How has your…

…2015 started? I hope you all have had an amazing start on this year :)

Mine has been good so far. Camping out for New Years was amazing! A little cold at night, but I recommend anyone to go see Joshua Tree :) Of course I got naked up on a hill too. Can you spot the Puma?

PumaSwede_joshuatree1 PumaSwede_JoshuaTree2 PumaSwede_JoshuaTree4 PumaSwede_JoshuaTree6 PumaSwede_JoshuaTree7 PumaSwede_JoshuaTree8 PumaSwede_JoshuaTree10 PumaSwede_JoshuaTree11 PumaSwede_JoshuaTree12 PumaSwede_JoshuaTree13 PumaSwede_JoshuaTree14 PumaSwede_JoshuaTree15 PumaSwede_JoshuaTree16 PumaSwede_JoshuaTree17 PumaSwede_JoshuaTree18 PumaSwede_JoshuaTree19 PumaSwede_JoshuaTree20 PumaSwede_JoshuaTree21 PumaSwede_JoshuaTree22 PumaSwede_JoshuaTree23


I have had a lot of cam shows :) One of them was with Julia Ann and then I crashed Sophie Dee’s place :)

PumaSwede_JuliaAnn5 PumaSwede_JuliaAnn6 PumaSwede_JuliaAnn7 PumaSwede_JuliaAnn8 PumaSwede_JuliaAnn9 PumaSwede_JuliaAnn10PumaSwede_sophieshoot1PumaSwede_sophieshoot2PumaSwede_sophieshoot3PumaSwede_sophieshoot5PumaSwede_sophieshoot7PumaSwede_sophieshoot8PumaSwede_sophieshoot9PumaSwede_sophieshoot10PumaSwede_sophieshoot12

Most weeks you can catch me caming on either Streamate or MyFreeCams and I usually announce it through my Twitter and Instagram so make sure you follow me – Twitter – PumaSwede, Instagram – ThePumaSwede :) More camshow pics cause who doesn’t like tits & flesh ;)

PumaSwede_blinglingerie6 PumaSwede_blinglingerie1 PumaSwede_blinglingerie2 PumaSwede_blinglingerie3 PumaSwede_blinglingerie4 PumaSwede_blinglingerie5PumaSwede_pinkglasses1 PumaSwede_pinkglasses2 PumaSwede_pinkglasses3 PumaSwede_purplecam1 PumaSwede_purplecam2 PumaSwede_purplecam3 PumaSwede_purplecam5 PumaSwede_purplecam6 PumaSwede_purplecam7 PumaSwede_mfc_cam10 PumaSwede_mfc_cam11 PumaSwede_mfc_cam12 PumaSwede_mfc_cam13 PumaSwede_mfc_cam14 PumaSwede_mfc_cam15 PumaSwede_mfc_cam16

It was a lot of fun being on Playboy Radio w Ryan Keeley and the same week I was also Mary Carey’s guest on Vivid Radio. Mary is hilarious and I love her stories :)

PumaSwede_PlayboyTV8 PumaSwede_PlayboyTV7 PumaSwede_PlayboyTV6 PumaSwede_PlayboyTV5 PumaSwede_PlayboyTV3 PumaSwede_PlayboyTV2 PumaSwede_PlayboyTV1 PumaSwede_marycarey5 PumaSwede_marycarey4 PumaSwede_marycarey3 PumaSwede_marycarey2 PumaSwede_marycarey1

We partied it up for Sophie’s birthday :)

PumaSwede_Sophiebday1 PumaSwede_Sophiebday2 PumaSwede_Sophiebday3 PumaSwede_Sophiebday4 PumaSwede_Sophiebday5 PumaSwede_Sophiebday6 PumaSwede_Sophiebday7 PumaSwede_Sophiebday8

And still doing crossfit :)

PumaSwede_OHS8 PumaSwede_running14 PumaSwede_pushups7 PumaSwede_DU's5 PumaSwede_burpees5PumaSwede_backsquats2 PumaSwede_kippingpullups1 PumaSwede_ghd_situps1

Trying to keep my goal of painting more and this weekend I got help from Autumn to finish a painting. Feeling pretty cool with gas masks and gloves hahahaaa… Can’t wait to show you some of my work soon :)

PumaSwede_autumnpaint4 PumaSwede_autumnpaint3 PumaSwede_autumnpaint2 PumaSwede_autumnpaint1

And here’s the rest of my doings… A shoot in the desert which was awesome and other shit :)

PumaSwede_traintrackshoot1 PumaSwede_railroadshoot1 PumaSwede_railroadshoot2 PumaSwede_railroadshoot3 PumaSwede_railroadshoot6PumaSwede_Nick_desert1 PumaSwede_Nick_desert14 PumaSwede_Nick_desert2 PumaSwede_Nick_desert3 PumaSwede_Nick_desert4 PumaSwede_Nick_desert5 PumaSwede_Nick_desert6 PumaSwede_Nick_desert7 PumaSwede_Nick_desert8 PumaSwede_Nick_desert9 PumaSwede_Nick_desert10 PumaSwede_Nick_desert11 PumaSwede_Nick_desert12 PumaSwede_Nick_desert13PumaSwede_Nick_studio1 PumaSwede_Nick_studio2 PumaSwede_Nick_studio3 PumaSwede_badabadkar PumaSwede_jaishoot1 PumaSwede_jaishoot2 PumaSwede_adam_ home PumaSwede_camshow_purple PumaSwede_kitty1 PumaSwede_fishnetpiece1 PumaSwede_fishnetpiece2 PumaSwede_fishnetpiece3 PumaSwede_fishnetpiece4 PumaSwede_fishnetpiece5 PumaSwede_kettlebellsnatch1 PumaSwede_kettlebellsnatch2 PumaSwede_greybra1 PumaSwede_greybra2 PumaSwede_campic1 PumaSwede_campic2 PumaSwede_campic3 PumaSwede_mixmegapol1 PumaSwede_mixmegapol2 PumaSwede_regnjacka2 PumaSwede_bodyfattest2 PumaSwede_yoga4 PumaSwede_abs4 PumaSwede_abs5 PumaSwede_blinglingerie7 PumaSwede_VNAdinner1 PumaSwede_VNAdinner2 PumaSwede_VNAdinner3 PumaSwede_VNAdinner5

