Did you miss…

…me? Weather you did or not – I’m back :) Been traveling some and now up fighting jetlag at 5am :( But it’s worth it! I love traveling and seeing new places :)

First there was Hong Kong last month. Wow, I really liked it over there! I was there at The Asia Adult Expo to look at sex toys for what will hopefully become part of my own line of sex toys :) It’s all in the works in Sweden so more info coming when you can get your hands on it :)

PumaSwede_hongkong17 PumaSwede_hongkong16 PumaSwede_hongkong19 PumaSwede_hongkong20 PumaSwede_hongkong34 PumaSwede_hongkong35 PumaSwede_hongkong36 PumaSwede_hongkong37 \PumaSwede_hongkong38 PumaSwede_hongkong46 PumaSwede_hongkong47 PumaSwede_hongkong48 PumaSwede_hongkong49 PumaSwede_hongkong50 PumaSwede_hongkong51 PumaSwede_hongkong52

Also did a bunch of exploring of the city. Amazing restaurants and coffee places. I did venture off to try a local restaurant that didn’t even have a menu in English. I was quite an attraction when I walked in, but they where very helpful. I don’t know exactly what I ordered or ate, but I did find some kind of bird-foot in my rice lol…

PumaSwede_hongkong1 PumaSwede_hongkong3 PumaSwede_hongkong4 PumaSwede_hongkong6 PumaSwede_hongkong7 PumaSwede_hongkong8 PumaSwede_hongkong9 PumaSwede_hongkong10 PumaSwede_hongkong11 PumaSwede_hongkong12 PumaSwede_hongkong13 PumaSwede_hongkong14 PumaSwede_hongkong18 PumaSwede_hongkong19 PumaSwede_hongkong18 PumaSwede_hongkong23 PumaSwede_hongkong25 PumaSwede_hongkong26 PumaSwede_hongkong27 PumaSwede_hongkong28 PumaSwede_hongkong29 PumaSwede_hongkong30 PumaSwede_hongkong31 PumaSwede_hongkong32 PumaSwede_hongkong40 PumaSwede_hongkong38 PumaSwede_hongkong42 PumaSwede_hongkong43 PumaSwede_hongkong44 PumaSwede_hongkong53 PumaSwede_hongkong54 PumaSwede_hongkong55 PumaSwede_hongkong57 PumaSwede_hongkong58 PumaSwede_hongkong59 PumaSwede_hongkong60 PumaSwede_hongkong61 PumaSwede_hongkong63 PumaSwede_hongkong64 PumaSwede_hongkong65 PumaSwede_hongkong66 PumaSwede_hongkong67 PumaSwede_hongkong69

I came back and 3 days later I was off to Italy and a wedding. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong on the trip over there… Flight was cancelled and I was redirected to fly  to Paris and then Italy. I missed my connection flight in Paris :( I think it’s as clumsy to miss a flight as it is to run out of gas, but I did it lol… I finally landed in Italy in a different place where I was suppose to land. Of course my luggage was lost. Long story short – I did have a little moment of whining/lost temper/tears until I went to the mall (did get lost 2 times on the way there in the rental car) and bought some new clothes and stuff. The wedding was amazing and my luggage finally arrived after the wedding :)

PumaSwede_italy48 PumaSwede_italy1 PumaSwede_italy2 PumaSwede_italy3 PumaSwede_italy4 PumaSwede_italy5 PumaSwede_italy10 PumaSwede_italy7 PumaSwede_italy11 PumaSwede_italy12 PumaSwede_italy13 PumaSwede_italy14 PumaSwede_italy15 PumaSwede_italy52 PumaSwede_italy54 PumaSwede_italy55 PumaSwede_italy56 PumaSwede_italy57 PumaSwede_italy58 PumaSwede_italy59 PumaSwede_italy60

I also visited Cinque Terre and Lake Como while I was there. Found George Clooney’s villa, but George himself was not in sight! I think he was getting married in Venice, but I guess my invitation got lost ;) I ate so much since every time you ate you’re asked to get starter, primi, secundi and a dessert on top of that. Of course you don’t have to order all that, but it was soooo damn good so ate :) And a few pizzas went down too :)

PumaSwede_italy16 PumaSwede_italy17 PumaSwede_italy18 PumaSwede_italy20 PumaSwede_italy21 PumaSwede_italy22 PumaSwede_italy23 PumaSwede_italy24 PumaSwede_italy26 PumaSwede_italy_bw1 PumaSwede_italy_bw2 PumaSwede_italy_bw3 PumaSwede_italy28 PumaSwede_italy29 PumaSwede_italy30 PumaSwede_italy31 PumaSwede_italy32 PumaSwede_italy33 PumaSwede_italy34 PumaSwede_italy35 PumaSwede_italy37 PumaSwede_italy36 PumaSwede_italy38 PumaSwede_italy39 PumaSwede_italy40 PumaSwede_italy41 PumaSwede_italy42 PumaSwede_italy43 PumaSwede_italy44 PumaSwede_italy45 PumaSwede_italy46 PumaSwede_italy47 PumaSwede_italy49 PumaSwede_italy50 PumaSwede_italy51 PumaSwede_italy61 PumaSwede_italy62 PumaSwede_italy63 PumaSwede_italy64 PumaSwede_italy66 PumaSwede_italy67 PumaSwede_italy69 PumaSwede_italy70 PumaSwede_italy71 PumaSwede_italy72 PumaSwede_italy73 PumaSwede_italy74

