Hey from Colorado :)

How are you all? I’m doing great here in Colorado even though everyone says it’s the wettest and coldest May since a long time here in Boulder. Fuck it, for once I get to use some clothing other than lingerie ;) Today I went hiking in the woods and there was thunder and then it started snowing… In May!


Otherwise I been mostly crossfitting, caming, painting, sexing(?) and hiking so here’s a mix of it all :)

PumaSwede_doggystyle2 PumaSwede_doggystyle1 PumaSwede_powerCL2 PumaSwede_powerCL1 PumaSwede_couch5 PumaSwede_couch4 PumaSwede_couch3 PumaSwede_couch2 PumaSwede_couch1 PumaSwede_F4Fcam2 PumaSwede_F4Fcam1 PumaSwede_campinkpanties3 PumaSwede_campinkpanties2 PumaSwede_campinkpanties1 PumaSwede_snatchpractice1 PumaSwede_drink PumaSwede_spraytan PumaSwede_camshow49 PumaSwede_sanitashike2 PumaSwede_sanitashike1 PumaSwede_boulderfalls4 PumaSwede_hikeEldora3 PumaSwede_hikeEldora4 PumaSwede_hikeEldora1PumaSwede_camshow_black1PumaSwede_camshow_black2PumaSwede_camshow_black3PumaSwede_camshow_black4PumaSwede_camshow_black5PumaSwede_waitingforcumPumaSwede_BoulderFalls1PumaSwede_barbellclass2PumaSwede_camshow40PumaSwede_camshow41PumaSwede_camshow42PumaSwede_camshow43PumaSwede_ekorren4PumaSwede_laundry1PumaSwede_laundry2PumaSwede_faces1PumaSwede_faces2PumaSwede_faces3PumaSwede_faces4PumaSwede_faces5PumaSwede_dickkissPumaSwede_camshow_1PumaSwede_camshow_2PumaSwede_legs1PumaSwede_legs2PumaSwede_legs3PumaSwede_legs4PumaSwede_ribsPumaSwede_snowCO2PumaSwede_snowCO4umaSwede_goodmorning1PumaSwede_backsquats49PumaSwede_camshow_3PumaSwede_camshow_5PumaSwede_camshow_6PumaSwede_camshow_7PumaSwede_camshow_8PumaSwede_camshow_9PumaSwede_camshow_10PumaSwede_endurance1PumaSwede_camshow_11PumaSwede_camshow_12PumaSwede_camshow_13PumaSwede_camshow_14PumaSwede_LanaDelRey1PumaSwede_co_hiking1PumaSwede_co_hiking3PumaSwede_co_hiking5PumaSwede_skinthecat

And obviously I’ve been masturbating with my own toys to make sure they work properly :) We are also looking to add a wand to the toy line which I’m very excited about cause I love anything that vibrates hahahahaa… If you want your own Puma toy, go to pumaofsweden.com and get it :)

PumaSwede_Toys5 PumaSwede_mytoy PumaSwede_Toys4 PumaSwede_Toys3 PumaSwede_Toys2 PumaSwede_TheRabbit PumaSwede_toys7 PumaSwede_toys8 PumaSwede_toys9

What else… Yes, next weekend I’m feature dancing at Platinum84 in Denver :) Same club where I visited Sophie Dee a couple of weeks ago :) So get your ass out to Denver and lets party :)


That’s it for now :) I got 3 more weeks here in Colorado and then I’m off to Sweden and Europe :) Enjoy you Memorial Day weekend everyone and do go and get in trouble ;) With that been said I leave you with some #flashback pics :)

PumaSwede_flashbackfriday1 PumaSwede_flashbackfriday2 PumaSwede_flashbackfriday3 PumaSwede_flashbackfriday4 PumaSwede_flashbackfriday5

Kisses, Puma


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