I knooooowww….

It’s been forever since I shared my stories and pics with you :) Sorry, but let me make it up to you :) First up is my Bora Bora trip which was amazeballs! The water was so clear and and it was really cool to pet stingrays and swim with sharks :) Even though at first I was clinging on to the boat with both hands and feet up in the air cause I thought I was gonna be shark food hahahaaa… I calmed down though and it was one of the coolest experiences ever :) PICTURES….

PumaSwede_borabora39 PumaSwede_tahiti5 PumaSwede_tahiti6 PumaSwede_tahiti7 PumaSwede_tahiti8PumaSwede_borabora50 PumaSwede_borabora132 PumaSwede_borabora130 PumaSwede_borabora129 PumaSwede_borabora127 PumaSwede_borabora126 PumaSwede_borabora125 PumaSwede_borabora124 PumaSwede_borabora123 PumaSwede_borabora120 PumaSwede_borabora119 PumaSwede_borabora117 PumaSwede_borabora116 PumaSwede_borabora113 PumaSwede_borabora112 PumaSwede_borabora109 PumaSwede_borabora108 PumaSwede_borabora107 PumaSwede_borabora103 PumaSwede_borabora67 PumaSwede_borabora65 PumaSwede_borabora64 PumaSwede_borabora62 PumaSwede_borabora60 PumaSwede_borabora59 PumaSwede_borabora58 PumaSwede_borabora57 PumaSwede_borabora56 PumaSwede_borabora55 PumaSwede_borabora37 PumaSwede_borabora29 PumaSwede_borabora28 PumaSwede_borabora25 PumaSwede_borabora23 PumaSwede_borabora22 PumaSwede_borabora20 PumaSwede_borabora18 PumaSwede_borabora15 PumaSwede_borabora12 PumaSwede_borabora10 PumaSwede_borabora7 PumaSwede_borabora3 PumaSwede_borabora2 PumaSwede_borabora1


As always, if you want to see all the private pics and videos from my trips – better swipe that card and grab a membership at pumaswede.com :)

Before Bora Bora I went to Finland with Sophie Dee to perform at Salosex with my Finnish pornstar friend Puma Moore :) And perform we did alright. I shot for a Swedish company and it will be my first Swedish porno ever released :) Of course where I go shit happens. This time it happened to be that me and Sophie got very hungry at night and decided to break in to a cafe and eat. Unfortunately it was all caught on camera, but a few apologies later I think we still might be welcome to Finland lol ;)

PumaSwede_salosex2014_59 PumaSwede_salosex2014_58 PumaSwede_salosex2014_55 PumaSwede_salosex2014_51 PumaSwede_salosex2014_50 PumaSwede_salosex2014_49 PumaSwede_salosex2014_48 PumaSwede_salosex2014_47 PumaSwede_salosex2014_46 PumaSwede_salosex2014_45 PumaSwede_salosex2014_43 PumaSwede_salosex2014_40 PumaSwede_salosex2014_39 PumaSwede_salosex2014_38 PumaSwede_salosex2014_36 PumaSwede_salosex2014_35 PumaSwede_salosex2014_33 PumaSwede_salosex2014_32 PumaSwede_salosex2014_30 PumaSwede_salosex2014_29 PumaSwede_salosex2014_26 PumaSwede_salosex2014_23 PumaSwede_salosex2014_20 PumaSwede_salosex2014_19 PumaSwede_salosex2014_17 PumaSwede_salosex2014_15 PumaSwede_salosex2014_10 PumaSwede_salosex2014_9 PumaSwede_salosex2014_5 PumaSwede_salosex2014_4 PumaSwede_salosex2014_3 PumaSwede_salosex2014_2 PumaSwede_salosex2014_1

That’s all you get for now :) I need to go to church. It’s bloody Sunday after all. Kidding. Need to get fed though :) Until next time – keep track of me on my  Instagram – ThePumaSwede. Twitter – PumaSwede. More coming soon…

Kisses Puma Swede

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I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and amazing Holidays :) I’m in Sweden now spending time with my family. Haven’t had a Swedish Xmas for 2 years so it’s been great to taste all the Swedish/Finnish Xmas foods again. No snow though and it’s been raining. Almost like the Swedish summer, but colder lol…