Gonna go try to get a couple of hours of more sleep now :) Then off to crossfit after all this laziness and feasting hahahahaaa… Also need to get a new car. Thinking of going electric, any suggestions? I’ll leave you with some pics of this and that and a little bit of whatever :) Until next time :)

PumaSwede_bakfull PumaSwede_painting31 PumaSwede_painting30 PumaSwede_painting32 PumaSwede_snickarbyxa2 PumaSwede_bath13 PumaSwede_bath14 PumaSwede_camshow_blue2 PumaSwede_camshow_blue3 PumaSwede_sandyTV1 PumaSwede_sandyTV8 PumaSwede_sandyTV10 PumaSwede_sandyTV11 PumaSwede_sandyTV12 PumaSwede_yellowsweater PumaSwede_blackbra7 PumaSwede_titszipper PumaSwede_morninghair PumaSwede_jetlag PumaSwede_nakeddoor1 PumaSwede_nakeddoor3 PumaSwede_sex30 PumaSwede_sex31 PumaSwede_sex32 PumaSwede_carselfie PumaSwede_skybar PumaSwede_nudesoutside1 PumaSwede_nudesoutside2 PumaSwede_nudesoutside3 PumaSwede_nudesoutside4 PumaSwede_nudesoutside5 PumaSwede_bobbipool1 PumaSwede_bobbipool2 PumaSwede_bobbipool3 PumaSwede_chadpool4 PumaSwede_chadpool5 PumaSwede_sundaybeach5 PumaSwede_sundaybeach6 PumaSwede_sundaybeach7 PumaSwede_sundaybeach8 PumaSwede_sundaybeach10 PumaSwede_sundaybeach11 PumaSwede_BobbiTV1 PumaSwede_BobbiTV2 PumaSwede_glamping34 PumaSwede_glamping35 PumaSwede_glamping36 PumaSwede_glamping38 PumaSwede_glamping40 PumaSwede_bathfeet1 PumaSwede_cam_pink1 PumaSwede_cam_pink2 PumaSwede_cam_pink3 PumaSwede_cam_pink4 PumaSwede_cam_pink5 PumaSwede_bobbiTV11 PumaSwede_bobbiTV12 PumaSwede_bobbiTV13 PumaSwede_bobbiTV14 PumaSwede_bobbiTV15 PumaSwede_bobbiTV16 PumaSwede_fika21 PumaSwede_fika22 PumaSwede_fika23 PumaSwede_BobbiVegas2 PumaSwede_BobbiVegas3 PumaSwede_BobbiVegas4 PumaSwede_BobbiVegas5 PumaSwede_BobbiVegas6 PumaSwede_BobbiVegas7 PumaSwede_BobbiVegas11 PumaSwede_BobbiVegas12 PumaSwede_BobbiVegas13 PumaSwede_BobbiTV40 PumaSwede_BobbiTV42 PumaSwede_BobbiTV43 PumaSwede_BobbiTV44 PumaSwede_BobbiTV46 PumaSwede_Bobbipool20 PumaSwede_Bobbipool21 PumaSwede_Bobbipool22 PumaSwede_Bobbipool24 PumaSwede_solfit20 PumaSwede_solfit21 PumaSwede_selfie5 PumaSwede_selfie6 PumaSwede_selfie4 PumaSwede_selfie3 PumaSwede_hanginwMary2 PumaSwede_showerupdate1 PumaSwede_showerupdate2 PumaSwede_showerupdate3 PumaSwede_showerupdate4 PumaSwede_showerupdate5 PumaSwede_lauracomedy1 PumaSwede_lauracomedy2 PumaSwede_lauracomedy3 PumaSwede_camsophie1 PumaSwede_camsophie2 PumaSwede_snatch21 PumaSwede_snatch22 PumaSwede_snatch23 PumaSwede_running7 PumaSwede_solfit26 PumaSwede_solfit27 PumaSwede_cambobbi25 PumaSwede_sleepstarbux PumaSwede_peeing PumaSwede_yurishoot1 PumaSwede_yurishoot2 PumaSwede_yurishoot3 PumaSwede_yurishoot5 PumaSwede_yurishoot6 PumaSwede_yurishoot7 PumaSwede_yurishoot8 PumaSwede_carBJ1 PumaSwede_carBJ2 PumaSwede_partnerwod40 PumaSwede_partnerwod41 PumaSwede_whitedress8 PumaSwede_aripool6 PumaSwede_aripool7 PumaSwede_aripool8 PumaSwede_aripool9 PumaSwede_nudesmoke1

Kisses, Puma

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