I’ll start by…

…wishing you all a great weekend :) What are you all doing? I’m hoping for some sun cause I love going to the beach and tanning my see-through body lol….

PumaSwede_beachmalibu7 PumaSwede_beachmalibu5 PumaSwede_beachmalibu4 PumaSwede_beachmalibu3 PumaSwede_beachmalibu2 PumaSwede_beachmalibu1 PumaSwede_elmatador7 PumaSwede_elmatador6 PumaSwede_elmatador5 PumaSwede_elmatador4 PumaSwede_elmatador3 PumaSwede_elmatador2

I also shot some sexy shit for pumaswede.com. Got my hands on Sandy and Lola Foxx. We had so much fun shooting we had to pause to wipe our tears from laughing a couple of times. See, sex is fun :)
PumaSwede_sandy_lola2 PumaSwede_sandy_lola11 PumaSwede_sandy_lola10 PumaSwede_sandy_lola9 PumaSwede_sandy_lola8 PumaSwede_sandy_lola7 PumaSwede_sandy_lola6 PumaSwede_sandy_lola4 PumaSwede_sandy_lola3 PumaSwede_Sandy_Lola1

How you like my zebra outfit by the way lol… I managed to squeeze myself in with lovely Nina Elle and Tiffany Tyler too :)

PumaSwede_ninatiffany18 PumaSwede_NinaTiffany12 PumaSwede_NinaTiffany11 PumaSwede_ninatiffany15 PumaSwede_NinaTiffany9 PumaSwede_NinaTiffany8 PumaSwede_NinaTiffany7 PumaSwede_NinaTiffany6 PumaSwede_NinaTiffany5 PumaSwede_NinaTiffany4 PumaSwede_NinaTiffany3 PumaSwede_NinaTiffany2

Here’s some more half naked pics for you from being on cam  or just me feeling like showing off ;) Had the pleasure of playing with Sophie Dee & Amy Anderssen on cam :)

PumaSwede_wh_lingerie5 PumaSwede_wh_lingerie4 PumaSwede_wh_lingerie2 PumaSwede_amycam1 PumaSwede_amycam2 PumaSwede_amycam3 PumaSwede_amycam4 PumaSwede_amycam5 PumaSwede_Sophiecam1 PumaSwede_Sophiecam2 PumaSwede_Sophiecam3 PumaSwede_Sophiecam4 PumaSwede_camshow36 PumaSwede_camshow37 PumaSwede_camshow38 PumaSwede_camshow39 PumaSwede_sophieassPumaSwede_spermface3 PumaSwede_spermface1 PumaSwede_spermface2PumaSwede_bl_outfit2 PumaSwede_bl_outfit1

Enough nakedness for you. Get the rest at pumaswede.om :) You know I like a good party and there’s been a couple :)

PumaSwede_gaybar3 PumaSwede_gaybar2 PumaSwede_Sandyparty33 PumaSwede_sandyparty32 PumaSwede_sandyparty30 PumaSwede_jadebday10 PumaSwede_jadebday9 PumaSwede_jadebday8 PumaSwede_jadebday7 PumaSwede_jadebday6 PumaSwede_jimmibday6 PumaSwede_jadebday1 PumaSwede_jadebday2 PumaSwede_jadebday3 PumaSwede_jadebday4 PumaSwede_jimmibday5 PumaSwede_jimmibday4 PumaSwede_jimmibday1


And bowling with Jessica Jaymes, Sara Jessie, Joanna Angel & Rilynn :) I was pretty damn good :) Just love them balls heheeee….

PumaSwede_Jessica_bowling5 PumaSwede_Jessica_bowling4 PumaSwede_Jessica_bowling3 PumaSwede_Jessica_bowling2 PumaSwede_Jessica_bowling1


Of course there’s been some crossfitting too. Also started this Whole 30 challenge which is a nutrition challenge. You eat paleo foods (think caveman type diet), no sugar (crying), no alcohol (not even 1 shot), no dairy & I gave up smoking. Fuck it’s hard! I have like 15 days left and then I’ll probably go and have sex with a Snickers bar while rolling in ice-cream  and being hand fed with Nutella lol… A pic how I looked when we started and a pic will come when the 30 days are done :)

