Welcome Sophie Dee!

Good news members, just found out that Sophie Dee is going to be doing live shows on VNALive.com.  What does that mean? When she is live, you get to meet and interact with her free with your membership here. I LOVE Sophie Dee and am happy you get to meet her here now too….
You now get almost 50 girls live free with your membership, including ME! Click here & Grab a membership pass today.  For only $25 a month you get my entire site, all the sites listed at VNAGirls.com plus VNALive.com free.

See you soon! xoxo Puma

sophie1 sophie2 sophie3 sophie4 sophie5 sophie6

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Long time no see…

What’s new people? I’m planning trips like usual :) First up is Finland. I’m going to Sexhibition in Jyvaskyla 13-14th of Sept. The 13th is my B-day by the way so hope you been saving up for my B-day gifts ;) After that I fly to Sweden for some business and to see  my family & friends :)

After I’m flying to Malta to play in a Swedish Poker tournament and party it up :) That’s gonna be a fun and of course I plan to win it all :) One can always cheat and steal some chips right ;)

And in October I’m hopefully off to China. Never been and really want to go. Just a few things that needs be in order before I go :)

That’s my plans. Other than that it’s been pretty much the same shit, different toilet :)

Crossfit like always… I think I’ve gained some muscles so don’t fuck with me. Or I mean, please do, but in the right way hahahaa…

PumaSwede_crossfit_220 PumaSwede_crossfit_221 PumaSwede_crossfit_222 PumaSwede_crossfit_224 PumaSwede_crossfit_225 PumaSwede_Raypromo12 PumaSwede_Raypromo13 PumaSwede_Raypromo14 PumaSwede_Raypromo15 PumaSwede_deadlift10 PumaSwede_deadlift11 PumaSwede_burpees1 PumaSwede_solcitygroup1 PumaSwede_solcitygroup2 PumaSwede_partnercf20 PumaSwede_partnercf21 PumaSwede_partnercf22 PumaSwede_partnercf23PumaSwede_scitypartner1 PumaSwede_cspartner6 PumaSwede_crossfit202 PumaSwede_crossfit204 PumaSwede_crossfit203 PumaSwede_mesandytrain3 PumaSwede_mesandytrain4 PumaSwede_crossfit208 PumaSwede_crossfit207


PumaSwede_80s2 PumaSwede_80s1 PumaSwede_crossfitsc6 PumaSwede_crossfitsc5 PumaSwede_crossfitsc4 PumaSwede_groupshot2 PumaSwede_crossfitsc1 PumaSwede_crossfitsc2 PumaSwede_sumolift3 PumaSwede_cleanjerk3 PumaSwede_cleanjerk4 PumaSwede_cleanjerk2 PumaSwede_cleanjerk1


Some shooting :) Here with my ‘sister’ Bobbi Eden :)

PumaSwede_Raypromo1 PumaSwede_Raypromo2 PumaSwede_Raypromo3 PumaSwede_Raypromo4 PumaSwede_Raypromo5 PumaSwede_Raypromo10 PumaSwede_Raypromo9 PumaSwede_Raypromo8 PumaSwede_Raypromo7 PumaSwede_Raypromo6 PumaSwede_Raypromo11


Got to have some party in my life too :) Of course my wifey Sandy was there and some of the other party goers are Diana Doll, Capri Cavanni, Nicole, Cindy, Kendall Karson :)

PumaSwede_girlsout1PumaSwede_girlsout5 PumaSwede_girlsout4 PumaSwede_girlsout3 PumaSwede_girlsout2


Celebration of The Dolls B-Day :) Happy B-day awesome friend Diana Doll :)

PumaSwede_Doll_bday3 PumaSwede_Doll_bday4 PumaSwede_Doll_bday5 PumaSwede_Doll_bday2 PumaSwede_Doll_bday1


I love the beach or even a pool will do :) Found a great beach in Malibu, but so did The Masturbator. Who is The Maturbator? I caught him jerking off in a whole in a big rock where I was gonna hide and pee. First I was gonna call him out, but then I thought of the saying; Don’t hate – masturbate. And he wasn’t harming anyone so I let him finish hahahaa… Funny thing was that yesterday when I went back to the beach, The Masturbator was there too. But this time I didn’t see him wank. Maybe he already emptied his sack…

PumaSwede_malibu3 copy PumaSwede_malibu2 copy PumaSwede_malibu1 copy PumaSwede_malibu8 PumaSwede_malibu7 PumaSwede_malibu6 PumaSwede_malibu5 PumaSwede_malibu4 PumaSwede_elmatador27 PumaSwede_elmatador26 PumaSwede_elmatador25 PumaSwede_elmatador24 PumaSwede_elmatador23 PumaSwede_elmatador22 PumaSwede_elmatador21 PumaSwede_elmatador20PumaSwede_poolSandy18 PumaSwede_poolSandy17 PumaSwede_poolSandy16 PumaSwede_poolSandy15 PumaSwede_poolSandy14 PumaSwede_poolSandy13 PumaSwede_poolSandy12 PumaSwede_poolSandy11 PumaSwede_poolSandy10 PumaSwede_poolsandy5 PumaSwede_poolsandy4 PumaSwede_poolsandy3 PumaSwede_poolsandy2 PumaSwede_poolsandy1

