Where have I been?

Hey hey heeeeey :) I got back from Colorado and only stayed 4 days in LA before I took off to Sweden. If I thought Colorado was rainy it was nothing compared to the Swedish summer. It rained pretty much every day when I was there, but as always it was great to see my friends and family :)

I started off my stay in Sweden with touring some stores that carry my dildos  and met some fans and dildo-lovers :)

PumaSwede_dildotour1 PumaSwede_dildotour2 PumaSwede_dildotour3 PumaSwede_dildotour4 PumaSwede_dildotour5 PumaSwede_dildotour6 PumaSwede_dildotour7 PumaSwede_dildotour8 PumaSwede_dildotour9 PumaSwede_dildotour11 PumaSwede_dildotour12 PumaSwede_dildotour13 PumaSwede_dildotour14 PumaSwede_dildotour15 PumaSwede_dildotour16 PumaSwede_dildotour17 PumaSwede_dildotour18 PumaSwede_dildotour19 PumaSwede_dildotour20 PumaSwede_dildotour21 PumaSwede_dildotour22 PumaSwede_dildotour23 PumaSwede_dildotour24 PumaSwede_dildotour25 PumaSwede_dildotour26

Cool thing is that my toy line is expanding any day now and we’re adding one of my favorite type of toys to the collection. I will show it here when it’s available on pumaofsweden.com :)

More random pics from Sweden… And a couple with sun in them :)

PumaSwede_katterna PumaSwede_pullups9 PumaSwede_gobblesquats PumaSwede_gradde1 PumaSwede_middagFreyja PumaSwede_stockholm3 PumaSwede_dildotour27 PumaSwede_stockholm4 PumaSwede_stockholm5 PumaSwede_stockholm6 PumaSwede_pullups17 PumaSwede_gbg1 PumaSwede_gbg2 PumaSwede_gbg3 PumaSwede_sotis PumaSwede_stockholm9 PumaSwede_stockholm11 PumaSwede_stockholm12 PumaSwede_stockholm13 PumaSwede_stockholm19 PumaSwede_stockholm20 PumaSwede_stockholm21 PumaSwede_stockholm22 PumaSwede_stockholm23 PumaSwede_bad1 PumaSwede_bad2 PumaSwede_bad3 PumaSwede_bad4 PumaSwede_bad5 PumaSwede_marcelfest1 PumaSwede_bad6 PumaSwede_bad7 PumaSwede_bad8 PumaSwede_bad9 PumaSwede_crossfitSwe12 PumaSwede_crossfitSwe1 PumaSwede_crossfitSwe2 PumaSwede_Sotis1 PumaSwede_Nelly PumaSwede_shopping1 PumaSwede_shopping2 PumaSwede_vin PumaSwede_nelly2 PumaSwede_nelly3 PumaSwede_ropehang PumaSwede_uteKatrin1 PumaSwede_uteKatrin2 PumaSwede_GunillaDildo1 PumaSwede_GunillaDildo2 PumaSwede_bikinitopp PumaSwede_Gunilladildo5 PumaSwede_Gunilladildo6 PumaSwede_Gunilladildo8 PumaSwede_boken PumaSwede_ankor2 PumaSwede_snatchcomplex PumaSwede_adran1 PumaSwede_bh1 PumaSwede_bh2 PumaSwede_bh3 PumaSwede_squat10 PumaSwede_sotis5 PumaSwede_badikvall1 PumaSwede_badikvall2 PumaSwede_badikvall3 PumaSwede_badikvall4 PumaSwede_badikvall6 PumaSwede_badikvall7 PumaSwede_fika PumaSwede_fika1 PumaSwede_fotografiska9 PumaSwede_bhtrosa1 PumaSwede_bhtrosa2 PumaSwede_bhtrosa3 PumaSwede_bhtrosa4 PumaSwede_Daniella1PumaSwede_Daniella2PumaSwede_Daniella3PumaSwede_thaiboat1PumaSwede_thaiboat2PumaSwede_suicidezeroPumaSwede_tupplurnellyPumaSwede_traingardenPumaSwede_bat2PumaSwede_bat3PumaSwede_bat4PumaSwede_bat5PumaSwede_skumppa


From Sweden I then took a trip to Barcelona with Andrew to meet up with Bobbi Eden, Marq & Willy. I love Barcelona and these people :)

