy70 PumaSwede_italy71 PumaSwede_italy72 PumaSwede_italy73 PumaSwede_italy74

Gonna go try to get a couple of hours of more sleep now :) Then off to crossfit after all this laziness and feasting hahahahaaa… Also need to get a new car. Thinking of going electric, any suggestions? I’ll leave you with some pics of this and that and a little bit of whatever :) Until next time :)

PumaSwede_bakfull PumaSwede_painting31 PumaSwede_painting30 PumaSwede_painting32 PumaSwede_snickarbyxa2 PumaSwede_bath13 PumaSwede_bath14 PumaSwede_camshow_blue2 PumaSwede_camshow_blue3 PumaSwede_sandyTV1 PumaSwede_sandyTV8 PumaSwede_sandyTV10 PumaSwede_sandyTV11 PumaSwede_sandyTV12 PumaSwede_yellowsweater PumaSwede_blackbra7 PumaSwede_titszipper PumaSwede_morninghair PumaSwede_jetlag PumaSwede_nakeddoor1 PumaSwede_nakeddoor3 PumaSwede_sex30 PumaSwede_sex31 PumaSwede_sex32 PumaSwede_carselfie PumaSwede_skybar PumaSwede_nudesoutside1 PumaSwede_nudesoutside2 PumaSwede_nudesoutside3 PumaSwede_nudesoutside4 PumaSwede_nudesoutside5 PumaSwede_bobbipool1 PumaSwede_bobbipool2 PumaSwede_bobbipool3 PumaSwede_chadpool4 PumaSwede_chadpool5 PumaSwede_sundaybeach5 PumaSwede_sundaybeach6 PumaSwede_sundaybeach7 PumaSwede_sundaybeach8 PumaSwede_sundaybeach10 PumaSwede_sundaybeach11 PumaSwede_BobbiTV1 PumaSwede_BobbiTV2 PumaSwede_glamping34 PumaSwede_glamping35 PumaSwede_glamping36 PumaSwede_glamping38 PumaSwede_glamping40 PumaSwede_bathfeet1 PumaSwede_cam_pink1 PumaSwede_cam_pink2 PumaSwede_cam_pink3 PumaSwede_cam_pink4 PumaSwede_cam_pink5 PumaSwede_bobbiTV11 PumaSwede_bobbiTV12 PumaSwede_bobbiTV13 PumaSwede_bobbiTV14 PumaSwede_bobbiTV15 PumaSwede_bobbiTV16 PumaSwede_fika21 PumaSwede_fika22 PumaSwede_fika23 PumaSwede_BobbiVegas2 PumaSwede_BobbiVegas3 PumaSwede_BobbiVegas4 PumaSwede_BobbiVegas5 PumaSwede_BobbiVegas6 PumaSwede_BobbiVegas7 PumaSwede_BobbiVegas11 PumaSwede_BobbiVegas12 PumaSwede_BobbiVegas13 PumaSwede_BobbiTV40 PumaSwede_BobbiTV42 PumaSwede_BobbiTV43 PumaSwede_BobbiTV44 PumaSwede_BobbiTV46 PumaSwede_Bobbipool20 PumaSwede_Bobbipool21 PumaSwede_Bobbipool22 PumaSwede_Bobbipool24 PumaSwede_solfit20 PumaSwede_solfit21 PumaSwede_selfie5 PumaSwede_selfie6 PumaSwede_selfie4 PumaSwede_selfie3 PumaSwede_hanginwMary2 PumaSwede_showerupdate1 PumaSwede_showerupdate2 PumaSwede_showerupdate3 PumaSwede_showerupdate4 PumaSwede_showerupdate5 PumaSwede_lauracomedy1 PumaSwede_lauracomedy2 PumaSwede_lauracomedy3 PumaSwede_camsophie1 PumaSwede_camsophie2 PumaSwede_snatch21 PumaSwede_snatch22 PumaSwede_snatch23 PumaSwede_running7 PumaSwede_solfit26 PumaSwede_solfit27 PumaSwede_cambobbi25 PumaSwede_sleepstarbux PumaSwede_peeing PumaSwede_yurishoot1 PumaSwede_yurishoot2 PumaSwede_yurishoot3 PumaSwede_yurishoot5 PumaSwede_yurishoot6 PumaSwede_yurishoot7 PumaSwede_yurishoot8 PumaSwede_carBJ1 PumaSwede_carBJ2 PumaSwede_partnerwod40 PumaSwede_partnerwod41 PumaSwede_whitedress8 PumaSwede_aripool6 PumaSwede_aripool7 PumaSwede_aripool8 PumaSwede_aripool9 PumaSwede_nudesmoke1

Kisses, Puma

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Member Video SpotLight – Tits, Tongue & Twat in My Garage!