You might of catched me online doing a camshow… Here’s a little appreciation of my wife Sandy’s ass :)

PumaSwede_Sandyass1 PumaSwede_Sandyass2 PumaSwede_Sandyass3 PumaSwede_Sandyass4 PumaSwede_kissSandy1


There’s been brunches, banging, eating, haircuts, moving and more parties and shoots. Too lazy to categorize it all for you so here’s just a mix of everything as usual :)

PumaSwede_compadre1 PumaSwede_compadre5 PumaSwede_newbra7 PumaSwede_sexpinkhat PumaSwede_kattvakt1 PumaSwede_kattvakt3 PumaSwede_kattvakt4 PumaSwede_nudeme1 PumaSwede_nudeme5 PumaSwede_nudeme3 PumaSwede_nudeme2 PumaSwede_hairwbobbi1 PumaSwede_hairwbobbi2 PumaSwede_showertime1 PumaSwede_icecream1 PumaSwede_icecream2 PumaSwede_mesandycam1 PumaSwede_mesandycam2 PumaSwede_mesandycam3 PumaSwede_mesandycam4 PumaSwede_mesandytrain1 PumaSwede_mesandytrain2 PumaSwede_flexin1 PumaSwede_pizza PumaSwede_bakery PumaSwede_blacktisha1PumaSwede_belairhotel5 PumaSwede_belairhotel3 PumaSwede_belairhotel2 PumaSwede_belairhotel8PumaSwede_Doll_bedtime1 PumaSwede_Doll_bedtime2 PumaSwede_Doll_bedtime3 PumaSwede_Doll_bedtime4 PumaSwede_hangwith PumaSwede_chic1 PumaSwede_chic2 PumaSwede_chic3 PumaSwede_chic4


That’s all for now. Off to train again. Tomorrow is a big day. Me & Bobbi are doing something really fun. Can’t tell you about it now, but believe me, I will :) Yeay :)

Have a great week you all :) And remember, don’t hate – masturbate :)

Kisses Puma

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Now you get Siri too!

Mega Update! Official launch today of www.SiriPornstar.com You now get Siri’s official site free when you join mine! Yup… the Freeones Best Newcomer 2012 is exclusive to the VNA Network and free when you join my site! She starts her live shows this Sunday, July 21. Be one of the first to meet her at her virgin show. You now get 15 official sites with one pass when you join… so grab a pass & be a part of all the fun. Siri is posting on her part of the members only board so go say hi to her there!

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Currently I’m a…

…a little obsessed with my horse head I got off my Wishlist. Can you tell? It comes with me everywhere… LOL


When not horsing around I manage to get my ass to the gym and it’s going good. In a week I will start a 30-day Paleo challenge. If you don’t know what it is and are interested in eating well, check it out :) On Memorial Day we did a special workout and I can say I never been more exhausted in my life! As you can see in the pic I look like I got gangbanged, gagged, performed a blowbang and whatever else you can imagine hahahaaa… But I finished it! even though it took me 70 minutes and 38 sec :)


Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Snoop Dogg. He did some kind of talk show so me and Anita Toro – pure Colombian hotness – did an appereance :) The horse head appeared too lol…

PumaSwede_snoop1 PumaSwede_snoop2 PumaSwede_snoop3 PumaSwede_snoop4 PumaSwede_snoop5 PumaSwede_snoop6 PumaSwede_snoop7 PumaSwede_snoop8 PumaSwede_snoop9 PumaSwede_snoop10

I also made sexy sexy time for Bang Bros which was fun :)

PumaSwede_bangbros64 PumaSwede_bangbros63 PumaSwede_bangbros62 PumaSwede_bangbros61


Then I had some more sexy time :) The hottie is DD Ventura from UK :)

PumaSwede_ddventura7 PumaSwede_ddventura2 PumaSwede_ddventura8 PumaSwede_ddventura3 PumaSwede_ddventura4 PumaSwede_ddventura5 PumaSwede_ddventura6


A camshow for you lovely members of my site pumaswede.com. Yes, this is an advertisement ;) JOIN PUMASWEDE.COM

PumaSwede_cam1 PumaSwede_cam2 PumaSwede_cam3 PumaSwede_cam4


I also did a cool shoot with a cool guy named Shane :)

PumaSwede_shaneshoot8 PumaSwede_shaneshoot7 PumaSwede_shaneshoot6 PumaSwede_shaneshoot5 PumaSwede_shaneshoot4 PumaSwede_shaneshoot3 PumaSwede_shaneshoot2 PumaSwede_shaneshoot1 PumaSwede_skull1


I confess, I partied it up with my wifey Sandy :)

PumaSwede_emerson21 PumaSwede_emerson22 PumaSwede_emerson24 PumaSwede_emerson25 PumaSwede_emerson26 PumaSwede_emerson20