PumaSwede_barcelona1 PumaSwede_barcelona3 PumaSwede_barcelona2 PumaSwede_barcelona4 PumaSwede_barcelona5 PumaSwede_barcelona6 PumaSwede_barcelona7 PumaSwede_barcelona8 PumaSwede_barcelona9 PumaSwede_barcelona10 PumaSwede_barcelona11 PumaSwede_barcelona12 PumaSwede_barcelona13 PumaSwede_barcelona14 PumaSwede_barcelona15 PumaSwede_barcelona16 PumaSwede_barcelona17 PumaSwede_barcelona18 PumaSwede_barcelona19 PumaSwede_barcelona20 PumaSwede_barcelona21 PumaSwede_barcelona22 PumaSwede_barcelona23 PumaSwede_barcelona24 PumaSwede_barcelona25 PumaSwede_barcelona26 PumaSwede_FranceskaNacho1 PumaSwede_FranceskaNacho3 PumaSwede_FranceskaNacho4

Oh, I also met up with Franceska Jaimes and Nacho Vidal and it got a bit wild hahhahaaa…. Apparently eating ass at a club doesn’t roll in Barca either LOL.

After Barca me & Willy continued to London to see our friend Ginger :) I love London too and I discovered a new area called Shoreditch where we stayed and it was great!

PumaSwede_london1 PumaSwede_london2 PumaSwede_london3 PumaSwede_london4

Got hold of my amazing friend Laura too :)

PumaSwede_london5 PumaSwede_london6 PumaSwede_london7 PumaSwede_london8 PumaSwede_london9 PumaSwede_london10


Then back to Sweden where I hosted a party at the best strip club in Sweden – Club Prive.  If you ever want to check my Swedish blog out (translation available) it’s on Prive’s website  and the direct link is http://www.privesthlm.com/blog/

PumaSwede_privefest1 PumaSwede_privefest2 PumaSwede_privefest3 PumaSwede_privefest4 PumaSwede_privefest5 PumaSwede_privefest6 PumaSwede_privefest7 PumaSwede_privefest8

Then I’m working on a new project and took off to Thailand to check out the factory and of course I had to party a little too :) You might guess what this project is about by looking at the pics. I’m very excited about it and it’s something I wanted to do for a long time :) Hopefully going back to Thailand in October to check some samples before launch…

PumaSwede_bangkok1 PumaSwede_bangkok2 PumaSwede_bangkok3 PumaSwede_bangkok4 PumaSwede_bangkok5 PumaSwede_bangkok6 PumaSwede_bangkok7 PumaSwede_bangkok8 PumaSwede_bangkok9 PumaSwede_bangkok10 PumaSwede_bangkok11 PumaSwede_bangkok12 PumaSwede_bangkok13 PumaSwede_bangkok14 PumaSwede_bangkok15 PumaSwede_bangkok16 PumaSwede_bangkok17 PumaSwede_bangkok18 PumaSwede_bangkok19 PumaSwede_bangkok20 PumaSwede_bangkok21 PumaSwede_bangkok23 PumaSwede_bangkok22 PumaSwede_bangkok24 PumaSwede_bangkok25 PumaSwede_bangkok26 PumaSwede_bangkok27 PumaSwede_bangkok28 PumaSwede_bangkok29 PumaSwede_bangkok30 PumaSwede_bangkok31 PumaSwede_bangkok32 PumaSwede_bangkok34 PumaSwede_bangkok33 PumaSwede_bangkok35 PumaSwede_bangkok36 PumaSwede_bangkok37 PumaSwede_bangkok38 PumaSwede_bangkok39 PumaSwede_bangkok40 PumaSwede_bangkok41 PumaSwede_bangkok42 PumaSwede_bangkok43 PumaSwede_bangkok44 PumaSwede_bangkok45 PumaSwede_bangkok46 PumaSwede_bangkok47 PumaSwede_bangkok48 PumaSwede_bangkok49 PumaSwede_bangkok50

Yes, I managed to drag my lazy ass to a crossfit gym too :)

PumaSwede_bangkok51 PumaSwede_bangkok52


I made it back to Sweden after and then then finally made it back to LA :) I was in LA for about 10 days before I took off to Burning Man last Sunday and I just got back today. It was an amazing experience in so many ways and I’m going back next year! I will post some pics from there soon :) In the meanwhile you can see a few on my Instagram – @thepumaswede :)

I leave you with some throwback pics and I then need to unpack my dusty suitcase :) Dn’t miss my and Sophie Dee’s camshow on Tuesday at 1PM PST on pumaswede.com :)

PumaSwede_tbt20 PumaSwede_tbt21 PumaSwede_tbt22 PumaSwede_tbt23 PumaSwede_tbt24 PumaSwede_tbt25 PumaSwede_tbt26 PumaSwede_tbt27 PumaSwede_tbt28 PumaSwede_tbt29 PumaSwede_SophieDee30


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Hey from Colorado :)

How are you all? I’m doing great here in Colorado even though everyone says it’s the wettest and coldest May since a long time here in Boulder. Fuck it, for once I get to use some clothing other than lingerie ;) Today I went hiking in the woods and there was thunder and then it started snowing… In May!