PumaSwede_swedenxmas34 PumaSwede_swedenxmas33 PumaSwede_swedenxmas32 PumaSwede_swedenxmas31 PumaSwede_swedenxmas30 PumaSwede_swedenxmas29 PumaSwede_swedenxmas28 PumaSwede_swedenxmas27 PumaSwede_swedenxmas26 PumaSwede_swedenxmas25 PumaSwede_swedenxmas24 PumaSwede_swedenxmas23 PumaSwede_swedenxmas22 PumaSwede_swedenxmas21 PumaSwede_swedenxmas20 PumaSwede_swedenxmas19 PumaSwede_swedenxmas18 PumaSwede_swedenxmas17 PumaSwede_Swedenxmas16 PumaSwede_swedenxmas15 PumaSwede_swedenxmas14 PumaSwede_swedenxmas13 PumaSwede_swedenxmas12 PumaSwede_swedenxmas11 PumaSwede_swedenxmas10 PumaSwede_swedenxmas9 PumaSwede_swedenxmas8 PumaSwede_swedenxmas7 PumaSwede_swedenxmas6 PumaSwede_swedenxmas5 PumaSwede_swedenxmas4 PumaSwede_swedenxmas3 PumaSwede_swedenxmas1

Before I left there was some parties :) There was the VNA Xmas party, crossfit Xmas-party, poker, celebrating Sandy’s B-day, girls dinner & just more partying…

PumaSwede_pokeratvin1 PumaSwede_pokeratvin2 PumaSwede_pokeratvin3 PumaSwede_julfest1 PumaSwede_julfest2 PumaSwede_julfest3 PumaSwede_julfest4 PumaSwede_julfest5 PumaSwede_julfest6 PumaSwede_julfest7 PumaSwede_julfest8 PumaSwede_julfest9 PumaSwede_julfest10 PumaSwede_julfest11 PumaSwede_julfest12 PumaSwede_vnaparty1 PumaSwede_vnaparty2 PumaSwede_vnaparty3 PumaSwede_vnaparty4 PumaSwede_vnaparty5 PumaSwede_vnaparty6PumaSwede_sandysurprise2 PumaSwede_sandysurprise3PumaSwede_xmasparty50 PumaSwede_xmasparty51 PumaSwede_xmasparty52 PumaSwede_xmasparty53 PumaSwede_xmasparty54 PumaSwede_xmasparty55 PumaSwede_cherrypimps36 PumaSwede_cherrypimps37PumaSwede_niteout6 PumaSwede_niteout5 PumaSwede_niteout4 PumaSwede_niteout3 PumaSwede_niteout2 PumaSwede_niteout1


There’s been some cam shows, photo shoots, selfies and bathroom modeling & sex pics :)

PumaSwede_cherrypimps35 PumaSwede_cherrypimps34 PumaSwede_cherrypimps33 PumaSwede_cherrypimps32 PumaSwede_cherrypimps31 PumaSwede_cherrypimps30 PumaSwede_pinkhoodie17 PumaSwede_pinkhoodie16 PumaSwede_pinkhoodie15 PumaSwede_pinkhoodie14 PumaSwede_inbed21 PumaSwede_inbed22 PumaSwede_inbed23 PumaSwede_onepiece8 PumaSwede_inbed20 PumaSwede_cockballshats1 PumaSwede_pantiesoff1 PumaSwede_redcouch4 PumaSwede_redcouch1 PumaSwede_redcouch2 PumaSwede_redcouch3 PumaSwede_blhoodie PumaSwede_cet1PumaSwede_cumdrippingPumaSwede_bobbicam5 PumaSwede_bobbicam4 PumaSwede_bobbicam3 PumaSwede_bobbicam1 PumaSwede_sophiedee1 PumaSwede_cumface22 PumaSwede_cumface21 PumaSwede_cumface20

As always some crossfit :)

PumaSwede_crossfit420 PumaSwede_crossfit421 PumaSwede_crossfit422 PumaSwede_crossfit424 PumaSwede_crossfit430 PumaSwede_crossfit431 PumaSwede_crossfit330 PumaSwede_crossfit331 PumaSwede_crossfit332 PumaSwede_crossfit333 PumaSwede_crossfit334PumaSwede_ringpushup2 PumaSwede_deadlift17 PumaSwede_deadlift18 PumaSwede_partnescs1PumaSwede_frontsquat11 PumaSwede_frontsquat10 PumaSwede_backsquat25 PumaSwede_wodbarbara2 PumaSwede_crossfit351 PumaSwede_crossfit350


And the rest…

PumaSwede_moleremoval5 PumaSwede_shoessale2 PumaSwede_shoessale1 PumaSwede_sandy_roman PumaSwede_painting21 PumaSwede_painting20 PumaSwede_hugos PumaSwede_whip2 PumaSwede_whip1 PumaSwede_thanksgiving2 PumaSwede_thanksgiving1 PumaSwede_toilet5 PumaSwede_lunch30 PumaSwede_sophiedeedog PumaSwede_moleremoval2 PumaSwede_moleremoval1 PumaSwede_whbra1 PumaSwede_mirrorpic10 PumaSwede_spraytan10 PumaSwede_boobies1 PumaSwede_underboobie1 PumaSwede_sideboobie1 PumaSwede_sbuxbobbi2 PumaSwede_sbuxbobbi1 PumaSwede_spritshopping2 PumaSwede_spritshopping1 PumaSwede_paint12 PumaSwede_paint11 PumaSwede_paint10 PumaSwede_japangarden7 PumaSwede_japangarden5 PumaSwede_japangarden3 PumaSwede_japangarden2 PumaSwede_pikey2 PumaSwede_pikey1 PumaSwede_bluebra13 PumaSwede_bluebra12 PumaSwede_bluebra11 PumaSwede_bluebra10 PumaSwede_mirrorshots3 PumaSwede_mirrorshots2 PumaSwede_newpinkbra1 PumaSwede_newpinkbra2 PumaSwede_newpinkbra3 PumaSwede_mirrorshots1PumaSwede_glamping20 PumaSwede_glamping19 PumaSwede_glamping17 PumaSwede_glamping16 PumaSwede_glamping15 PumaSwede_glamping13 PumaSwede_glamping11 PumaSwede_glamping2 PumaSwede_glamping4


