I’ll start by…

…wishing you all a great weekend :) What are you all doing? I’m hoping for some sun cause I love going to the beach and tanning my see-through body lol….

PumaSwede_beachmalibu7 PumaSwede_beachmalibu5 PumaSwede_beachmalibu4 PumaSwede_beachmalibu3 PumaSwede_beachmalibu2 PumaSwede_beachmalibu1 PumaSwede_elmatador7 PumaSwede_elmatador6 PumaSwede_elmatador5 PumaSwede_elmatador4 PumaSwede_elmatador3 PumaSwede_elmatador2

I also shot some sexy shit for pumaswede.com. Got my hands on Sandy and Lola Foxx. We had so much fun shooting we had to pause to wipe our tears from laughing a couple of times. See, sex is fun :)
PumaSwede_sandy_lola2 PumaSwede_sandy_lola11 PumaSwede_sandy_lola10 PumaSwede_sandy_lola9 PumaSwede_sandy_lola8 PumaSwede_sandy_lola7 PumaSwede_sandy_lola6 PumaSwede_sandy_lola4 PumaSwede_sandy_lola3 PumaSwede_Sandy_Lola1

How you like my zebra outfit by the way lol… I managed to squeeze myself in with lovely Nina Elle and Tiffany Tyler too :)

PumaSwede_ninatiffany18 PumaSwede_NinaTiffany12 PumaSwede_NinaTiffany11 PumaSwede_ninatiffany15 PumaSwede_NinaTiffany9 PumaSwede_NinaTiffany8 PumaSwede_NinaTiffany7 PumaSwede_NinaTiffany6 PumaSwede_NinaTiffany5 PumaSwede_NinaTiffany4 PumaSwede_NinaTiffany3 PumaSwede_NinaTiffany2

Here’s some more half naked pics for you from being on cam  or just me feeling like showing off ;) Had the pleasure of playing with Sophie Dee & Amy Anderssen on cam :)

PumaSwede_wh_lingerie5 PumaSwede_wh_lingerie4 PumaSwede_wh_lingerie2 PumaSwede_amycam1 PumaSwede_amycam2 PumaSwede_amycam3 PumaSwede_amycam4 PumaSwede_amycam5 PumaSwede_Sophiecam1 PumaSwede_Sophiecam2 PumaSwede_Sophiecam3 PumaSwede_Sophiecam4 PumaSwede_camshow36 PumaSwede_camshow37 PumaSwede_camshow38 PumaSwede_camshow39 PumaSwede_sophieassPumaSwede_spermface3 PumaSwede_spermface1 PumaSwede_spermface2PumaSwede_bl_outfit2 PumaSwede_bl_outfit1

Enough nakedness for you. Get the rest at pumaswede.om :) You know I like a good party and there’s been a couple :)

PumaSwede_gaybar3 PumaSwede_gaybar2 PumaSwede_Sandyparty33 PumaSwede_sandyparty32 PumaSwede_sandyparty30 PumaSwede_jadebday10 PumaSwede_jadebday9 PumaSwede_jadebday8 PumaSwede_jadebday7 PumaSwede_jadebday6 PumaSwede_jimmibday6 PumaSwede_jadebday1 PumaSwede_jadebday2 PumaSwede_jadebday3 PumaSwede_jadebday4 PumaSwede_jimmibday5 PumaSwede_jimmibday4 PumaSwede_jimmibday1


And bowling with Jessica Jaymes, Sara Jessie, Joanna Angel & Rilynn :) I was pretty damn good :) Just love them balls heheeee….

PumaSwede_Jessica_bowling5 PumaSwede_Jessica_bowling4 PumaSwede_Jessica_bowling3 PumaSwede_Jessica_bowling2 PumaSwede_Jessica_bowling1


Of course there’s been some crossfitting too. Also started this Whole 30 challenge which is a nutrition challenge. You eat paleo foods (think caveman type diet), no sugar (crying), no alcohol (not even 1 shot), no dairy & I gave up smoking. Fuck it’s hard! I have like 15 days left and then I’ll probably go and have sex with a Snickers bar while rolling in ice-cream  and being hand fed with Nutella lol… A pic how I looked when we started and a pic will come when the 30 days are done :)

PumaSwede_30day1PumaSwede_openWOD1 PumaSwede_openWOD2 PumaSwede_openWOD3 PumaSwede_partnerwod13 PumaSwede_thrusters11 PumaSwede_goblesquat PumaSwede_crossfit481 PumaSwede_crossfit505 PumaSwede_crossfit506 PumaSwede_crossfit507 PumaSwede_partnerwod12 PumaSwede_partnerwod11 PumaSwede_crossfit541 PumaSwede_crossfit540PumaSwede_thrusters5 PumaSwede_thrusters6 PumaSwede_overheadsquat1 PumaSwede_cleanandjerk7 PumaSwede_cleanandjerk8 PumaSwede_cleanandjerk9

I’ll leave you with a mix of me, me, me & some more me :) Oh, and this damn cute dog I ran into :)

PumaSwede_inthepark1 PumaSwede_incar1 PumaSwede_hundfontan2 PumaSwede_hundfontan1 PumaSwede_hikevday2 PumaSwede_trotter PumaSwede_fetishpic PumaSwede_clearheels2 PumaSwede_raywindow2 PumaSwede_batroompic5 PumaSwede_inPink1 PumaSwede_topless1 PumaSwede_painting17 PumaSwede_painting16 PumaSwede_sbux6 PumaSwede_dinner20 PumaSwede_hotellparty1PumaSwede_justpics1 PumaSwede_justpics2 PumaSwede_justpics3 PumaSwede_breakfastbed1 PumaSwede_leopardbra1 PumaSwede_leopardbra2 PumaSwede_couchpic PumaSwede_couchpic1 PumaSwede_Dianafacial1 PumaSwede_Dianafacial2 PumaSwede_goodnite1 PumaSwede_blacktop11 PumaSwede_blacktop12 PumaSwede_bluetowel1 PumaSwede_bluetowel2 PumaSwede_bluetowel3