Otherwise I been mostly crossfitting, caming, painting, sexing(?) and hiking so here’s a mix of it all :)

PumaSwede_doggystyle2 PumaSwede_doggystyle1 PumaSwede_powerCL2 PumaSwede_powerCL1 PumaSwede_couch5 PumaSwede_couch4 PumaSwede_couch3 PumaSwede_couch2 PumaSwede_couch1 PumaSwede_F4Fcam2 PumaSwede_F4Fcam1 PumaSwede_campinkpanties3 PumaSwede_campinkpanties2 PumaSwede_campinkpanties1 PumaSwede_snatchpractice1 PumaSwede_drink PumaSwede_spraytan PumaSwede_camshow49 PumaSwede_sanitashike2 PumaSwede_sanitashike1 PumaSwede_boulderfalls4 PumaSwede_hikeEldora3 PumaSwede_hikeEldora4 PumaSwede_hikeEldora1PumaSwede_camshow_black1PumaSwede_camshow_black2PumaSwede_camshow_black3PumaSwede_camshow_black4PumaSwede_camshow_black5PumaSwede_waitingforcumPumaSwede_BoulderFalls1PumaSwede_barbellclass2PumaSwede_camshow40PumaSwede_camshow41PumaSwede_camshow42PumaSwede_camshow43PumaSwede_ekorren4PumaSwede_laundry1PumaSwede_laundry2PumaSwede_faces1PumaSwede_faces2PumaSwede_faces3PumaSwede_faces4PumaSwede_faces5PumaSwede_dickkissPumaSwede_camshow_1PumaSwede_camshow_2PumaSwede_legs1PumaSwede_legs2PumaSwede_legs3PumaSwede_legs4PumaSwede_ribsPumaSwede_snowCO2PumaSwede_snowCO4umaSwede_goodmorning1PumaSwede_backsquats49PumaSwede_camshow_3PumaSwede_camshow_5PumaSwede_camshow_6PumaSwede_camshow_7PumaSwede_camshow_8PumaSwede_camshow_9PumaSwede_camshow_10PumaSwede_endurance1PumaSwede_camshow_11PumaSwede_camshow_12PumaSwede_camshow_13PumaSwede_camshow_14PumaSwede_LanaDelRey1PumaSwede_co_hiking1PumaSwede_co_hiking3PumaSwede_co_hiking5PumaSwede_skinthecat

And obviously I’ve been masturbating with my own toys to make sure they work properly :) We are also looking to add a wand to the toy line which I’m very excited about cause I love anything that vibrates hahahahaa… If you want your own Puma toy, go to pumaofsweden.com and get it :)

PumaSwede_Toys5 PumaSwede_mytoy PumaSwede_Toys4 PumaSwede_Toys3 PumaSwede_Toys2 PumaSwede_TheRabbit PumaSwede_toys7 PumaSwede_toys8 PumaSwede_toys9

What else… Yes, next weekend I’m feature dancing at Platinum84 in Denver :) Same club where I visited Sophie Dee a couple of weeks ago :) So get your ass out to Denver and lets party :)


That’s it for now :) I got 3 more weeks here in Colorado and then I’m off to Sweden and Europe :) Enjoy you Memorial Day weekend everyone and do go and get in trouble ;) With that been said I leave you with some #flashback pics :)

PumaSwede_flashbackfriday1 PumaSwede_flashbackfriday2 PumaSwede_flashbackfriday3 PumaSwede_flashbackfriday4 PumaSwede_flashbackfriday5

Kisses, Puma


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How has your…

…2015 started? I hope you all have had an amazing start on this year :)

Mine has been good so far. Camping out for New Years was amazing! A little cold at night, but I recommend anyone to go see Joshua Tree :) Of course I got naked up on a hill too. Can you spot the Puma?