That’s it :) Enjoy the Holidays :) I’m off to my mom’s to eat some more meatballs :)

Ho ho ho, Puma

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Have you seen…

…that my book ‘My Life As a PornStar’ is finally out? If you want some fun reading it’s available on a bunch of places; iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Amazon Kindle, Amazon print-on-demand, Sony Reader Store, Kobo, Copia, Baker & Taylor, eBookPie. Here’s the link to Amazon – http://amzn.to/1f0tRis & iTunes -  http://bit.ly/1aiX9JJ. Working on some soft cover editions right now that hopefully will be available for Christmas :) If I may say myself, I should be up for the Pulitzer prize next year ;)

2-Fin-3d-nologo 4-Fin-no-logo


As for my Shanghai trip it was amazing! Such a cool place and very nice people. Sometimes I was an attraction and had to pose for pictures. I think they went home and showed the pic to their friends and laughed about the tall blond giant they saw wandering on the streets of Shanghai lol… The cutest one was this one kid though. He kept staring at me at this restaurant and finally his mom came up and said he thinks I’m a living Barbie doll and asked if he could have a pic with me. Damn adorable little boy :)


And here’s some more pics from the trip. There’s me singing karaoke with 4 chicks who picked me up on the street and thought I should go sing karaoke with them. Why not? There’s a vacuum packed pigs face for sale. A Ferrari w strange paint job. Sightseeing and me trying to achieve sexy pool pix at my hotel pool, but I failed pretty bad ;) Enjoy…

PumaSwede_shanghai43 PumaSwede_shanghai44 PumaSwede_shanghai47 PumaSwede_shanghai52 PumaSwede_shanghai55 PumaSwede_shanghai60 PumaSwede_shanghai62 PumaSwede_shanghai64 PumaSwede_shanghai65 PumaSwede_shanghai66 PumaSwede_shanghai72 PumaSwede_shanghai71 PumaSwede_shanghai70 PumaSwede_shanghai69 PumaSwede_shanghai75 PumaSwede_shanghai76 PumaSwede_shanghai77 PumaSwede_shanghai80 PumaSwede_shanghai81 PumaSwede_shanghai82 PumaSwede_shanghai88 PumaSwede_shanghai90 PumaSwede_shanghai92 PumaSwede_shanghai96 PumaSwede_shanghai97 PumaSwede_shanghai104PumaSwede_shanghai41 PumaSwede_shanghai42 PumaSwede_shanghai40 PumaSwede_shanghai39 PumaSwede_shanghai38 PumaSwede_shanghai37 PumaSwede_shanghai36 PumaSwede_shanghai31 PumaSwede_shanghai28 PumaSwede_shanghai26 PumaSwede_shanghai25 PumaSwede_shanghai24 PumaSwede_shanghai22 PumaSwede_shanghai21 PumaSwede_shanghai20 PumaSwede_shanghai19 PumaSwede_shanghai18 PumaSwede_shanghai17 PumaSwede_shanghai16 PumaSwede_shanghai15 PumaSwede_shanghai14 PumaSwede_shanghai13 PumaSwede_shanghai12 PumaSwede_shanghai11 PumaSwede_shanghai10 PumaSwede_shanghai9 PumaSwede_shanghai8 PumaSwede_shanghai7 PumaSwede_shanghai6 PumaSwede_shanghai5 PumaSwede_shanghai4 PumaSwede_shanghai3 PumaSwede_shanghai2 PumaSwede_shanghai1


What else… I did a very sexy shoot with Amy Anderssen last week. I remembered seeing her image somewhere online and thought her pix where photoshop cause her tits and ass are just too amazing to be true. But to my surprise she exists and is very cool so I had a preeeetty damn good time fucking her with a strap on :) The whole set will be on pumaswede.com very soon :)