PumaSwede_30day1PumaSwede_openWOD1 PumaSwede_openWOD2 PumaSwede_openWOD3 PumaSwede_partnerwod13 PumaSwede_thrusters11 PumaSwede_goblesquat PumaSwede_crossfit481 PumaSwede_crossfit505 PumaSwede_crossfit506 PumaSwede_crossfit507 PumaSwede_partnerwod12 PumaSwede_partnerwod11 PumaSwede_crossfit541 PumaSwede_crossfit540PumaSwede_thrusters5 PumaSwede_thrusters6 PumaSwede_overheadsquat1 PumaSwede_cleanandjerk7 PumaSwede_cleanandjerk8 PumaSwede_cleanandjerk9

I’ll leave you with a mix of me, me, me & some more me :) Oh, and this damn cute dog I ran into :)

PumaSwede_inthepark1 PumaSwede_incar1 PumaSwede_hundfontan2 PumaSwede_hundfontan1 PumaSwede_hikevday2 PumaSwede_trotter PumaSwede_fetishpic PumaSwede_clearheels2 PumaSwede_raywindow2 PumaSwede_batroompic5 PumaSwede_inPink1 PumaSwede_topless1 PumaSwede_painting17 PumaSwede_painting16 PumaSwede_sbux6 PumaSwede_dinner20 PumaSwede_hotellparty1PumaSwede_justpics1 PumaSwede_justpics2 PumaSwede_justpics3 PumaSwede_breakfastbed1 PumaSwede_leopardbra1 PumaSwede_leopardbra2 PumaSwede_couchpic PumaSwede_couchpic1 PumaSwede_Dianafacial1 PumaSwede_Dianafacial2 PumaSwede_goodnite1 PumaSwede_blacktop11 PumaSwede_blacktop12 PumaSwede_bluetowel1 PumaSwede_bluetowel2 PumaSwede_bluetowel3


Now go off (or get off) enjoying your Saturday. One last thing – I’ve added a little video section to my site that contains my private video clips from everything to nothing :) One more reason to pay up and join pumaswede.com :) OK, I’m done pimping myself :) Gonna make pancakes  now :)

Kisses, Puma


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Currently I’m a…

…a little obsessed with my horse head I got off my Wishlist. Can you tell? It comes with me everywhere… LOL


When not horsing around I manage to get my ass to the gym and it’s going good. In a week I will start a 30-day Paleo challenge. If you don’t know what it is and are interested in eating well, check it out :) On Memorial Day we did a special workout and I can say I never been more exhausted in my life! As you can see in the pic I look like I got gangbanged, gagged, performed a blowbang and whatever else you can imagine hahahaaa… But I finished it! even though it took me 70 minutes and 38 sec :)


Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Snoop Dogg. He did some kind of talk show so me and Anita Toro – pure Colombian hotness – did an appereance :) The horse head appeared too lol…

PumaSwede_snoop1 PumaSwede_snoop2 PumaSwede_snoop3 PumaSwede_snoop4 PumaSwede_snoop5 PumaSwede_snoop6 PumaSwede_snoop7 PumaSwede_snoop8 PumaSwede_snoop9 PumaSwede_snoop10

I also made sexy sexy time for Bang Bros which was fun :)

PumaSwede_bangbros64 PumaSwede_bangbros63 PumaSwede_bangbros62 PumaSwede_bangbros61


Then I had some more sexy time :) The hottie is DD Ventura from UK :)

PumaSwede_ddventura7 PumaSwede_ddventura2 PumaSwede_ddventura8 PumaSwede_ddventura3 PumaSwede_ddventura4 PumaSwede_ddventura5 PumaSwede_ddventura6


A camshow for you lovely members of my site pumaswede.com. Yes, this is an advertisement ;) JOIN PUMASWEDE.COM

PumaSwede_cam1 PumaSwede_cam2 PumaSwede_cam3 PumaSwede_cam4


I also did a cool shoot with a cool guy named Shane :)

PumaSwede_shaneshoot8 PumaSwede_shaneshoot7 PumaSwede_shaneshoot6 PumaSwede_shaneshoot5 PumaSwede_shaneshoot4 PumaSwede_shaneshoot3 PumaSwede_shaneshoot2 PumaSwede_shaneshoot1 PumaSwede_skull1