PumaSwede_joshuatree1 PumaSwede_JoshuaTree2 PumaSwede_JoshuaTree4 PumaSwede_JoshuaTree6 PumaSwede_JoshuaTree7 PumaSwede_JoshuaTree8 PumaSwede_JoshuaTree10 PumaSwede_JoshuaTree11 PumaSwede_JoshuaTree12 PumaSwede_JoshuaTree13 PumaSwede_JoshuaTree14 PumaSwede_JoshuaTree15 PumaSwede_JoshuaTree16 PumaSwede_JoshuaTree17 PumaSwede_JoshuaTree18 PumaSwede_JoshuaTree19 PumaSwede_JoshuaTree20 PumaSwede_JoshuaTree21 PumaSwede_JoshuaTree22 PumaSwede_JoshuaTree23


I have had a lot of cam shows :) One of them was with Julia Ann and then I crashed Sophie Dee’s place :)

PumaSwede_JuliaAnn5 PumaSwede_JuliaAnn6 PumaSwede_JuliaAnn7 PumaSwede_JuliaAnn8 PumaSwede_JuliaAnn9 PumaSwede_JuliaAnn10PumaSwede_sophieshoot1PumaSwede_sophieshoot2PumaSwede_sophieshoot3PumaSwede_sophieshoot5PumaSwede_sophieshoot7PumaSwede_sophieshoot8PumaSwede_sophieshoot9PumaSwede_sophieshoot10PumaSwede_sophieshoot12

Most weeks you can catch me caming on either Streamate or MyFreeCams and I usually announce it through my Twitter and Instagram so make sure you follow me – Twitter – PumaSwede, Instagram – ThePumaSwede :) More camshow pics cause who doesn’t like tits & flesh ;)

PumaSwede_blinglingerie6 PumaSwede_blinglingerie1 PumaSwede_blinglingerie2 PumaSwede_blinglingerie3 PumaSwede_blinglingerie4 PumaSwede_blinglingerie5PumaSwede_pinkglasses1 PumaSwede_pinkglasses2 PumaSwede_pinkglasses3 PumaSwede_purplecam1 PumaSwede_purplecam2 PumaSwede_purplecam3 PumaSwede_purplecam5 PumaSwede_purplecam6 PumaSwede_purplecam7 PumaSwede_mfc_cam10 PumaSwede_mfc_cam11 PumaSwede_mfc_cam12 PumaSwede_mfc_cam13 PumaSwede_mfc_cam14 PumaSwede_mfc_cam15 PumaSwede_mfc_cam16

It was a lot of fun being on Playboy Radio w Ryan Keeley and the same week I was also Mary Carey’s guest on Vivid Radio. Mary is hilarious and I love her stories :)

PumaSwede_PlayboyTV8 PumaSwede_PlayboyTV7 PumaSwede_PlayboyTV6 PumaSwede_PlayboyTV5 PumaSwede_PlayboyTV3 PumaSwede_PlayboyTV2 PumaSwede_PlayboyTV1 PumaSwede_marycarey5 PumaSwede_marycarey4 PumaSwede_marycarey3 PumaSwede_marycarey2 PumaSwede_marycarey1

We partied it up for Sophie’s birthday :)

PumaSwede_Sophiebday1 PumaSwede_Sophiebday2 PumaSwede_Sophiebday3 PumaSwede_Sophiebday4 PumaSwede_Sophiebday5 PumaSwede_Sophiebday6 PumaSwede_Sophiebday7 PumaSwede_Sophiebday8

And still doing crossfit :)

PumaSwede_OHS8 PumaSwede_running14 PumaSwede_pushups7 PumaSwede_DU's5 PumaSwede_burpees5PumaSwede_backsquats2 PumaSwede_kippingpullups1 PumaSwede_ghd_situps1

Trying to keep my goal of painting more and this weekend I got help from Autumn to finish a painting. Feeling pretty cool with gas masks and gloves hahahaaa… Can’t wait to show you some of my work soon :)

PumaSwede_autumnpaint4 PumaSwede_autumnpaint3 PumaSwede_autumnpaint2 PumaSwede_autumnpaint1

And here’s the rest of my doings… A shoot in the desert which was awesome and other shit :)