PumaSwede_amy17 PumaSwede_amy16 PumaSwede_amy15 PumaSwede_amy14 PumaSwede_amy13 PumaSwede_amy10 PumaSwede_amy9 PumaSwede_amy8 PumaSwede_amy7 PumaSwede_amy6 PumaSwede_amy5 PumaSwede_amy4 PumaSwede_amy3 PumaSwede_amy2 PumaSwede_amy1


OK, I’ll jump over my crossfit pics this time :) I think I’m the last one to discover Breaking Bad, but I finally have and I think I’m gonna squeeze in an episode right now :)

Oh, one last thing. These items are now up for bidding on Abibids.com in case you want some Puma memorabilia. I guess less fancy would be to just call it my used lingerie lol…

PumaSwede_bl_dress10 PumaSwede_bl_dress11 PumaSwede_bl_dress12 PumaSwede_bl_dress13 PumaSwede_bl_dress14 PumaSwede_bl_dress15 PumaSwede_leopard_red1 PumaSwede_leopard_red2 PumaSwede_leopard_red3 PumaSwede_leopard_red4 PumaSwede_blue_piece2 PumaSwede_blue_piece3 PumaSwede_blue_piece4 PumaSwede_redheels1 PumaSwede_redheels2 PumaSwede_redheels3

Enjoy your day & read my book :)

Kisses Puma


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Guess it’s….

…time to tell you how I did in the poker tournament in Malta :) It was soooo much fun. The first day of the tournament I asked the Swedish guy who got me to play how long we where playing for that day. His response was that I wasn’t that good so no one expected me to last more than 1-2h. Well, guess what. I played for 11h and made it to the 3rd day. (The 2nd day the 2nd group of 400 something players where playing to qualify for the 3rd day).

PumaSwede_malta8 PumaSwede_malta7PumaSwede_malta5PumaSwede_malta28 PumaSwede_malta3 PumaSwede_malta2 PumaSwede_malta1PumaSwede_malta9


The Finnish stunt group The Dudesons where also down in Malta and playing in the tournament. They took us out on a boat and we played Boats & ho’s ;)

PumaSwede_Malta38 PumaSwede_Malta37 PumaSwede_Malta36 PumaSwede_Malta35 PumaSwede_Malta34 PumaSwede_Malta33 PumaSwede_Malta27 PumaSwede_Malta29 PumaSwede_Malta30 PumaSwede_Malta31 PumaSwede_Malta32 PumaSwede_malta11 PumaSwede_malta10 PumaSwede_Malta39


On the 3rd day I didn’t last so long in the tournament :( It was right after our boat trip and I was declined entrance to the casino in a bikini lol… Anyways, I ended up in 151st place out of 888 players which I think is very damn good considering there was a few pro’s.

And of course there where parties. Every nite. And of course I attended them all hahahaaa… I found a very fun Norweigian gang to hang with and they where pretty wild to say the least ;)

PumaSwede_Malta23 PumaSwede_Malta24 PumaSwede_Malta22 PumaSwede_Malta21 PumaSwede_Malta20 PumaSwede_malta9


That’s all the pics that are safe to show ;) To add it all up – it was a blast and I hope to play in more tournaments :)

I also came back from a trip to Shanghai a week ago and I will make an other post about that trip :) Until then, I leave you with some pics from me crossfitting, webcaming, working, boating, swallowing, hiking, being topless  and just being my fabulous self :)

PumaSwede_malibuhike10 PumaSwede_malibuhike11 PumaSwede_malibuhike12 PumaSwede_cf2 PumaSwede_cf3 PumaSwede_cf4 PumaSwede_cumbreast1 PumaSwede_cumbreast2 PumaSwede_newshoes7 PumaSwede_camhome1 PumaSwede_camhome2 PumaSwede_camhome3 PumaSwede_cleanjerk10 PumaSwede_cleanjerk11 PumaSwede_cleanjerk12 PumaSwede_crossfit340 PumaSwede_crossfit341 PumaSwede_bluetop1 PumaSwede_bluetop2 PumaSwede_bluetop3 PumaSwede_bluetop4 PumaSwede_bluetopcam1 PumaSwede_bluetopcam2 PumaSwede_bluetopcam3 PumaSwede_bluetopcam4 PumaSwede_backsquat20 PumaSwede_backsquat21 PumaSwede_webcam1 PumaSwede_webcam4 PumaSwede_webcam5 PumaSwede_webcam6 PumaSwede_webcam7 PumaSwede_clean1 PumaSwede_clean2 PumaSwede_cherrypimps10 PumaSwede_cherrypimps11 PumaSwede_cherrypimps12 PumaSwede_cherrypimps13 PumaSwede_cherrypimps14 PumaSwede_cherrypimps15 PumaSwede_boating1 PumaSwede_boating2 PumaSwede_boating3 PumaSwede_boating4 PumaSwede_boating5 PumaSwede_boating6 PumaSwede_boating7 PumaSwede_boating8 PumaSwede_boating9 PumaSwede_swallowing1 PumaSwede_swallowing2


