My Mexico trip…

…was awesome :) Lots of tacos, a few(?) Margaritas, beaches, strip clubs and a remote place for a couple of days with no phone or internet connection. And no clothing needed cause there where barely any people there  :) Pics…

PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta_45 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta_46 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta1 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta2 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta3 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta4 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta5 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta7 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta8 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta10 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta11 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta12 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta13 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta15 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta16 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta18 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta19 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta20 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta21 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta22 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta25 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta27 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta28 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta29 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta30 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta31 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta32 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta34 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta35 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta36 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta41 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta42 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta43 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta44 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta45 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta47 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta48 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta49 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta50 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta51 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta55 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta56 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta57 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta58 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta59 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta61 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta62 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta64 PumaSwede_PuertoVallarta453


Recently did a hot shoot for Evil Angel with the awesome Bree Daniels. She is really cool and I got to play her step mom :)

PumaSwede_evilangel1 PumaSwede_evilangel2 PumaSwede_evilangel3 PumaSwede_evilangel4 PumaSwede_evilangel5 PumaSwede_evilangel6 PumaSwede_evilangel7 PumaSwede_evilangel8 PumaSwede_evilangel9 PumaSwede_evilangel10 PumaSwede_evilangel11 PumaSwede_evilangel12 PumaSwede_evilangel13 PumaSwede_evilangel14

There’s been new stuff shot for and cam shows as always :) The hotties with me are Claudia Valentine, Sophie Dee & Carmen Valentina :)

PumaSwede_dot_lingerie1 PumaSwede_dot_lingerie2 PumaSwede_dot_lingerie3 PumaSwede_zeb_bikini PumaSwede_bluelingeri5 PumaSwede_bluelingeri6 PumaSwede_redlingeri5 PumaSwede_redlingeri6 PumaSwede_redlingeri8 PumaSwede_bluewhitelingerie1 PumaSwede_bluewhitelingerie2 PumaSwede_bluewhitelingerie3 PumaSwede_bluewhitelingerie4 PumaSwede_bluewhitelingerie5 PumaSwede_me_SophieDee_cam1 PumaSwede_me_SophieDee_cam2 PumaSwede_bluelingeriselfie PumaSwede_Caludiashoot1 PumaSwede_Caludiashoot2 PumaSwede_Caludiashoot3 PumaSwede_Caludiashoot4 PumaSwede_Caludiashoot5 PumaSwede_Caludiashoot6 PumaSwede_Caludiashoot7 PumaSwede_Caludiashoot8 PumaSwede_Caludiashoot9 PumaSwede_Caludiashoot10 PumaSwede_Caludiashoot11 PumaSwede_carmen_army2 PumaSwede_carmen_army1 PumaSwede_masks PumaSwede_military4 PumaSwede_military5


Last month I was shaking my ass at Penthouse Gentlemen’s Club in Pittsburgh. I like Pittsburgh even though my ass was freezing outdoors. The club, the girls & a couple of shots of Fireball kept me warm though :)

PumaSwede_pittsburgh3 PumaSwede_pittsburgh4 PumaSwede_pittsburgh5 PumaSwede_pittsburgh6 PumaSwede_pittsburgh7 PumaSwede_pittsburgh8 PumaSwede_pittsburgh9 PumaSwede_pittsburgh10 PumaSwede_pittsburgh11 PumaSwede_pittsburgh12 PumaSwede_pittsburgh13 PumaSwede_pittsburgh14 PumaSwede_pittsburgh15 PumaSwede_pittsburgh16 PumaSwede_pittsburgh18 PumaSwede_pittsburgh19 PumaSwede_pittsburgh20 PumaSwede_pittsburgh21 PumaSwede_pittsburgh22 PumaSwede_pittsburgh23 PumaSwede_pittsburgh24 PumaSwede_pittsburgh25 PumaSwede_pittsburgh26 PumaSwede_pittsburgh27PumaSwede_pittsburgh1PumaSwede_pittsburgh2PumaSwede_pittsburgh30PumaSwede_pittsburgh31PumaSwede_pittsburgh32PumaSwede_pittsburgh33