PumaSwede_traintrackshoot1 PumaSwede_railroadshoot1 PumaSwede_railroadshoot2 PumaSwede_railroadshoot3 PumaSwede_railroadshoot6PumaSwede_Nick_desert1 PumaSwede_Nick_desert14 PumaSwede_Nick_desert2 PumaSwede_Nick_desert3 PumaSwede_Nick_desert4 PumaSwede_Nick_desert5 PumaSwede_Nick_desert6 PumaSwede_Nick_desert7 PumaSwede_Nick_desert8 PumaSwede_Nick_desert9 PumaSwede_Nick_desert10 PumaSwede_Nick_desert11 PumaSwede_Nick_desert12 PumaSwede_Nick_desert13PumaSwede_Nick_studio1 PumaSwede_Nick_studio2 PumaSwede_Nick_studio3 PumaSwede_badabadkar PumaSwede_jaishoot1 PumaSwede_jaishoot2 PumaSwede_adam_ home PumaSwede_camshow_purple PumaSwede_kitty1 PumaSwede_fishnetpiece1 PumaSwede_fishnetpiece2 PumaSwede_fishnetpiece3 PumaSwede_fishnetpiece4 PumaSwede_fishnetpiece5 PumaSwede_kettlebellsnatch1 PumaSwede_kettlebellsnatch2 PumaSwede_greybra1 PumaSwede_greybra2 PumaSwede_campic1 PumaSwede_campic2 PumaSwede_campic3 PumaSwede_mixmegapol1 PumaSwede_mixmegapol2 PumaSwede_regnjacka2 PumaSwede_bodyfattest2 PumaSwede_yoga4 PumaSwede_abs4 PumaSwede_abs5 PumaSwede_blinglingerie7 PumaSwede_VNAdinner1 PumaSwede_VNAdinner2 PumaSwede_VNAdinner3 PumaSwede_VNAdinner5

Pretty much all of my January :) This weekend I’m off to Mexico and I’m so excited :) Go and be awesome and talk to you soon :)

Kisses, Puma

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OK, now I will…

…wish you Happy New Year! -”HAPPYYYYY NEEEW YEEEARRAAAR :)  I’m taking off to the desert now and hope I won’t freeze my ass off ;)

As I said I don’t have any resolutions for 2015, just plans, dreams and goals. More travels around the world, to showcase my art and launch the website for it, more squats for my ass, I’ll be moving places, go to Burning Man finally, stay healthy, love & hump a lot and obviously provide more hot sex on pumaswede.com :) There’s probably other things too, but my blond head can only remember that much ;)

And as promised here are some of my fav pics from the later half of 2014. If you missed the  earlier 2014 pics, just read the damn earlier posts :)

PumaSwede_raybeachshoot13 PumaSwede_raybeachshoot14 PumaSwede_raybeachshoot15 PumaSwede_raybeachshoot16 PumaSwede_raybeachshoot17 PumaSwede_raybeachshoot18 PumaSwede_raybeachshoot19 PumaSwede_raybeachshoot20 PumaSwede_raybeachshoot21 PumaSwede_raybeachshoot22PumaSwede_beachphoto16 PumaSwede_beachphoto15 PumaSwede_beachphoto14 PumaSwede_beachphoto13 PumaSwede_beachphoto12 PumaSwede_beachphoto11 PumaSwede_beachphoto10 PumaSwede_beachphoto9 PumaSwede_beachphoto8 PumaSwede_beachphoto6 PumaSwede_beachphoto5 PumaSwede_beachphoto4 PumaSwede_beachphoto3 PumaSwede_beachphoto2 PumaSwede_beachphoto1 PumaSwede_beachphoto7 PumaSwede_beachshootSophie1 PumaSwede_beachday8 PumaSwede_beachday7  PumaSwede_beachday5 PumaSwede_beachday4  PumaSwede_beachday2 PumaSwede_beachday1 PumaSwede_beachBobbi7 PumaSwede_beachBobbi6 PumaSwede_beachBobbi5 PumaSwede_beachBobbi4 PumaSwede_beachBobbi3 PumaSwede_beachBobbi2 PumaSwede_beachBobbi1