OK, time for me to hit the gym again :) Shanghai post will hopefully be up this week too :) You all have a great week :)

Kisses Puma

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I never get…

…disappointed on the damn crazy Finns! The Sexhibition in Jyvaskyla was a total blast. I was picked up from the airport at right before midnight and within 10 min I was handed a bottle of ‘Jalokahvi’. Some liquer with coffee flavor. After midnight it was already Friday the 13th so some early B-day celebration was done with coffee and donuts at a gas station. Very glamorous, I know lol :)

It didn’t slow down a lot from there. I performed on stage, watched live sex on stage, partied, we ate my B-day cake with more ‘Jalokahvi’ and vodka, a guy shot his load on stage and so on :) I fucking love Finland and the Finns!!!

PumaSwede_jyvaskyla1 PumaSwede_jyvaskyla2 PumaSwede_jyvaskyla3 PumaSwede_jyvaskyla4 PumaSwede_jyvaskyla5  PumaSwede_jyvaskyla7 PumaSwede_jyvaskyla8 PumaSwede_jyvaskyla9 PumaSwede_jyvaskyla910 PumaSwede_jyvaskyla11 PumaSwede_jyvaskyla13 PumaSwede_jyvaskyla14 PumaSwede_jyvaskyla15 PumaSwede_jyvaskyla16 PumaSwede_jyvaskyla17 PumaSwede_jyvaskyla18 PumaSwede_jyvaskyla19 PumaSwede_jyvaskyla20 PumaSwede_jyvaskyla21 PumaSwede_jyvaskyla22 PumaSwede_jyvaskyla23 PumaSwede_jyvaskyla24 PumaSwede_jyvaskyla25 PumaSwede_jyvaskyla26 PumaSwede_jyvaskyla27 PumaSwede_jyvaskyla28 PumaSwede_jyvaskyla29 PumaSwede_jyvaskyla30 PumaSwede_jyvaskyla31 PumaSwede_jyvaskyla32 PumaSwede_jyvaskyla301 PumaSwede_jyvaskyla33 PumaSwede_jyvaskyla34 PumaSwede_jyvaskyla35 PumaSwede_jyvaskyla36 PumaSwede_jyvaskyla37 PumaSwede_jyvaskyla38 PumaSwede_jyvaskyla39 PumaSwede_jyvaskyla40 PumaSwede_jyvaskyla41 PumaSwede_jyvaskyla42 PumaSwede_jyvaskyla43 PumaSwede_jyvaskyla44


After I flew over to Sweden and spent some time with my family and friends back home. I also had some meetings, did a radio interview and I was also invited as a guest speaker at Bromma Highschool in Sweden. That was so much fun. I talked about sex, porn, the industry, self confidence, condoms etc :) Great class and after all, I’ve played teacher a few times lol…

PumaSwede_ruotsi1 PumaSwede_ruotsi2 PumaSwede_ruotsi3 PumaSwede_ruotsi4 PumaSwede_bromma1 PumaSwede_bromma2 PumaSwede_bromma3 PumaSwede_hotellet1 PumaSwede_hotellet2


About the last 2 pics? Well, I got thirsty in Sweden ;)

Found some extra pics too from web camming, a couple of nudie’s, hanging with wifey Sandy, Diana Doll & Cindy, paddle boarding in OC, partying and a mini pig :) I’ll spare you from the CrossFit pics this time :)

PumaSwede_nybh1 PumaSwede_fusiatop1 PumaSwede_onset PumaSwede_morningsex1 PumaSwede_mirrorpic1 PumaSwede_camshowpink1 PumaSwede_camshowpink2 PumaSwede_camshowpink3 PumaSwede_camshowpink4 PumaSwede_camshowpink6 PumaSwede_camshowpink7 PumaSwede_camshowpink8 PumaSwede_camshowpink9 PumaSwede_camshowpink10PumaSwede_cam40  PumaSwede_cam43 PumaSwede_sandyparty1 PumaSwede_sandyparty2 PumaSwede_sandyparty3 PumaSwede_santamonica1 PumaSwede_santamonica2 PumaSwede_santamonica3 PumaSwede_santamonica4 PumaSwede_santamonica5 PumaSwede_santamonica6 PumaSwede_santamonica7 PumaSwede_toiletpaper PumaSwede_santamonica8 PumaSwede_camshow46 PumaSwede_treats1 PumaSwede_treats2 PumaSwede_camshow47 PumaSwede_camshow48 PumaSwede_japanhoodie PumaSwede_victoriasecret PumaSwede_sm_beach1 PumaSwede_sm_beach2 PumaSwede_sm_beach3 PumaSwede_sm_beach4 PumaSwede_sm_beach5 PumaSwede_sm_beach6 PumaSwede_sm_beach7 PumaSwede_pumastore PumaSwede_katiebday2 PumaSwede_katiebday1 PumaSwede_katiebday3 PumaSwede_katiebday4 PumaSwede_oc1 PumaSwede_oc2 PumaSwede_oc3 PumaSwede_oc4 PumaSwede_oc5 PumaSwede_oc6 PumaSwede_oc7 PumaSwede_oc8


