Florida was a…

…lot of fun :) Did a shoot with Anita Dark which was very hot.

Met up with Sandy and we went out and had some fun :)

Did some chilling, had a drink at Four Seasons in West Palm Beach, did some shopping at Agent Provocateur and just had a fab time…

Came back, unpacked and packed again and went to Milwaukee dancing this past weekend :) Silk was an awesome club and I had a blast even though a drunk fan almost bit my nipple off :( He got slapped and my nipple is now safe :)

Did a radio interview too :)

And then just some random pics of meeeee…

Got home around noon on Sunday and 2h later I’m having brunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel :) Spotted some players from the Real Madrid team too and thought of asking them if they wanted my autograph ;)

That’s about it right now. I’m off to Ontario, Canada on Thursday to dance at Treasures, fun fun… Next week shooting and also shooting a cat fight video. Should be interesting and I hope I come back in one piece ;) Also have a reporter from Swede coming to follow me around for a week to write about me. Better behave a little ;)

You all take care, get laid, be happy, and all the other good stuff :)

XXX Puma


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18 thoughts on “Florida was a…

  1. I love the way u are (J) Puma. I am not so interested in all the films u make, but u make my heart beat a little extra. Your eyes, smile and humor is really appealing in ways I can’t explain.
    I hope I get a cjance to meet u in person, cause u seem to illuminate your surroundings everywhere u go :)
    Peace and love

  2. Both my girlfriend and I follow your blogg, its a lot of fun, &, sexy stuff !!
    How do you keep in such good shape?? My girl is amaized by it! Any special workout, part from all the sex, haha? Xo

  3. i love you puma you are the most sexy girl in the world and you have the best tits i ever seen i love so much greetings from mexico

  4. Hi Puma ! I just discovered your blog and I love it ! I have the weirdest fetish of all time, and I was wondering if you could take a shot of you taking out a trash bag or tossing something in the trash ? Nothing dirty for you, just like everyone usualy do but more sexy style ;) Sorry for this strange post and for my poor english. Anyway, have a nice day !

  5. hej jag och min kompis johan undrar om du vill komma hem till oss och träffas lite, vi bjuder på godis och cola (eldorado cola för att mamma säger att redig ccola är för dyr men den är nästan lika god). Vi hoppas du säger ja
    Tommy & Johan Ryds coolklubb

  6. Hey Puma,I love your work . Im only 21 but Im finger crossed to look as great as you do one day ! If you’re coming to Europe anytime soon for a show or something, let me know, Ill come to ask for an autograph !
    You’re great !

  7. I love you Puma. One of the sexiest milf:s I’ve seen. Would love you even more if you could suck on my cock until I cum you in your mouth.

  8. I m french and i want to say you are a beautiful woman
    I dont Knowl if you Ever go in France?

    I wish you the best

    Vive Puma swede!

    French fan

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