PumaSwede_SophieDee_cam1 PumaSwede_SophieDee_cam2 PumaSwede_SophieDee_cam3 PumaSwede_SophieDee_cam4 PumaSwede_SophieDee_cam5 PumaSwede_SophieDee_cam6 PumaSwede_SophieDee_cam7 PumaSwede_SophieDee_cam8 PumaSwede_SophieDee_cam9 PumaSwede_SophieDee_cam10 PumaSwede_SophieDee_cam11 PumaSwede_SophieDee_cam12 PumaSwede_SophieDee_cam13 PumaSwede_Crossfit_lifts1 PumaSwede_Crossfit_lifts2 PumaSwede_Crossfit_lifts3 PumaSwede_Crossfit_lifts4 PumaSwede_cam_fishnet_1 PumaSwede_cam_fishnet_2 PumaSwede_cam_fishnet_3 PumaSwede_cam_fishnet_4 PumaSwede_cam_fishnet_5 PumaSwede_cam_fishnet_6  PumaSwede_snatch PumaSwede_linedance1 PumaSwede_linedance2 PumaSwede_linedance3 PumaSwede_linedance4 PumaSwede_linedance5 PumaSwede_linedance6 PumaSwede_linedance7 PumaSwede_linedance8  PumaSwede_beerpong1  PumaSwede_beerpong10 PumaSwede_beerpong11 PumaSwede_beerpong12     PumaSwede_hike5    PumaSwede_thrusters3 PumaSwede_thrusters4 Puma-IMG_2749-no-logo Puma-IMG_2990-no-logo Puma-IMG_2559-no-logo PumaSwede_Halloween30 PumaSwede_Halloween31 PumaSwede_Halloween32 PumaSwede_Halloween33 PumaSwede_Halloween34 PumaSwede_cam_bltop PumaSwede_cam_bltop1 PumaSwede_walk1  PumaSwede_walk3   PumaSwede_walk6   PumaSwede_painting1 PumaSwede_rowing6 PumaSwede_rowing7 PumaSwede_powerclean6 PumaSwede_powerclean7 PumaSwede_aftonbladet PumaSwede_redbra_cam6 PumaSwede_redbra_cam7 PumaSwede_onthethrone1 PumaSwede_onthethrone2 PumaSwede_onepiece9 PumaSwede_onthebalcony PumaSwede_camselfie PumaSwede_sprint PumaSwede_running11 PumaSwede_running12   PumaSwede_brashopping1 PumaSwede_brashopping2 PumaSwede_dogpic    PumaSwede_coffecon3 PumaSwede_stripeshirt1 PumaSwede_pinksportbra PumaSwede_bluebikini1 PumaSwede_bluebikini2 PumaSwede_bluebikini3 PumaSwede_bluebikini4 PumaSwede_pinkbikini1 PumaSwede_pinkbikini2 20141109_142806 PumaSwede_greenbikini1 PumaSwede_coffeework1 PumaSwede_doginlap PumaSwede_trapeze1 PumaSwede_trapeze2 PumaSwede_trapeze3 PumaSwede_trapeze4 PumaSwede_trapeze5 PumaSwede_trapeze6 PumaSwede_trapeze7 PumaSwede_trapeze8 PumaSwede_trapeze9 PumaSwede_trapeze10 PumaSwede_powersnatch8 PumaSwede_powersnatch9 PumaSwede_powersnatch10 PumaSwede_sophieboobs PumaSwede_campic  PumaSwede_donuts2  PumaSwede_heels10  PumaSwede_heels12  PumaSwede_rowing5  PumaSwede_plank_sophie PumaSwede_kettlebell  PumaSwede_Nick_vampire1 PumaSwede_Nick_vampire2 PumaSwede_Nick_vampire3 PumaSwede_Nick_vampire5 PumaSwede_Nick_vampire6 PumaSwede_Nick_vampire7 PumaSwede_Nick_vampire8 PumaSwede_Nick_vampire9 PumaSwede_Nick_vampire10 PumaSwede_Nick_vampire11 PumaSwede_nude_cam1 PumaSwede_nude_cam2 PumaSwede_pink_bra_shelfie PumaSwede_spratytan10 PumaSwede_spratytan13 PumaSwede_alia_drinks  PumaSwede_alia_drinks1 PumaSwede_alia_drinks2 Photo Booth Library PumaSwede_tits PumaSwede_sandra_party1 PumaSwede_sandra_party2 PumaSwede_sandra_party3 PumaSwede_Skankenstein7 PumaSwede_Skankenstein6 PumaSwede_Skankenstein5 PumaSwede_Skankenstein4 PumaSwede_Skankenstein3 PumaSwede_Skankenstein2 PumaSwede_Skankenstein1 DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO



That’s it folks! Happy fucking New Year to you all and thanks for 2014 :)

XXX Puma

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Finger Lickin’ Girlfriends’

Smash Pictures to Release New Volume of ‘Finger Lickin’ Girlfriends’ With Puma Swede

LOS ANGELES — Smash Pictures has announced the upcoming release of “Finger Lickin’ Girlfriends 4” starring Puma Swede.

Directed by Jim Powers, the fourth volume in the popular series will hit streets on Jan. 15.

“Timing couldn’t be better with our star Puma Swede,” Smash Pictures’ Stuart Wall told XBIZ. “Our broadcast distributor in Scandinavia is a huge fan of hers and requested we shoot her. We granted his wish, shot an amazing scene pairing her with Ryan Ryans, and now she’s appearing in mainstream news [for starring on a Swedish reality TV show]. Homerun for everyone!”