I confess, I partied it up with my wifey Sandy :)

PumaSwede_emerson21 PumaSwede_emerson22 PumaSwede_emerson24 PumaSwede_emerson25 PumaSwede_emerson26 PumaSwede_emerson20


When I don’t fuck or CrossFit, I paint. Or I just started. Puma Picasso has a nice sound to it ;) Don’t dare to show you the result yet cause it’s work in progress :) Or maybe it looks like shit, not sure hahahaaa…

PumaSwede_paint3 PumaSwede_paint4 PumaSwede_paint2 PumaSwede_paint1 PumaSwede_paint5 PumaSwede_paint9 PumaSwede_paint8 PumaSwede_paint7


Oh, almost forgot. went to Del Mar and saw the CrossFit Regionals. Damn, never seen that much good looking ass! Biatches where in shape. By the way, I’m getting my own Level 1 certification in CrossFit in the end of the month – yeay :)

PumaSwede_CS_Regionals11 PumaSwede_CS_Regionals12 PumaSwede_CS_Regionals13 PumaSwede_CS_Regionals15 PumaSwede_CS_Regionals8 PumaSwede_CS_Regionals7 PumaSwede_CS_Regionals6 PumaSwede_CS_Regionals3 PumaSwede_CS_Regionals2 PumaSwede_CS_Regionals1

And what follows is just a little bit of everything as always :)

PumaSwede_bl_dress1 PumaSwede_athome5 PumaSwede_sushialone1 PumaSwede_bl_dress2 PumaSwede_ashower PumaSwede_balcony3 PumaSwede_balcony2 PumaSwede_balcony1 PumaSwede_gimp PumaSwede_bobbyuPumaSwede_pinkshirt1 PumaSwede_cunt5 PumaSwede_stripes PumaSwede_wh_bra1 PumaSwede_cooking PumaSwede_closeuptit1 PumaSwede_betweentits1PumaSwede_CS_Regionals4 PumaSwede_ddventura1 PumaSwede_flowers1 PumaSwede_paint PumaSwede_dantetoilet PumaSwede_karta PumaSwede_food_tits PumaSwede_shaneshootBTS2 PumaSwede_shaneshootBTS1 PumaSwede_handsboobs3 PumaSwede_bodyshot7PumaSwede_flowers1 PumaSwede_faceshotPumaSwede_ddventura9

Have a great weekend you all :) Until next time :)

Kisses Puma Swede






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Did U miss me :)

Still in LA and not going anywhere anytime soon. I think ;) You never know… I think Finland & Sweden are up in July :)

Finally I’m back in action and this week I shot for Pure Mature and Naughty America. 2 fun scenes that I think you’ll enjoy when they come out. Some BTS pics for you :)

Nothing gets shot before my face and mane is in order LOL…

As finally back in action I also started CrossFit-ing again :) I never in my life thought I’d ever say – I missed working out LOL… But I did. Feels good to sweat outside the bedroom sometime hahahaa… Not allowed to lift heavy yet so I’m working on da ass, legs and belly. London Keys joined in and some other hot boys and girls :)

If you’re in LA and wanna try CrossFit, look up www.CrossFitSolCity.com and come try a class for free. There is also classes in CrossTrain that is more cardio based.

Got a new bra and outfit off my Wishlist. What ya’ think? Are my tits jerk off material and titty-fuck friendly or what?

Well, someone thought I was fuckable at least and cum was flowing hehehee…

Since my tan has been close to non existent I tried to work on it a bit w Diana Doll :) A pool boy got me interested in other things though lol…

Then there is the randomness of just me being me :)

And more TITS to da people :)

Hope it was enough titties for you :)

And finally, Happy Mothers Day to all great mothers. In Sweden it’s celebrated the 26th, but my mom is awesome for putting up with me and my shenanigans so she deserves to be celebrated 24/7 :)

Have a great Sunday you all :)

XXX Puma Swede


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Back in town :)

Got back yesterday and it feels good not to be able to spot any snow anywhere :) But hey, Sweden isn’t that bad either. I managed to get new boobs, see all my friends and family and just chill the fuck out :)