If you haven’t seen this members only HD video, make sure you go check it out.  It’s a long and VERY hot video you can stream and ”enjoy”.  I am puffing a cigarette in my ”garage” when two hot babes… Charisma Cappelli & Heather Starlet come in for some ”help”.  I show them my strap on and… it’s game on!! We all have huge orgasms… I had one girl licking me out while I licked out the other.  If you love babes, pornstars, strap ons, hot lesbian action and sweet… sweet pussy, I think you going to LOVE this video. Find it in the girl/girl section.

I am live usually on Tuesdays here… You also get FREE DAILY camshows as a website member (all shows are free when you join – 60+ girls free, including girls like Vicky Vette, Bobbi Eden, Nikki Benz & more)!

See you inside and join! Puma!

ps-1820-23-lg ps-1820-24-lg ps-1820-48-lg ps-1820-59-lg

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Happy Easter :)

Hope everyone is having an amazeballs Easter what ever you are up to :) I just got news from an other Swede in LA that there is a Swedish candy store that has opened up and I already called to see how long they’re open for today :) So after this blog you can guess where I’m going :)


The biggest news I have to report now is that my book ‘My Life as a Porn Star’ is finally out in paperback – YEAYYY :) Here are 2 links you can order it from

CreateSpace -
Amazon -

If you want signed copy for yourself, your mom, a friend or someone else you can email me at :) I charge $35 including shipping in the US and $45 internationally. Payment is to be made through PayPal – Include your address and who I sign the book to in your email :) Even cats like it :)

PumaSwede_carmen3 PumaSwede_carmen4



And last weekend I was in Florida dancing my ass off at Desire. An other very cool detail to this trip is that I stayed at a nude resort for the first time in my life LOL! Amazing! I sat outside having my coffee and my neighbors stroll out nude and get on their bikes and wave me good morning hahahaaa… A guy danced 2h straight by the pool nude in something that reminded me of the dance ‘Hey Macarena’ and a gymnastics combined. Fuck, these where some happy people – fun to see :)

PumaSwede_desirefl5 PumaSwede_desirefl6 PumaSwede_desirefl7 PumaSwede_desirefl8 PumaSwede_desire10 PumaSwede_desire11 PumaSwede_desire12 PumaSwede_desire13 PumaSwede_desire14 PumaSwede_desire15 PumaSwede_desire16 PumaSwede_desirefl4 PumaSwede_desirefl3 PumaSwede_desirefl2 PumaSwede_desirefl1

To top all this off I invited myself to Carmen Valentina and shot some fun stuff with her. If you are you’ll see it all on :) Yes, a little advertisement here :)

PumaSwede_carmen1 PumaSwede_carmen2 PumaSwede_carmen5 PumaSwede_carmen6 PumaSwede_carmen7 PumaSwede_carmen8 PumaSwede_carmen9 PumaSwede_carmen10 PumaSwede_carmen11 PumaSwede_carmen12 PumaSwede_carmen13 PumaSwede_carmen14 PumaSwede_carmen15 PumaSwede_carmen16 PumaSwede_carmen17 PumaSwede_carmen18 PumaSwede_pinkdress10 PumaSwede_pinkdress11 PumaSwede_pinkdress12 PumaSwede_pinkdress13

Well, I couldn’t leave without crashing Vicky Vette’s place too hahahaa :) Invited this cute little girl Cleo to play with us too :)

PumaSwede_floridavickys1 PumaSwede_floridavickys2 PumaSwede_floridavickys3 PumaSwede_floridavickys4 PumaSwede_floridavickys5


OK, one more very cool thing happened this month :) My wifey Sandy got married to her Roman. It was a surprise wedding and we got to witness Roman proposing and then hit the church. Lot of tears, laughter and joy. This was no regular wedding so the after party was at Hakkasan where we partied like animals and then some gambling in the morning hours :) So happy for them :) Oh, I did molest Sandy’s mom too, but she liked it LOL…

