OMG! I can squirt…

So I had a booking the other day that was a B/G/G/G . The director said he booked this new hot guy that’s suppose to me amazing. Yeah yeah… Whatever I thought. So we3 girls are shooting “pretty girl” stills when this Spanish stud Ramon walks in. Damn, he was hot. Pretty face, dressed good, and he finally took his shirt off and it turned out his body was rocking aswell. Wow, this is gona be fun I thought. Do I really have to share him with the other 2 girls!! hahaaa…

So we start shooting the still pictures and I just want to start shootingvideo so I can get to fuck him. So when we’re finally done with the pictures the director asks who wants to go first (meaning who wants tofuck him first). Guess who? ME! Hahaaa… So we start fucking and Ramon says he’s gona make me squirt. I said I don’t squirt so don’t kill yourself trying. Well, took Ramon about 30 sek fingerbanging me and I squirted! Damn, I was so amazed by it and it was so poweful so I just started laughing. The other 2 girls get the same treatment and they squirt too. By this time the couch we’re fucking on is pretty much soaked and the floor is all wet. I was so amazed by this whole squirting experince so I have him fingerbang me again to see if I can do it again. Well, in less than a minute I go again. This time I look like I’m getting electric shock treatment and just stand up shaking. The director said afterwards he thought I was gona kill the guy cause I was so spazmatic. Is that good or bad? Hahaaa, I don’t care. When we finished I was so happy knowing that I can squirt. Thanks Ramon!!

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5 thoughts on “OMG! I can squirt…

  1. I was just browsing your blogs and stumbles across OMG i can squirt. That is the best vid ever to be published on the net omg.

  2. I’ve seen videos where Ramon fingerbangs chicks. It looks pretty amazing. How does he do it? I looks like he is pressing his fingers up against the vagina wall, and then vibrating his hand really fast while leaving his fingers on the same spot. Is that about right? Can you describe the technique a little? I want to try it.

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