I’ll throw in some pics of me Crossfitting here :) Still working on getting a bigger ass :) We tested our ass sizes with rolling a barbell over over butts. I swear I could’ve rolled the damn bar over my whole body without it touching lol…




I’m very happy that my terror-twin Bobbi Eden is back in town! We been hanging and working our tans on the beach :) Also harassing the beach patrol ;)

PumaSwede_Bobbibeach11 PumaSwede_beachlunch2 PumaSwede_beachlunch1 PumaSwede_Bobbi_Marq_Will1 PumaSwede_Bobbi_Marq_Will2 PumaSwede_Bobbi_Marq_Will3 PumaSwede_Bobbi_Marq_Will4 PumaSwede_Bobbi_Marq_Will5 PumaSwede_Bobbi_Marq_Will7 PumaSwede_Bobbi_Marq_Will8 PumaSwede_Bobbi_Marq_Will11 PumaSwede_Bobbi_Marq_Will12PumaSwede_strandenBobbi5PumaSwede_strandenBobbi6PumaSwede_strandenBobbi7PumaSwede_DTLAartwalk4PumaSwede_DTLAartwalk3

Other than that I’ve hiked to the ‘Potato Chip’ rock in San Diego and been my usual fabulous self :)

PumaSwede_flowergirl PumaSwede_pinkhoodie1 PumaSwede_pinkhoodie2 PumaSwede_pinkhoodie5 PumaSwede_carselfie1 PumaSwede_chiprock1 PumaSwede_sd_hike1 PumaSwede_sd_hike3 PumaSwede_sd_hike5 PumaSwede_macaroons2 PumaSwede_stranden5 PumaSwede_seafood1 PumaSwede_blackdress1 PumaSwede_hiphopclass PumaSwede_observatori1PumaSwede_strandenBobbi4 PumaSwede_strandenBobbi1 PumaSwede_strandenBobbi2 PumaSwede_robertovargas8 PumaSwede_stranden1 PumaSwede_stranden2 PumaSwede_stranden3


A lot of cool things are happening this and next month and I’m very excited. My toy line is almost ready to launch. Website is ready and toys should arrive next week :) I hope to have my art website up by next month too :) Also I am selling all my stuff except for some clothing and other things I need and I’m gonna travel the world :) My first stop is Colorado, then Sweden and Europe for the summer, Burning Man in August and hopefully Asia in the fall :) Will pop by LA now and then to shoot/work, but will also do it on the road :)

Hope you all are better than great :)

Kisses Puma

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Got Zoolander on…

…TV and writing to guys :) Zoolander is one fucking funny movie :) So what’s new? I just got back from St Marteen and St Barth and almost got banned from the wedding I went there for. More about that and pics in my next blog :)

I shot with Ray again. Tried on a brown wig and got us some free pizza by taking topless pics with the delivery guy :) Guess it can be fun and beneficial to be a brunette too :)

As always there’s a little bit of party in my life… or in my panties :) This time with Diana Doll, Charmane Star and Cindy. And a silicon dildo I found :)

Catched up and shit-chatted with the wifey Sandy :)

Then some smart one booked the Swenz together so me and Nikki Benz could have some sexy time together :) It was for Penthouse and as far as I know their studio is still standing and we didn’t brake anything :) #winwin

Best part was to play dress up in their huge closet lol. I crashed Nikki’s camshow in a gorilla costume, I wanted to be an astronaut and finally for our camshow together we went overboard with the pink :) Oh, and don’t forget to watch our “Banana Eating” video vi shot on YouTube -

I also shot for Mike Adriano. Giving you the before and after make up pic so don’t get too scared :)

And in usual order just some random pics :)

OK, got to finish watch Zoolander and maybe I can learn some poses and facial expressions for my next shoot :) Have an amazing weekend everyone and if you miss me too much – you can always find me on Twitter – :)

Kisses Puma


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It’s Sunday Funday :)

What you all been up to? I’ve done the usual stuff – hanged w friends, ate pussy, fucked, partied, worked out a little bit (always a start)…. And here comes the pics :)