I got a lot of you asking through Twitter etc when the new boobs will be out and about. Next Monday I remove the stitches and after that me and them should be ready to go :)

I forgot to mention that right before I took off I finally had the pleasure to get my hands on my VNA sister Sara Jay. Damn, that girl can fuck and she gave me a good pounding with a strap on and then we had a face off with our Magic Wands. The result of our ‘meeting’ will be up on our sites shortly :)

Now there unfortunately is laundry to be taken care off and my starving stomach to fill :) The ‘Penis’ left too early this morning so I didn’t have a chance to use it for my morning proteins ;)

Oh, by the way, I have updated my Amazon wish list. Need new bigger bra’s :) So if you buy something off my wish list, I will treat you back :) I got pics & DVD’s to send out in return :) http://t.co/K7DcxTyQ

Have a wonderful day you all :)

XXX Puma


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How is your…

…week so far? Mine is pretty good with a mix of work, play, party & sex :) I got a pretty impressive cream pie up my ass crack the other morning or what you think?

Fuck it, I’ll just throw in the party pics after :) It was a crazy nite at Emerson with Sandy, Nikki, Cindy & Kiara :) Sandy the little sneaky bastard took the chance to taste my pink taco at the club too :)

When it comes to work I had the great pleasure to shoot with Ava Devine again. I feel like such a prude next to her lol. Of course she only wanted to get fucked in the ass with the biggest toys. In the middle of the scene when I’m penetrating her ass with a huge rubber dick she tells me to put the other dildo in her ass too. I couldn’t help to stutter that it must be impossible. Not if your name is Ava Devine and seconds later I was fucking her w 2 dildos. Later we shot a little BTS video and I told her it was the 1st time for me to bang someones ass w 2 dildos at the same time. Ava lights up like Xmas was around the corner and tells me to another “1st one”. I’m like, what you mean? Ava lubes my hand up and spreads her legs. Stupid me thought I was gonna fist her pussy. -”Noooo Puuuma, my ass silly” Ava tells me. Said and done and my fist was up her ass. And yes, of course she wanted my other fist up there too! I was in chock! Look at my facial impression in the pic LOL… I swear I could feel her spine through her ass. I love you Ava :)

Damn, I know I was suppose to tell you about St Barths, but I guess I’ll do it next time :) More fun to tell you about double fisting Ava’s ass, partying and sex than almost being kicked out of a wedding lol :)

Oh, and don’t forget, my live camshow today at 7PM EST – pumaswede.com :) This is todays & Fridays live cam schedule and you get it all for free too if you are a member of my site :) Every day there are several girls caming so get with it and join pumaswede.com :)

*** 3:00pm EST     Gabby Cam
*** 6:00pm EST     Sara Jay Cam
*** 7:00pm EST     Puma Cam
*** 10:00pm EST   Anna Miller Cam
On Friday:
*** 3:00pm ETS    Rebekah Dee Cam
*** 4:00pm EST    Addie Juniper Cam
*** 5:00pm EST    Katie K Cam
*** 7:00pm EST    Amy Andersson Cam
And the random pics to finish this post with :)
OK, hope to see you on my camshow later :)
XXX Puma
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I didn’t do…

…too much damage to Finland with Nikki Benz :) I mean, as Nikki said, you book the SWENZ (Swede & Benz), you should just now there will be shit happening and just sign a damn insurance before we come lol ;)

The motto: We come, we fuck shit up and we leave :)

To Puma Moore (A Finnish pornstar) who arranged this whole show, thank you for everything and sorry for the mirrors :) And yes, we will be there for this summers SaloSex too :)

Have a lot of other pics and stuff I wanna show you, but my sister is in town so that has to wait. Hope you all had a fantastic weekend and have an even better week now :)  Tomorrow –> free Live camshow at 3PM PST from pumaswede.com so grab a membership and join in :) As a boner/bonus, you get tons of free shows every day from other girls too so what the fuck you waiting for :)

Kisses Puma


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Just a quick…

…hello while I’m packing for Finland :) Hope you all had a great weekend. I went out and had a #shitshow with Sandy on Friday :)