PumaSwede_Sandywed3 PumaSwede_Sandywed4 PumaSwede_Sandywed5 PumaSwede_Sandywed6 PumaSwede_Sandywed7 PumaSwede_Sandywed8 PumaSwede_Sandywed9 PumaSwede_Sandywed10 PumaSwede_Sandywed11 PumaSwede_Sandywed12 PumaSwede_Sandywed13 PumaSwede_Sandywed14 PumaSwede_Sandywed16 PumaSwede_Sandywed17 PumaSwede_Sandywed18 PumaSwede_Sandywed19 PumaSwede_Sandywed20 PumaSwede_Sandywed21 PumaSwede_Sandywed22 PumaSwede_Sandywed23 PumaSwede_Sandywed25 PumaSwede_Sandywed26 PumaSwede_Sandywed27 PumaSwede_Sandywed29 PumaSwede_Sandywed30


This month I got my hands on Jessica James and Nicole Aniston as well :) I love porn cause I get to role-play almost every time you shoot. I played a somewhat-not-so-believable-surgeon among other things :)

PumaSwede_JJ_NA_shoot7 PumaSwede_JJ_NA_shoot6 PumaSwede_JJ_NA_shoot5 PumaSwede_JJ_NA_shoot9PumaSwede_JJ_NA_shoot10 PumaSwede_JJ_NA_shoot8 PumaSwede_JJ_NA_shoot4 PumaSwede_JJ_NA_shoot3 PumaSwede_JJ_NA_shoot1 PumaSwede_JJ_NA_shoot2 PumaSwede_JJ_NA_shoot12 PumaSwede_JJ_NA_shoot11


OK, it’s fucking Easter and I got to hit that candy store hahaaa… You go order my book or something :) Random pics as always to finish this blog post :)

PumaSwede_spirittshirt2 PumaSwede_adamlunch1 PumaSwede_playboycasting1 PumaSwede_playboycasting2 PumaSwede_playboycasting3 PumaSwede_playboycasting4 PumaSwede_playboycasting5PumaSwede_partnerWOD24 PumaSwede_partnerWOD22 PumaSwede_partnerWOD21 PumaSwede_partnerWOD20 PumaSwede_silverlake2 PumaSwede_silverlake1 PumaSwede_blackboots1 PumaSwede_redbrapanty6 PumaSwede_redbrapanty7 PumaSwede_elevendildos1 PumaSwede_skal1 PumaSwede_bodyafter2 PumaSwede_peace PumaSwede_redbrapanty2 PumaSwede_redbrapanty1 PumaSwede_agentprovo3 PumaSwede_agentprovo2 PumaSwede_agentprovo1 PumaSwede_crawfish3 PumaSwede_crawfish2 PumaSwede_crawfish1 PumaSwede_desireclub PumaSwede_nightmovesmag PumaSwede_caminblack3 PumaSwede_caminblack2 PumaSwede_caminblack1 PumaSwede_bodypic1PumaSwede_redlingerie2 PumaSwede_redlingerie1 PumaSwede_buelingerie3 PumaSwede_buelingerie2 PumaSwede_buelingerie1 PumaSwede_dildos3 PumaSwede_dildos2 PumaSwede_dildos1 PumaSwede_toiletpic PumaSwede_purpledress4 PumaSwede_fight_play2 PumaSwede_fight_play1 PumaSwede_agentPlingerie3 PumaSwede_agentPlingerie2 PumaSwede_agentPlingerie1 PumaSwede_arcade2 PumaSwede_arcade1 PumaSwede_camshowpink5 PumaSwede_latopp3 PumaSwede_latopp2 PumaSwede_latopp1 PumaSwede_thegrove14 PumaSwede_thegrove13 PumaSwede_thegrove12 PumaSwede_thegrove11 PumaSwede_JuliaAnncam4 PumaSwede_JuliaAnncam3 PumaSwede_JuliaAnncam2 PumaSwede_JuliaAnncam1



Byyyeeee, Puma

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I’ll start by…

…wishing you all a great weekend :) What are you all doing? I’m hoping for some sun cause I love going to the beach and tanning my see-through body lol….