It’s Sunday Funday folks :) I’m gonna catch up on sex :) Just have to wait for the ‘poor’ fellow to get some rest from last nite lol…

Next week on Tuesday I fly to Malta and the poker tournament ‘Battle Of Malta’. I think it’s gonna be super fun! So cross your fingers for me in the tournament :)

Have a great day and I’ll check up on you after Malta :)

XXX Puma

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Damn it’s been…

…a long time since last post. Sorry about that. Might be cause I have a new ‘head’ now to play with. A piggie :) I gave my horse-head to Bobbi Eden and off to the pool we went :)

PumaSwede_pighorse1 PumaSwede_pighorse2 PumaSwede_pighorse3 PumaSwede_pighorse4 PumaSwede_pighorse5


This past weekend I visited Michigan for the first time. Awesome place. Reminds me of northern part of Finland where I spent a lot of time as a kid :) And fireworks are legal there  so guess what I did…

PumaSwede_Michigan12PumaSwede_Michigan8 PumaSwede_Michigan7 PumaSwede_Michigan6


I did check out the hoods too and mingled :)

PumaSwede_Michigan18 PumaSwede_Michigan17 PumaSwede_Michigan16 PumaSwede_Michigan15 PumaSwede_Michigan14 PumaSwede_Michigan19 PumaSwede_Michigan9 PumaSwede_Michigan10 PumaSwede_Michigan11 PumaSwede_Michigan13 PumaSwede_Michigan21 PumaSwede_Michigan20


There’s been some movies made :) Pics from a camshow for CherryPimps…

PumaSwede_cherrypimps1 PumaSwede_cherrypimps2 PumaSwede_cherrypimps3 PumaSwede_cherrypimps4 PumaSwede_cherrypimps5 PumaSwede_cherrypimps6 PumaSwede_cherrypimps7 PumaSwede_cherrypimps8


Shot a new anal scene for Jules Jordan :)

PumaSwede_manuel8 PumaSwede_manuel7 PumaSwede_manuel6 PumaSwede_manuel4 PumaSwede_manuel3 PumaSwede_manuel2 PumaSwede_manuel1


I finally got my hands on Sandee Westgate again and like that wasn’t hot enough – we added Sandy in the mix too. Damn what a great day that was :) Great sex (these ladies know their finger play a tongue technique) and we laughed our asses off :) Good thing there was always a pussy close by I could hide my face in if I was about to burst out laughing :) Love these sexy biatces and thanks for the awesome day. You’ll get the scene on pumaswede.com and there will be BTS footage too :)

PumaSwede_sandysandee18 PumaSwede_sandysandee16 PumaSwede_sandysandee15 PumaSwede_sandysandee14 PumaSwede_sandysandee13 PumaSwede_sandysandee12 PumaSwede_sandysandee11 PumaSwede_sandysandee10 PumaSwede_sandysandee9 PumaSwede_sandysandee8 PumaSwede_sandysandee7 PumaSwede_sandysandee6 PumaSwede_sandysandee5 PumaSwede_sandysandee4 PumaSwede_sandysandee3 PumaSwede_sandysandee2 PumaSwede_sandysandee1


Managede to get myself involved in an other threesome with Bobbi and Carmen Valentina :)

PumaSwede_Bobbi_Carmen3 PumaSwede_Bobbi_Carmen4 PumaSwede_Bobbi_Carmen2 PumaSwede_Bobbi_Carmen6 PumaSwede_Bobbi_Carmen7 PumaSwede_Bobbi_Carmen8 PumaSwede_Bobbi_Carmen9 PumaSwede_BobbiCarmen8 PumaSwede_BobbiCarmen7


I like the outdoors so we bought on ‘instant tent’ (assembles in 2 min) and went camping in Ojai :)

PumaSwede_camping9 PumaSwede_camping8 PumaSwede_camping6 PumaSwede_camping5 PumaSwede_camping4 PumaSwede_camping2 PumaSwede_camping1


Of course I CrossFit’ted too. Best day ever was our spontaneous 80′s Flashdance-style workout with Bobbi Eden, Marq, Andrew & Jade :)

PumaSwede_80s_9 PumaSwede_80s_8 PumaSwede_80s_7 PumaSwede_80s_6 PumaSwede_80s_5 PumaSwede_80s_4 PumaSwede_80s_3 PumaSwede_80s_2 PumaSwede_80s_1


And some more ‘normal’ crossfit pics :) OK, more or less normal at least ;) Your welcome to join our fun at CrossFit SolCity in the middle of Hollyweird :)