In the movie, mature star Swede introduces young model Ryans to a lesbian experience. Older burlesque dancer Veronica Avluv brings home a young woman, Ashlyn Molloy, for a squirt-a-thon.

Cheer squad leader Scarlet Red has fun with an eager freshman, Darcie Belle. And a young personal trainer, Jenna J. Ross, gets more than she bargained for when she shows up for a yoga session with Nikki Daniels.

Set to street in January, the title will be Smash Pictures’ first release ringing in the New Year.

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Puma Swede’s Appearances on ”Swedish Hollywood Wives” Outrages Swedish Celebs

For Immediate Release:

Sweden’s #1 adult star and always busy blonde bombshell Puma Swede is making headlines and waves in Sweden after her appearances on popular primetime Swedish reality TV show ”Swedish Hollywood Wives” – a show centered around well known Swedish celebrity wives with rich american husbands. One of the stars includes Brit Ekland…Peter Seller’s ex-wife who had a highly publicized relationship with Rod Stewart.

Puma’s presence on the show has offended two Swedish celebs – sparking debate if porn stars should be on ”family” television.

Swedish actress Gunilla Persson lashed out that Puma’s work in porn was the work of ”Satan” and ”Sodom & Gommorrah” and had no place in a ”family” television show. http://bit.ly/1ttwzSe.

Anna Anka (wife of famed composer Paul Anka) has hit out to the press that Puma Swede should not be on the show because of younger viewers and accusing the show of ”moral decay” in an interview that can be seen here: http://bit.ly/1Fsl0kJ & http://bit.ly/1zYcrgB.

Puma is quoted as saying ”It’s funny to see myself in the headlines for being in a reality TV show. It’s not like I have sex on camera during the shows. Anna Anka said in the show it’s the job of a wife to give her husband a blowjob in the morning… but somehow my career is offensive. I am glad that mainstream shows are finally letting adult stars on primetime. It’s about time.”

Puma has been on mainstream TV frequently in recent weeks with appearances on Bobbi Eden’s show ”Dubbel D in LA” currently on Dutch mainstream TV. She was also ”Skankenstein” on an episode of ”Sons Of Anarchy” this season (in a scene with Jenna Jameson).

Puma recently released her successful autobiography “Puma Swede, My Life as a Porn Star” (published by Lind & Co.) available at ITunes, Amazon, in soft cover here) and in Swedish here. Her Official Site PumaSwede.comwas nominated by XBIZ for Best Performer Website 2014. She is part of the popular VNA Girls Network of Sites with other established stars such as Vicky Vette, Julia Ann, Sara Jay, Siri & Nikki Benz. She is also working on her own line of adult toys.
Puma Swede can also be seen weekly via webcam at her official site http://www.pumaswede.com most Tuesdays and she can be followed on twitter here https://twitter.com/pumaswede.

About Puma Swede:
Puma has earned many award nominations, including an XBIZ Nomination for Best Website 2014 and AVN nominations for Web Starlet of the Year (2009) and Best Group Scene for Rocki Whore Picture Show (2011). She has starred in over 100 adult titles including Oil Overload 9 (2013) and Up Her Asshole 3 (2013). She can be seen in such mainstream productions as Sons of Anarchy, I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell, an-all star adaptation of the Tucker Max bestseller, and The 41 Year Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt SuperBad for It.

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Welcome to the Newest VNA Girl Trisha Uptown!

This is good news for all of our collective members! One more site for you to plunder! You may already know Trisha Uptown as a web babe and feature dancer or from VNA Live! With a brand new REDO she has just now added her official site to the roster of VNA Girls! Just one more reason (the 16th!) you need to join my site today!

Join the VNA where fans do become friends!

Our collective content is in the range of 3800+ videos, 400,000+ photos, 16 sites, 50+ free group shows per week, and 3300+ archives. One site is all you need! Mine! So join today!