PumaSwede_beachmalibu7 PumaSwede_beachmalibu5 PumaSwede_beachmalibu4 PumaSwede_beachmalibu3 PumaSwede_beachmalibu2 PumaSwede_beachmalibu1 PumaSwede_elmatador7 PumaSwede_elmatador6 PumaSwede_elmatador5 PumaSwede_elmatador4 PumaSwede_elmatador3 PumaSwede_elmatador2

I also shot some sexy shit for Got my hands on Sandy and Lola Foxx. We had so much fun shooting we had to pause to wipe our tears from laughing a couple of times. See, sex is fun :)
PumaSwede_sandy_lola2 PumaSwede_sandy_lola11 PumaSwede_sandy_lola10 PumaSwede_sandy_lola9 PumaSwede_sandy_lola8 PumaSwede_sandy_lola7 PumaSwede_sandy_lola6 PumaSwede_sandy_lola4 PumaSwede_sandy_lola3 PumaSwede_Sandy_Lola1

How you like my zebra outfit by the way lol… I managed to squeeze myself in with lovely Nina Elle and Tiffany Tyler too :)

PumaSwede_ninatiffany18 PumaSwede_NinaTiffany12 PumaSwede_NinaTiffany11 PumaSwede_ninatiffany15 PumaSwede_NinaTiffany9 PumaSwede_NinaTiffany8 PumaSwede_NinaTiffany7 PumaSwede_NinaTiffany6 PumaSwede_NinaTiffany5 PumaSwede_NinaTiffany4 PumaSwede_NinaTiffany3 PumaSwede_NinaTiffany2

Here’s some more half naked pics for you from being on cam  or just me feeling like showing off ;) Had the pleasure of playing with Sophie Dee & Amy Anderssen on cam :)

PumaSwede_wh_lingerie5 PumaSwede_wh_lingerie4 PumaSwede_wh_lingerie2 PumaSwede_amycam1 PumaSwede_amycam2 PumaSwede_amycam3 PumaSwede_amycam4 PumaSwede_amycam5 PumaSwede_Sophiecam1 PumaSwede_Sophiecam2 PumaSwede_Sophiecam3 PumaSwede_Sophiecam4 PumaSwede_camshow36 PumaSwede_camshow37 PumaSwede_camshow38 PumaSwede_camshow39 PumaSwede_sophieassPumaSwede_spermface3 PumaSwede_spermface1 PumaSwede_spermface2PumaSwede_bl_outfit2 PumaSwede_bl_outfit1

Enough nakedness for you. Get the rest at :) You know I like a good party and there’s been a couple :)

PumaSwede_gaybar3 PumaSwede_gaybar2 PumaSwede_Sandyparty33 PumaSwede_sandyparty32 PumaSwede_sandyparty30 PumaSwede_jadebday10 PumaSwede_jadebday9 PumaSwede_jadebday8 PumaSwede_jadebday7 PumaSwede_jadebday6 PumaSwede_jimmibday6 PumaSwede_jadebday1 PumaSwede_jadebday2 PumaSwede_jadebday3 PumaSwede_jadebday4 PumaSwede_jimmibday5 PumaSwede_jimmibday4 PumaSwede_jimmibday1


And bowling with Jessica Jaymes, Sara Jessie, Joanna Angel & Rilynn :) I was pretty damn good :) Just love them balls heheeee….

PumaSwede_Jessica_bowling5 PumaSwede_Jessica_bowling4 PumaSwede_Jessica_bowling3 PumaSwede_Jessica_bowling2 PumaSwede_Jessica_bowling1


Of course there’s been some crossfitting too. Also started this Whole 30 challenge which is a nutrition challenge. You eat paleo foods (think caveman type diet), no sugar (crying), no alcohol (not even 1 shot), no dairy & I gave up smoking. Fuck it’s hard! I have like 15 days left and then I’ll probably go and have sex with a Snickers bar while rolling in ice-cream  and being hand fed with Nutella lol… A pic how I looked when we started and a pic will come when the 30 days are done :)

PumaSwede_30day1PumaSwede_openWOD1 PumaSwede_openWOD2 PumaSwede_openWOD3 PumaSwede_partnerwod13 PumaSwede_thrusters11 PumaSwede_goblesquat PumaSwede_crossfit481 PumaSwede_crossfit505 PumaSwede_crossfit506 PumaSwede_crossfit507 PumaSwede_partnerwod12 PumaSwede_partnerwod11 PumaSwede_crossfit541 PumaSwede_crossfit540PumaSwede_thrusters5 PumaSwede_thrusters6 PumaSwede_overheadsquat1 PumaSwede_cleanandjerk7 PumaSwede_cleanandjerk8 PumaSwede_cleanandjerk9