Pretty much all of my January :) This weekend I’m off to Mexico and I’m so excited :) Go and be awesome and talk to you soon :)

Kisses, Puma

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I’m back in…

…Sweden again :) And there’s still snow here brrrr…. The days are sunny though so it’s nice. Don’t have to wear long johns lol… And there’s always the sauna that we Finns love :)

The real reason I’m here though is to re do my tittes :) I had a consultation the day after I landed and surgery is tomorrow Monday the 8th. So excited :) I told the Dr that I don’t believe in the saying “Less is more”, but prefer “more is more” so he finally agreed to give me bigger implants – YES :)

Thought this was  a bit funny; Sweden vs Hawaii :)

Some pics from AdultCon with some of the VNA biatches like Vicky Vette, Deauxma, Julia Ann, Sara Jay, Shanda Fay, Carmen Valentina, Gabby Quinteros & Monica :) And then there was the old fart Walt who’s a member of the VNA network and he did an attempt to hump me I think. He was more like a seal stuck on the beach lol…

There was Easter and I guess I’ve been good since I got a huge egg filled with candy :)

Some exercising outside the bedroom is sometimes good :)

But I do like the indoor activities that includes penetration a LOOOOT ;)

My everyday ramdomness…

OK, last nite with my “old’ titties so I’ll touch them some extra tonite :)

XXX Puma

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Hello again :)

As I told you there was going to be 1 more blog post this weekend and here it is :) So here is what I’ve been up to lately…

Shot som sexy stuff with fellow VNA girl Bobbi Eden a couple of times now and we always have a blast and she eats my pussy like a champ :)

I also shot a new B/G scene for PornPros which I think will be released soon :)

Got to fuck Diana Doll too for an Asian company which was a great scene :)

And you who know me, know there’s got to be some partying done in between work and is there a better place for it than Vegas? Drove out there w Sandy and a special Mr to see a fellow amazing Swede Avicii play :) It was pretty fucking awesome :)

Ooops, almost forgot that there was AdultCon too with almost the whole VNA crew… Pics w Angelina Castro, Bobbi Eden & Sara Jay….

Hosted an party afterwards and the regulars was there; Sandy, Diana Doll, Jenn, Nikki Benz & Cyndi…

There was also Diana Doll’s B-day party :) Sorry for the cake I smashed in your face Doll ;)

And you should not miss my weekly camshows I do. Free if you’re a member of :) Been playing w Bobbi and Julia Ann :)

And maybe the biggest thing of all –> I’m now an American :) Should I change my name to Puma Ameri-cat?

And to finish this off some random pics for ya :)

Fuck it, I’m nice so I’ll throw in some more pics from my shoot for Aziani. Met lovely Monique Alexander on set too :)

That’s it for now. Have a penis waiting in bed that I think I’ll go sit on :)


Puma Swede



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Amazing weekend :)

Was up people? Hope you all had a great weekend. I had a blast with all theVNA girls & other hot girls and all the fans of course at Adultcon this weekend :) I think you can tell that by the pics :)

Sexxxy Julia Ann licking my poster when she really should be licking my real boobie lol…





I truly hear all these hot ass girls VNA girls :)

#Power failure



That is part 1 out of all pics. Last night all of us VNA girls and some other fun peeps went to Saddle Ranch for dinner and drinks and of course riding the mechanical bull! So much fun. TMZ came by and interviewed us too :) Of course I don’t stop there even though I was exhausted. I went to a party at Rose and woke up with “I’m in love w Ron Jeremy” written on my boob lol :) Story and pics of all this fun comes this week :) Now I’m taking my sister out to sushi with Nikki Benz :)

Catch me later :

XXX Puma

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Was up folks? Did you miss me here? Well, I got some exciting news for you that I’ve been working on why there’s been a lack of updates here on the Blog. Sorry about that :( But it’s gonna get a hell of a lot better :)

So here it goes - as you know I love my site & all you guys & I decided it was time to ramp it up & get you more stuff to take it to a new level.  You may have seen on twitter that come December 1, my site is gonna be part of the VNA Pornstar Network.  You will still get all of my exclusive porn but I am adding access to something you haven’t had before – live daily shows & access to girls like Vicky Vette, Francesca Le’, Deauxma, Julia Ann, Sara Jay & other girls. We are putting the final touches on the new website as we speak.  If you are a member here you can either leave your membership as is OR you can switch to the new site come December 1. The choice is gonna be up to you guys – either way you will still get my porn, promise!

To kick off the new site design I have lots of goodies planned. If you are in the Los Angeles area I am making my first appearance at Adultcon, Los Angeles Convention Center, December 10-12, 2011.  You can come out and get your picture with me & who knows… maybe I will grab your balls too :) You know how much I love meatballs. Or any balls actually ;) I will also be doing regular member camshows with the new network that are OPTIONAL CAM2CAM. You are gonna freak when you see the new system. And of course I’ll be Bloging about all my adventures.

In the meanwhile I have a Blog in Sweden - You can get it in English, just click and scroll on the ‘Select Language’ button :)

Stick around 2012 is gonna be an amazing year. So know you know :)

Much love to you all :)

XXX Puma


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