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Have you seen…

…that my book ‘My Life As a PornStar’ is finally out? If you want some fun reading it’s available on a bunch of places; iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Amazon Kindle, Amazon print-on-demand, Sony Reader Store, Kobo, Copia, Baker & Taylor, eBookPie. Here’s the link to Amazon – http://amzn.to/1f0tRis & iTunes -  http://bit.ly/1aiX9JJ. Working on some soft cover editions right now that hopefully will be available for Christmas :) If I may say myself, I should be up for the Pulitzer prize next year ;)

2-Fin-3d-nologo 4-Fin-no-logo


As for my Shanghai trip it was amazing! Such a cool place and very nice people. Sometimes I was an attraction and had to pose for pictures. I think they went home and showed the pic to their friends and laughed about the tall blond giant they saw wandering on the streets of Shanghai lol… The cutest one was this one kid though. He kept staring at me at this restaurant and finally his mom came up and said he thinks I’m a living Barbie doll and asked if he could have a pic with me. Damn adorable little boy :)


And here’s some more pics from the trip. There’s me singing karaoke with 4 chicks who picked me up on the street and thought I should go sing karaoke with them. Why not? There’s a vacuum packed pigs face for sale. A Ferrari w strange paint job. Sightseeing and me trying to achieve sexy pool pix at my hotel pool, but I failed pretty bad ;) Enjoy…

PumaSwede_shanghai43 PumaSwede_shanghai44 PumaSwede_shanghai47 PumaSwede_shanghai52 PumaSwede_shanghai55 PumaSwede_shanghai60 PumaSwede_shanghai62 PumaSwede_shanghai64 PumaSwede_shanghai65 PumaSwede_shanghai66 PumaSwede_shanghai72 PumaSwede_shanghai71 PumaSwede_shanghai70 PumaSwede_shanghai69 PumaSwede_shanghai75 PumaSwede_shanghai76 PumaSwede_shanghai77 PumaSwede_shanghai80 PumaSwede_shanghai81 PumaSwede_shanghai82 PumaSwede_shanghai88 PumaSwede_shanghai90 PumaSwede_shanghai92 PumaSwede_shanghai96 PumaSwede_shanghai97 PumaSwede_shanghai104PumaSwede_shanghai41 PumaSwede_shanghai42 PumaSwede_shanghai40 PumaSwede_shanghai39 PumaSwede_shanghai38 PumaSwede_shanghai37 PumaSwede_shanghai36 PumaSwede_shanghai31 PumaSwede_shanghai28 PumaSwede_shanghai26 PumaSwede_shanghai25 PumaSwede_shanghai24 PumaSwede_shanghai22 PumaSwede_shanghai21 PumaSwede_shanghai20 PumaSwede_shanghai19 PumaSwede_shanghai18 PumaSwede_shanghai17 PumaSwede_shanghai16 PumaSwede_shanghai15 PumaSwede_shanghai14 PumaSwede_shanghai13 PumaSwede_shanghai12 PumaSwede_shanghai11 PumaSwede_shanghai10 PumaSwede_shanghai9 PumaSwede_shanghai8 PumaSwede_shanghai7 PumaSwede_shanghai6 PumaSwede_shanghai5 PumaSwede_shanghai4 PumaSwede_shanghai3 PumaSwede_shanghai2 PumaSwede_shanghai1


What else… I did a very sexy shoot with Amy Anderssen last week. I remembered seeing her image somewhere online and thought her pix where photoshop cause her tits and ass are just too amazing to be true. But to my surprise she exists and is very cool so I had a preeeetty damn good time fucking her with a strap on :) The whole set will be on pumaswede.com very soon :)

PumaSwede_amy17 PumaSwede_amy16 PumaSwede_amy15 PumaSwede_amy14 PumaSwede_amy13 PumaSwede_amy10 PumaSwede_amy9 PumaSwede_amy8 PumaSwede_amy7 PumaSwede_amy6 PumaSwede_amy5 PumaSwede_amy4 PumaSwede_amy3 PumaSwede_amy2 PumaSwede_amy1


OK, I’ll jump over my crossfit pics this time :) I think I’m the last one to discover Breaking Bad, but I finally have and I think I’m gonna squeeze in an episode right now :)

Oh, one last thing. These items are now up for bidding on Abibids.com in case you want some Puma memorabilia. I guess less fancy would be to just call it my used lingerie lol…

PumaSwede_bl_dress10 PumaSwede_bl_dress11 PumaSwede_bl_dress12 PumaSwede_bl_dress13 PumaSwede_bl_dress14 PumaSwede_bl_dress15 PumaSwede_leopard_red1 PumaSwede_leopard_red2 PumaSwede_leopard_red3 PumaSwede_leopard_red4 PumaSwede_blue_piece2 PumaSwede_blue_piece3 PumaSwede_blue_piece4 PumaSwede_redheels1 PumaSwede_redheels2 PumaSwede_redheels3

Enjoy your day & read my book :)

Kisses Puma


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