It took me whole day to recover lol… Managed to get new claws on Saturday and that’s about it. Have to put in a pic of the guy that does my nails. He is funny as hell and I’m not sure who insults the other one more, me or him. He calls me bitch and I call him shit that I don’t even dare to write here lol…

On Sunday I went and had brunch with Ms Benz and Snowball :) After we found a place that sells gluten free donuts and as you can see from the pic Nikki could barely contain herself lol… But funniest part was that when we sit like 3 amigos outside on the bench stuffing our faces we realize how funny we must look. So we asked a random guy on the street to take a couple of pics of us. He laughed when he gave me my phone back and when we looked at the pics, the last pic was all zoomed in on only Snowballs crotch LMAO…

Did a shoot last week for my website pumaswede.com that every smart ass should be a member of obviously :) Manage to fuck a teddybear among other things :)

Managed to go hiking too and this dogs name is Gus and he’s such a cool dog. The guy is Snowball and he’s almost as cool ;)

And some left over pics that I’ll throw in here for you in case you didn’t get enough of me :)

OK, time to actually pack and tonite dinner with Nikki, Sandy, Diana & others before early flight to Finland tomorrow morning :)

Have a blast you all cause I will :)

XXX Puma Swede


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Back in Sweden…

…now for 2 days and flying back tomorrow at 6AM :) Damn it’s cold here. Had to have a warming bath :)

I’m doing a TV show here today where I’ll be ‘locked’ in in an elevator with the hosts and this awesome guy named Mark Levengood.

Last week I also shot a scene for BangBros. I think I wasn’t pretty enough since they insisted me wearing a paper bag on my head lol…

My friend Laura also arranged Golden Probe Awards that me and Diana Doll went to. Lot of wild gay boys, drag queens and an awesome show :) My favorite is the guys shirt that says: I’m too pretty too be fucked from behind :)

I also shot some pics with the awesome photographer Ray :)

And last, but not least! Go check your moles! I did and removed 2 to be checked up :)

OK, got to put some clothes on before the cab comes and pics me up. They didn’t want me nude on Swedish TV :( Fuck, Marilyn Monroe didn’t wear panties, why should I?

See some of you in Vegas for the AVN I hope :)

XXX Puma

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Hello from Florida :)

I’m visiting Vicky Vette here in Florida and it’s awesome. We’re chilling, shooting, going to the beach and roll play as Scandinavian Vikings ;) OK, that last thing was a joke…

And our lovely VNA-sister Charlee Chase came by to play with us for a day :)

Before I came down here I did a really fun shoot for an Asian company. I love Asian people and I think they love me too :)

I also shot some hot stuff for my website. I shared a cock with sexy Jennifer Dark and then ate Kayla Carrera’s tasty pussy :) I have such a hard life ;)

And you know me, of course there’s been some partying with my partners in crime – Nikki Benz, Sandy & Jenn :)

And some more partying…

Since I’m a very healthy person I make sure I keep my protein levels high by regularly swallowing some cum :)

And I got this pic from Nikki and I think its funny as fuck…

And last pick is the WTF pictures :))

Ooookeeey, enough for now. Have to go and work on my tan now :) From tomorrow night until Saturday I’m dancing at DejaVu Tampa so you just bring your ass & cock down :)

XXX Puma

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Howdy howdy :)

Aaah, nice to be back in warm LA. I do miss the snow in Sweden a bit, but not the cold ;)

Yesterday I was on set for Wicked and Rocki Whore Show. Looong day and I didn’t even get to bang Jessica Drake as planned cause we ran out of time. But it will happen hehheee….

First some other stuff and pics of other hotties :)

Dinner and movies with Lea Lexxis, Club Sandy, Alektra Blue and Nikki. We saw Burlesque and damn I wish I could sing as Christina and dance like they did in the movie! Not the greatest movie I’ve seen but at least my company was hot :)

And I hope some of you saw my and Club Sandy’s hot hot hot camshow on Sunday. No joke, that girl can fuck. And fist LOL… We had so much fun and I told Sandy she could convert me to lesbianism :)

A couple of pics from yesterdays set while chilling :) Or sleeping on Alektra Blue :)

More pics are coming :) Have to run some errands first. Hope you all have a great day and don’t forget to vote :) And thanks to all of you who are voting and have voted :)


Kisses, Puma

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