PumaSwede_crossfit73 PumaSwede_crossfit72 PumaSwede_crossfit71 PumaSwede_crossfit70PumaSwede_solcitypartner1 PumaSwede_solcitypartner2 PumaSwede_solcitypartner3 PumaSwede_solcitypartner4 PumaSwede_solcity70 PumaSwede_solcity71 PumaSwede_prognex PumaSwede_solcity72 PumaSwede_backsquat1 PumaSwede_backsquat2 PumaSwede_deadlift1 PumaSwede_shockabsorberbra PumaSwede_partnercf1 PumaSwede_crosstrain1 PumaSwede_crosstrain2 PumaSwede_crosstrain3 PumaSwede_crosstrain4 PumaSwede_solcity75 PumaSwede_solcity76 PumaSwede_solcity77 PumaSwede_solcity80 PumaSwede_solcity81 PumaSwede_solcity82 PumaSwede_solcity83 PumaSwede_crossfit30 PumaSwede_crossfit31 PumaSwede_crossfit32 PumaSwede_crossfit33 PumaSwede_crossfit34 PumaSwede_crossfit35 PumaSwede_crossfit36 PumaSwede_crossfit37 PumaSwede_crossfit38 PumaSwede_crossfit39 PumaSwede_crossfit40PumaSwede_solcity107 PumaSwede_solcity106 PumaSwede_solcity105 PumaSwede_bobbi_mary1 PumaSwede_bobbi_mary PumaSwede_solcityshirt1 PumaSwede_solcityshirt PumaSwede_thumbsup


Otherwise there’s been plenty of ‘home-sex’, beach time, hiking, cam-ing, hanging and whatever else I can get my hands on :)

PumaSwede_Venturabeach3 PumaSwede_Venturabeach4 PumaSwede_Venturabeach2 PumaSwede_Venturabeach1 PumaSwede_horsepool2 PumaSwede_horsepool1 PumaSwede_camping10 PumaSwede_malibu2 PumaSwede_malibu1 PumaSwede_gettyvilla1 PumaSwede_poker PumaSwede_mouthcum8 PumaSwede_mouthcum7 PumaSwede_hund2 PumaSwede_hund1 PumaSwede_4thJuly3 PumaSwede_4thJuly1 PumaSwede_POV PumaSwede-toplessbed5 PumaSwede-toplessbed4 PumaSwede-toplessbed1 PumaSwede-toplessbed2 PumaSwede-toplessbed3 PumaSwede_pinkpanties1 PumaSwede_hikesandy4 PumaSwede_hikesandy1 PumaSwede_hikesandy2 PumaSwede_hikesandy3 PumaSwede_cam14 PumaSwede_cam13 PumaSwede_cam12 PumaSwede_cam10 PumaSwede_cam11PumaSwede_cumchin2 PumaSwede_cumchin1 PumaSwede_poolen1 PumaSwede_bigload2 PumaSwede_bigload1 PumaSwede_andrewmovie2 PumaSwede_andrewmovie1 PumaSwede_BH_hotel4 PumaSwede_BH_hotel3 PumaSwede_BH_hotel2 PumaSwede_BH_hotel1 PumaSwede_Bobbi_Carmen1 PumaSwede_belair2 PumaSwede_belair1 PumaSwede_carpic2 PumaSwede_carpic1 PumaSwede_rubixpool3 PumaSwede_rubixpool2 PumaSwede_rubixpool1 PumaSwede_pussycum1 PumaSwede_Jeshpic6 PumaSwede_Jeshpic5 PumaSwede_Jeshpic4 PumaSwede_Jeshpic3 PumaSwede_Jeshpic2 PumaSwede_Jeshpic1 PumaSwede_bobbiE39 PumaSwede_bobbiE38 PumaSwede_bobbiE37 PumaSwede_bobbiE36 PumaSwede_bobbiE35 PumaSwede_bobbiE34 PumaSwede_bobbiE33 PumaSwede_bobbiE32 PumaSwede_bobbiE31 PumaSwede_bobbiE30 PumaSwede_cumchest2 PumaSwede_cumchest1 PumaSwede_BobbiE9 PumaSwede_BobbiE8 PumaSwede_BobbiE7 PumaSwede_BobbiE6 PumaSwede_BobbiE5 PumaSwede_BobbiE4 PumaSwede_BobbiE3 PumaSwede_BobbiE2 PumaSwede_BEden1 PumaSwede_Sandycar PumaSwede_JuliaAnn2 PumaSwede_JuliaAnn1 PumaSwede_bl:blue2 PumaSwede_bl:blue1 PumaSwede_kissboob PumaSwede_shower_b:w PumaSwede_boots2 PumaSwede_boots1 PumaSwede_bowling3 PumaSwede_bowling2 PumaSwede_bowling1