Now go off (or get off) enjoying your Saturday. One last thing – I’ve added a little video section to my site that contains my private video clips from everything to nothing :) One more reason to pay up and join pumaswede.com :) OK, I’m done pimping myself :) Gonna make pancakes  now :)

Kisses, Puma


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Hey folks :)

Hope everyone is doing well and that you had a nice Memorial Day weekend :) Mine was awesome just like me ;)

I feature danced in Sacramento and here’s some pics :)

Came back from Sacramento on Sunday and there was no time to chill. Celebration time with Nikki Benz, Diana Doll and Jenn. We went for a day party w neon theme and rocked out the day/night as usual :)) I restrained myself from molesting Jenn this time though :)

Also shot some new sexy stuff for pumaswede.com. Mixed it up with both pussy and some cock action :) Here w Allison Moore…

Before & after picture when Karlo was done w me :)

Me and lovely Jessica Jaymes :)

Just love that cum on my face damn it :)

OK, time to head out and do some errands :) Have a great rest of the week lovers :)

XXX Puma



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I sometimes have…

…blond moments. I thought I was flying to Thailand tonite, until Julia Ann pointed out yesterday after our camshow, that the 24th actually is on Friday and not today – ooops… Well, thanks for that Julia Ann and thank you for your amazing pussy licking skills yesterday :) Let me just tell you all that Julia Ann is incredible :))

After the camshow I went and got new claws with Diana Doll and Jennifer Dark. Paying a lot of attention in this pic :)

And then there was the Valentines party with Sandy, Nikki Benz, Diana Doll, Jennifer Dark & 2 male strippers. Male strippers grinding aren’t sexy as female strippers grinding and they should not wear a thong like female strippers LOL…

Hahahaha, we laughed so hard , but now I can check off male strippers off my bucket list :)

Sooo, I finally went out to dinner with this guy I met out last year and you can tell it ended up pretty well LOL…

I also had the pleasure to get together with hottie Yuri Love again :) We shot a B/G/G scene that will be up on my website very soon :)


Got together w Jessica Jaymes too and in all this excitement I blew the guy that worked as a PA too :)

And of course there has some partying going on :)


And some more fucking :) A scene for Naughty America with Johnny Castle and a scene for Lafayette Production where I basically pounced the little Asian fellow and he repaid by covering my face in cum :)

And last the random pics :)

OK, time to shower and head out to look for trouble :) Write you from Thailand :)

And don’t miss my Swedish Blog at http://www.privesthlm.com/PumaSwede/ that you can have translated to English :)

XXX Puma Swede



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Helllooouuuu helllooooouuu :)

How was everyones SuperBowl weekend? Mine was awesome :) Not that I saw so much of the game though, but I was hanging w fun people, playing poker and won $600 and got myself some anal sex :)

What else is new? Shot some new content for my website with sexy Jessica Jaymes and bootylishious Tiffany Brooks :)

After you work you got to have some fun too. And I think I must have the hottest pieces of ass + tits to do it with – Nikki Benz, Sandy & Diana Doll :)

And some random pics :)

OK, back to work. Planning a Valentines party that will be a blast I think :) Keep on smiling cause shit doesn’t get better if you’re bitching :) Or something like that :)

XXX Puma

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Oh what a great..

…day I had with Jessica Jaymes today. We had so much fun shooting and playing around. First I got to play a Psychic. Made up the most random shit LOL…


Then wig and stockings… And plastic body parts(?)….


After all that we did an hour camshow which was great. Always fun to interact with fans :)

Now off to bed and gther some energy for tomorrows 6 girl orgy :) hehehehe… And we have an underwater camera. Should be interesting :)

Good night :)


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Sorry, I haven't…

…”been around” for a bit :( I just had so much with school and some personal things to deal with. But I have now graduated  - YYYEEEESSS, can’t tell you how happy I am and I’m pretty damn proud of myself if I may say so :) 2 years it took. Here is a picture of me at my schools Portfolio show in Hollywood holding up a Puma Condom :)


Front of my business card hugging my own tits :)


And then I was invited to Boobs & Blood Film Festival where they showed a movie I was in – Sex Galaxy. So much fun. I love movies and it’s fun to see different kind of movies.


Other than that I spent 3h nearly passing out in the heat today to renew my drivers license. It took almost 2h in line before I even got in to the building to get a number in line. But now it’s done :)


Oh, on Wednesday the 29th me and Jessica Jaymes are getting together at 6PM PST to for a hot and sexy camshow. More info to come with link, but I promise you you’ll like it :)


On Thursday I’m shooting a 5-way girl orgy. Damn, that’s a lot of pussy :) Of course I will post pics for you here :)

Also I booked a trip to Miami to go visit Mariah Milano leaving next week on Monday – wohooo… We are gona have so much fun and of course shoot pics, video and be on cam :)

Just realized I had my B-day too. Just too tired now to post the pics now. I think part of my brain had a meltdown in the heat today ;) But I truly have the best friends and fans who all made me feel very special – Thank you guys :)

OK, now off to bed. Promise it won’t be long till I’m back again like last time :)

XXX Puma ZzzZZZz :)

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