I’ll leave you with a mix of me, me, me & some more me :) Oh, and this damn cute dog I ran into :)

PumaSwede_inthepark1 PumaSwede_incar1 PumaSwede_hundfontan2 PumaSwede_hundfontan1 PumaSwede_hikevday2 PumaSwede_trotter PumaSwede_fetishpic PumaSwede_clearheels2 PumaSwede_raywindow2 PumaSwede_batroompic5 PumaSwede_inPink1 PumaSwede_topless1 PumaSwede_painting17 PumaSwede_painting16 PumaSwede_sbux6 PumaSwede_dinner20 PumaSwede_hotellparty1PumaSwede_justpics1 PumaSwede_justpics2 PumaSwede_justpics3 PumaSwede_breakfastbed1 PumaSwede_leopardbra1 PumaSwede_leopardbra2 PumaSwede_couchpic PumaSwede_couchpic1 PumaSwede_Dianafacial1 PumaSwede_Dianafacial2 PumaSwede_goodnite1 PumaSwede_blacktop11 PumaSwede_blacktop12 PumaSwede_bluetowel1 PumaSwede_bluetowel2 PumaSwede_bluetowel3


Now go off (or get off) enjoying your Saturday. One last thing – I’ve added a little video section to my site that contains my private video clips from everything to nothing :) One more reason to pay up and join :) OK, I’m done pimping myself :) Gonna make pancakes  now :)

Kisses, Puma


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I knooooowww….

It’s been forever since I shared my stories and pics with you :) Sorry, but let me make it up to you :) First up is my Bora Bora trip which was amazeballs! The water was so clear and and it was really cool to pet stingrays and swim with sharks :) Even though at first I was clinging on to the boat with both hands and feet up in the air cause I thought I was gonna be shark food hahahaaa… I calmed down though and it was one of the coolest experiences ever :) PICTURES….

PumaSwede_borabora39 PumaSwede_tahiti5 PumaSwede_tahiti6 PumaSwede_tahiti7 PumaSwede_tahiti8PumaSwede_borabora50 PumaSwede_borabora132 PumaSwede_borabora130 PumaSwede_borabora129 PumaSwede_borabora127 PumaSwede_borabora126 PumaSwede_borabora125 PumaSwede_borabora124 PumaSwede_borabora123 PumaSwede_borabora120 PumaSwede_borabora119 PumaSwede_borabora117 PumaSwede_borabora116 PumaSwede_borabora113 PumaSwede_borabora112 PumaSwede_borabora109 PumaSwede_borabora108 PumaSwede_borabora107 PumaSwede_borabora103 PumaSwede_borabora67 PumaSwede_borabora65 PumaSwede_borabora64 PumaSwede_borabora62 PumaSwede_borabora60 PumaSwede_borabora59 PumaSwede_borabora58 PumaSwede_borabora57 PumaSwede_borabora56 PumaSwede_borabora55 PumaSwede_borabora37 PumaSwede_borabora29 PumaSwede_borabora28 PumaSwede_borabora25 PumaSwede_borabora23 PumaSwede_borabora22 PumaSwede_borabora20 PumaSwede_borabora18 PumaSwede_borabora15 PumaSwede_borabora12 PumaSwede_borabora10 PumaSwede_borabora7 PumaSwede_borabora3 PumaSwede_borabora2 PumaSwede_borabora1


As always, if you want to see all the private pics and videos from my trips – better swipe that card and grab a membership at :)

Before Bora Bora I went to Finland with Sophie Dee to perform at Salosex with my Finnish pornstar friend Puma Moore :) And perform we did alright. I shot for a Swedish company and it will be my first Swedish porno ever released :) Of course where I go shit happens. This time it happened to be that me and Sophie got very hungry at night and decided to break in to a cafe and eat. Unfortunately it was all caught on camera, but a few apologies later I think we still might be welcome to Finland lol ;)