OK, that has to be enough now :) Next week I’m off to Finland again to party it up with my Finnish sister Puma Moore. I will do a store signing at Cicciolinas and attend a big summer party :) Hopefully I’ll be back in one piece lol :)

Enjoy the summer folks :) Great time for outdoor sex :) Or bathroom sex, whatever you prefer :)

PumaSwede_bathroomsex9 PumaSwede_bathroomsex8 PumaSwede_bathroomsex7 PumaSwede_bathroomsex4 PumaSwede_bathroomsex3 PumaSwede_bathroomsex2 PumaSwede_bathroomsex1

XXX Puma

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Did U miss me :)

Still in LA and not going anywhere anytime soon. I think ;) You never know… I think Finland & Sweden are up in July :)

Finally I’m back in action and this week I shot for Pure Mature and Naughty America. 2 fun scenes that I think you’ll enjoy when they come out. Some BTS pics for you :)

Nothing gets shot before my face and mane is in order LOL…

As finally back in action I also started CrossFit-ing again :) I never in my life thought I’d ever say – I missed working out LOL… But I did. Feels good to sweat outside the bedroom sometime hahahaa… Not allowed to lift heavy yet so I’m working on da ass, legs and belly. London Keys joined in and some other hot boys and girls :)

If you’re in LA and wanna try CrossFit, look up www.CrossFitSolCity.com and come try a class for free. There is also classes in CrossTrain that is more cardio based.

Got a new bra and outfit off my Wishlist. What ya’ think? Are my tits jerk off material and titty-fuck friendly or what?

Well, someone thought I was fuckable at least and cum was flowing hehehee…

Since my tan has been close to non existent I tried to work on it a bit w Diana Doll :) A pool boy got me interested in other things though lol…

Then there is the randomness of just me being me :)

And more TITS to da people :)

Hope it was enough titties for you :)

And finally, Happy Mothers Day to all great mothers. In Sweden it’s celebrated the 26th, but my mom is awesome for putting up with me and my shenanigans so she deserves to be celebrated 24/7 :)

Have a great Sunday you all :)

XXX Puma Swede


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Back in town :)

Got back yesterday and it feels good not to be able to spot any snow anywhere :) But hey, Sweden isn’t that bad either. I managed to get new boobs, see all my friends and family and just chill the fuck out :)

I got a lot of you asking through Twitter etc when the new boobs will be out and about. Next Monday I remove the stitches and after that me and them should be ready to go :)

I forgot to mention that right before I took off I finally had the pleasure to get my hands on my VNA sister Sara Jay. Damn, that girl can fuck and she gave me a good pounding with a strap on and then we had a face off with our Magic Wands. The result of our ‘meeting’ will be up on our sites shortly :)

Now there unfortunately is laundry to be taken care off and my starving stomach to fill :) The ‘Penis’ left too early this morning so I didn’t have a chance to use it for my morning proteins ;)

Oh, by the way, I have updated my Amazon wish list. Need new bigger bra’s :) So if you buy something off my wish list, I will treat you back :) I got pics & DVD’s to send out in return :) http://t.co/K7DcxTyQ

Have a wonderful day you all :)

XXX Puma


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I’m back in…

…Sweden again :) And there’s still snow here brrrr…. The days are sunny though so it’s nice. Don’t have to wear long johns lol… And there’s always the sauna that we Finns love :)

The real reason I’m here though is to re do my tittes :) I had a consultation the day after I landed and surgery is tomorrow Monday the 8th. So excited :) I told the Dr that I don’t believe in the saying “Less is more”, but prefer “more is more” so he finally agreed to give me bigger implants – YES :)

Thought this was  a bit funny; Sweden vs Hawaii :)

Some pics from AdultCon with some of the VNA biatches like Vicky Vette, Deauxma, Julia Ann, Sara Jay, Shanda Fay, Carmen Valentina, Gabby Quinteros & Monica :) And then there was the old fart Walt who’s a member of the VNA network and he did an attempt to hump me I think. He was more like a seal stuck on the beach lol…

There was Easter and I guess I’ve been good since I got a huge egg filled with candy :)

Some exercising outside the bedroom is sometimes good :)

But I do like the indoor activities that includes penetration a LOOOOT ;)

My everyday ramdomness…

OK, last nite with my “old’ titties so I’ll touch them some extra tonite :)

XXX Puma

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Fresh back from…

…Kauai in Hawaii :) I can really recommend Kauai and I wish I could’ve stayed just a liiiiittle bit longer :)

Had to work a little bit too before holiday-ing out :) Poor little guy almost looked a little scared lol…

Some more shooting… And arguing wit myself :)

Also did some Cross Fit-ting, got a massage, tried to work on that tan…

And then just random some shit…

That’s it for now folks. I’m off to the last day of AdultCon with some of the other VNA hotties :) Pics to come :)

XXX Puma

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