When I don’t fuck or CrossFit, I paint. Or I just started. Puma Picasso has a nice sound to it ;) Don’t dare to show you the result yet cause it’s work in progress :) Or maybe it looks like shit, not sure hahahaaa…

PumaSwede_paint3 PumaSwede_paint4 PumaSwede_paint2 PumaSwede_paint1 PumaSwede_paint5 PumaSwede_paint9 PumaSwede_paint8 PumaSwede_paint7


Oh, almost forgot. went to Del Mar and saw the CrossFit Regionals. Damn, never seen that much good looking ass! Biatches where in shape. By the way, I’m getting my own Level 1 certification in CrossFit in the end of the month – yeay :)

PumaSwede_CS_Regionals11 PumaSwede_CS_Regionals12 PumaSwede_CS_Regionals13 PumaSwede_CS_Regionals15 PumaSwede_CS_Regionals8 PumaSwede_CS_Regionals7 PumaSwede_CS_Regionals6 PumaSwede_CS_Regionals3 PumaSwede_CS_Regionals2 PumaSwede_CS_Regionals1

And what follows is just a little bit of everything as always :)

PumaSwede_bl_dress1 PumaSwede_athome5 PumaSwede_sushialone1 PumaSwede_bl_dress2 PumaSwede_ashower PumaSwede_balcony3 PumaSwede_balcony2 PumaSwede_balcony1 PumaSwede_gimp PumaSwede_bobbyuPumaSwede_pinkshirt1 PumaSwede_cunt5 PumaSwede_stripes PumaSwede_wh_bra1 PumaSwede_cooking PumaSwede_closeuptit1 PumaSwede_betweentits1PumaSwede_CS_Regionals4 PumaSwede_ddventura1 PumaSwede_flowers1 PumaSwede_paint PumaSwede_dantetoilet PumaSwede_karta PumaSwede_food_tits PumaSwede_shaneshootBTS2 PumaSwede_shaneshootBTS1 PumaSwede_handsboobs3 PumaSwede_bodyshot7PumaSwede_flowers1 PumaSwede_faceshotPumaSwede_ddventura9

Have a great weekend you all :) Until next time :)

Kisses Puma Swede






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Do U want to FUCK me?

Of course you do or at least you should want to if you already didn’t ;))

So, if you missed the great news, my pussy has now been re-molded for Fleshlight :) So now I can get fucked even more and all over the world :) Love being penetrated and getting that cum as you might know :)


So, now you can fuck me too so I don’t have to keep fingerbanging my pussy ;)

To fuck me, call me or go to Fleshlight and order me –>  http://pys.me/TOG

And I have had some of you already as me on Twitter etc how realistic it feels and if it feels like the inside of me. Well, I got a guy that fucked me 2 weeks ago and he also fucked my Fleshlight and I asked how does it feel? I think he was afraid to say that the Fleshlight felt better :) Hahaaaa, on a serious note though, he said it feels amazing and he is happy to fuck it whenever I’m not around :) So there you have it :)

Have a great weekend you all and there will be 1 more Blog post this weekend before I take off to Europe with Nikki Benz next week :)

Kisses, Puma


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Hope you all…

…survived and had a blast for 4th of July :) I went on a boat and we rolled with the theme “Boats & Ho’s” :) I mean, there was some Bro’s too, but who cares when the hotties you’re hanging with are Sandy, Diana Doll, Charmane Starr & Kaylani Lei :)

The coolest thing was the dolphins that where swimming and jumping by the boat on the way back. Better than the fucking plastic Flipper I tried to make out with ;)

I shot a new B/G scene for Brazzers too and did a camshow with lovely Bobbi Eden :)

Work hard and party harder :) The usual suspects –> Nikki Benz, Sandy, Charmane Star, Jenn, Kaylani Lei, Maya…

And did a solo act with Nikki Benz one night…

I love dressing up so me and Sandy put on these fabric condoms – safety first :)

And last pics from Tampa Deja Vu where I finished my FL trip :) I had such a blast at that club and met so many great people. Plus Vicky Vette and Carmen Valentine pop by to play with me last night :)

I leave you with these pic :) Mmmm… I’m a pretty happy girl let me tell you :))

Rock this weekend cause I sure will :)

XXX Puma


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Hey folks :)

Hope everyone is doing well and that you had a nice Memorial Day weekend :) Mine was awesome just like me ;)

I feature danced in Sacramento and here’s some pics :)

Came back from Sacramento on Sunday and there was no time to chill. Celebration time with Nikki Benz, Diana Doll and Jenn. We went for a day party w neon theme and rocked out the day/night as usual :)) I restrained myself from molesting Jenn this time though :)

Also shot some new sexy stuff for pumaswede.com. Mixed it up with both pussy and some cock action :) Here w Allison Moore…

Before & after picture when Karlo was done w me :)

Me and lovely Jessica Jaymes :)

Just love that cum on my face damn it :)

OK, time to head out and do some errands :) Have a great rest of the week lovers :)

XXX Puma



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