PumaSwede_salosex2014_59 PumaSwede_salosex2014_58 PumaSwede_salosex2014_55 PumaSwede_salosex2014_51 PumaSwede_salosex2014_50 PumaSwede_salosex2014_49 PumaSwede_salosex2014_48 PumaSwede_salosex2014_47 PumaSwede_salosex2014_46 PumaSwede_salosex2014_45 PumaSwede_salosex2014_43 PumaSwede_salosex2014_40 PumaSwede_salosex2014_39 PumaSwede_salosex2014_38 PumaSwede_salosex2014_36 PumaSwede_salosex2014_35 PumaSwede_salosex2014_33 PumaSwede_salosex2014_32 PumaSwede_salosex2014_30 PumaSwede_salosex2014_29 PumaSwede_salosex2014_26 PumaSwede_salosex2014_23 PumaSwede_salosex2014_20 PumaSwede_salosex2014_19 PumaSwede_salosex2014_17 PumaSwede_salosex2014_15 PumaSwede_salosex2014_10 PumaSwede_salosex2014_9 PumaSwede_salosex2014_5 PumaSwede_salosex2014_4 PumaSwede_salosex2014_3 PumaSwede_salosex2014_2 PumaSwede_salosex2014_1

That’s all you get for now :) I need to go to church. It’s bloody Sunday after all. Kidding. Need to get fed though :) Until next time – keep track of me on my  Instagram – ThePumaSwede. Twitter – PumaSwede. More coming soon…

Kisses Puma Swede

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Welcome to the Newest VNA Girl Trisha Uptown!

This is good news for all of our collective members! One more site for you to plunder! You may already know Trisha Uptown as a web babe and feature dancer or from VNA Live! With a brand new REDO she has just now added her official site to the roster of VNA Girls! Just one more reason (the 16th!) you need to join my site today!

Join the VNA where fans do become friends!

Our collective content is in the range of 3800+ videos, 400,000+ photos, 16 sites, 50+ free group shows per week, and 3300+ archives. One site is all you need! Mine! So join today!

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I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and amazing Holidays :) I’m in Sweden now spending time with my family. Haven’t had a Swedish Xmas for 2 years so it’s been great to taste all the Swedish/Finnish Xmas foods again. No snow though and it’s been raining. Almost like the Swedish summer, but colder lol…

PumaSwede_swedenxmas34 PumaSwede_swedenxmas33 PumaSwede_swedenxmas32 PumaSwede_swedenxmas31 PumaSwede_swedenxmas30 PumaSwede_swedenxmas29 PumaSwede_swedenxmas28 PumaSwede_swedenxmas27 PumaSwede_swedenxmas26 PumaSwede_swedenxmas25 PumaSwede_swedenxmas24 PumaSwede_swedenxmas23 PumaSwede_swedenxmas22 PumaSwede_swedenxmas21 PumaSwede_swedenxmas20 PumaSwede_swedenxmas19 PumaSwede_swedenxmas18 PumaSwede_swedenxmas17 PumaSwede_Swedenxmas16 PumaSwede_swedenxmas15 PumaSwede_swedenxmas14 PumaSwede_swedenxmas13 PumaSwede_swedenxmas12 PumaSwede_swedenxmas11 PumaSwede_swedenxmas10 PumaSwede_swedenxmas9 PumaSwede_swedenxmas8 PumaSwede_swedenxmas7 PumaSwede_swedenxmas6 PumaSwede_swedenxmas5 PumaSwede_swedenxmas4 PumaSwede_swedenxmas3 PumaSwede_swedenxmas1

Before I left there was some parties :) There was the VNA Xmas party, crossfit Xmas-party, poker, celebrating Sandy’s B-day, girls dinner & just more partying…

PumaSwede_pokeratvin1 PumaSwede_pokeratvin2 PumaSwede_pokeratvin3 PumaSwede_julfest1 PumaSwede_julfest2 PumaSwede_julfest3 PumaSwede_julfest4 PumaSwede_julfest5 PumaSwede_julfest6 PumaSwede_julfest7 PumaSwede_julfest8 PumaSwede_julfest9 PumaSwede_julfest10 PumaSwede_julfest11 PumaSwede_julfest12 PumaSwede_vnaparty1 PumaSwede_vnaparty2 PumaSwede_vnaparty3 PumaSwede_vnaparty4 PumaSwede_vnaparty5 PumaSwede_vnaparty6PumaSwede_sandysurprise2 PumaSwede_sandysurprise3PumaSwede_xmasparty50 PumaSwede_xmasparty51 PumaSwede_xmasparty52 PumaSwede_xmasparty53 PumaSwede_xmasparty54 PumaSwede_xmasparty55 PumaSwede_cherrypimps36 PumaSwede_cherrypimps37PumaSwede_niteout6 PumaSwede_niteout5 PumaSwede_niteout4 PumaSwede_niteout3 PumaSwede_niteout2 PumaSwede_niteout1


There’s been some cam shows, photo shoots, selfies and bathroom modeling & sex pics :)

PumaSwede_cherrypimps35 PumaSwede_cherrypimps34 PumaSwede_cherrypimps33 PumaSwede_cherrypimps32 PumaSwede_cherrypimps31 PumaSwede_cherrypimps30 PumaSwede_pinkhoodie17 PumaSwede_pinkhoodie16 PumaSwede_pinkhoodie15 PumaSwede_pinkhoodie14 PumaSwede_inbed21 PumaSwede_inbed22 PumaSwede_inbed23 PumaSwede_onepiece8 PumaSwede_inbed20 PumaSwede_cockballshats1 PumaSwede_pantiesoff1 PumaSwede_redcouch4 PumaSwede_redcouch1 PumaSwede_redcouch2 PumaSwede_redcouch3 PumaSwede_blhoodie PumaSwede_cet1PumaSwede_cumdrippingPumaSwede_bobbicam5 PumaSwede_bobbicam4 PumaSwede_bobbicam3 PumaSwede_bobbicam1 PumaSwede_sophiedee1 PumaSwede_cumface22 PumaSwede_cumface21 PumaSwede_cumface20

As always some crossfit :)

PumaSwede_crossfit420 PumaSwede_crossfit421 PumaSwede_crossfit422 PumaSwede_crossfit424 PumaSwede_crossfit430 PumaSwede_crossfit431 PumaSwede_crossfit330 PumaSwede_crossfit331 PumaSwede_crossfit332 PumaSwede_crossfit333 PumaSwede_crossfit334PumaSwede_ringpushup2 PumaSwede_deadlift17 PumaSwede_deadlift18 PumaSwede_partnescs1PumaSwede_frontsquat11 PumaSwede_frontsquat10 PumaSwede_backsquat25 PumaSwede_wodbarbara2 PumaSwede_crossfit351 PumaSwede_crossfit350


And the rest…

PumaSwede_moleremoval5 PumaSwede_shoessale2 PumaSwede_shoessale1 PumaSwede_sandy_roman PumaSwede_painting21 PumaSwede_painting20 PumaSwede_hugos PumaSwede_whip2 PumaSwede_whip1 PumaSwede_thanksgiving2 PumaSwede_thanksgiving1 PumaSwede_toilet5 PumaSwede_lunch30 PumaSwede_sophiedeedog PumaSwede_moleremoval2 PumaSwede_moleremoval1 PumaSwede_whbra1 PumaSwede_mirrorpic10 PumaSwede_spraytan10 PumaSwede_boobies1 PumaSwede_underboobie1 PumaSwede_sideboobie1 PumaSwede_sbuxbobbi2 PumaSwede_sbuxbobbi1 PumaSwede_spritshopping2 PumaSwede_spritshopping1 PumaSwede_paint12 PumaSwede_paint11 PumaSwede_paint10 PumaSwede_japangarden7 PumaSwede_japangarden5 PumaSwede_japangarden3 PumaSwede_japangarden2 PumaSwede_pikey2 PumaSwede_pikey1 PumaSwede_bluebra13 PumaSwede_bluebra12 PumaSwede_bluebra11 PumaSwede_bluebra10 PumaSwede_mirrorshots3 PumaSwede_mirrorshots2 PumaSwede_newpinkbra1 PumaSwede_newpinkbra2 PumaSwede_newpinkbra3 PumaSwede_mirrorshots1PumaSwede_glamping20 PumaSwede_glamping19 PumaSwede_glamping17 PumaSwede_glamping16 PumaSwede_glamping15 PumaSwede_glamping13 PumaSwede_glamping11 PumaSwede_glamping2 PumaSwede_glamping4


That’s it :) Enjoy the Holidays :) I’m off to my mom’s to eat some more meatballs :)

Ho ho ho, Puma

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