First there was another camshow with fellow VNA Euro hottie Bobbi Eden and another show where we added some more Euro sluttiness in there by inviting Sandy over :) It was Bobbi’s B-day on one of the shows so I tied a red bow around myself. Always wanted to do that. And there’s no better present than me, right? hahhaaaa…

Then a girls night out with Nikki Benz, Sandy, Diana Doll, Randi Wright and other hot mamasita’s :)

There was a B-day too to be celebrated and we went to the horse races in Santa Clarita. Of course I was unable to pick even one winner :( But I love horses so it was a great anyways. Plus there was a big cake :) And boobies :)

Did a B/G shoot for Penthouse. Got to play a rich bitch who pics up a bum on the street.

I had the pleasure to get to dominate Anastasia Pierce too :) Brought out the strap on and showed her who’s the boss ;)

Just showing off my new cool handset for my phone :)

Lunching at SUR w a buddy :) Very convenient that there was an animal hospital in the background in case this Puma would get sick lol…

That will be al for now. Going to lunch with 2 hotties :) Have a fun Sunday you all :)

Kisses Puma



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Yeay, the weekend is here :)

First up this week was to shoot some extra stuff for the DVD menus for Wicked’s Rocki Whore Show. Lucky me I only had to wear boots and small shorts :)

Then Nikki Benz was invited to the the premier of Rock of Aces so of course her partner in crime, me that is, went along :)

But I think the best thing so far this week was to go to a gun range and fire some guns. Mark from Wicked was kind enough to bring the SWENZ along :) Thank you Mark :)

Well, it was pretty damn great to play with and other Swede yesterday too – Miss Sadie Swede. Awesome girl :) Of course though, she’s a Swede :) I took some pics by a dumpster while she was doing her solo pics :)

-Sadie, do you find something in there???

And thanks to LowArt for shooting us :)

And in case I have some Finish people on here or anyone planning on going to Finland in March, come see me :)

Enjoy your weekend boyz & girlz :)

XXX Puma

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Hope everyone is…

…enjoying the Holidays :) I am for sure. But right before the holidays I worked for  and Penthouse with Nikki Benz and Diamond Foxx. We did a live camshow and shot a 3D scene. So much fun. Nikki and I was playing rich girls shopping and then discover Diamond on the street. We take her with us and pimp her out and of course have sex with her :) She had to pay back somehow right ;) Some pix for you from the day :) Oh, and the coolest thing was that they had a snow machine! I wish I had one at home :)

Then a pic when Nikki is sneaking up on me while taking a bath and one she snapped while I was asleep. She was nice enough to decorate me with a tiara :)

Jumping ahead  to Xmas Day. Went to Beverly Hills Hotel for an amazing 5 course meal with Vinnie & Tanya. Funny thing was that Steven Spielberg sent over a bottle of Champagne to Vinnie. At least Mr Speilberg could’ve came over and delivered it himself so I could’ve asked if he wanted me in his next movie ;) Or maybe Steven would’ve wanted a pic with me :)

After eating we went up to their house where more people came and we sand karaoke, had some drinks and ate some more. I went to bed at 5 AM dressed as a reindeer. I had a blast :)

I’m out to exchange some Xmas gifts today :) Hope you all have a great day :)

XXX Puma

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It's Friday again :)

Been a busy week. I even had the pleasure to fly out with Nikki Benz on Penthouse private jet to San Francisco which was pretty dam cool and stayed over night overlooking the city :) I’ll tell you more about it later with pictures :)

First I have to tell you my shoot for Penthouse was great. great make up and I was then shot by Emma. She’s been a model herself, a make up artist and now she’s behind the camera and she knew exactly what she  wanted and made me look fantastic if I may say so myself :) Here are a couple of BTS shots :)

Later at night they had a dinner with a lot of lovely ladies :) Here with Courtney Cumms and Mary Carey. And of course with the Benz too :)

Will get you the San Francisco pix this weekend but now I’m jumping, or not really, actually just walking to have a shower. Tonite starts with dinner with Nikki, Club Sandy and probably a couple of more pairs of tits :)

Have a great weekend you all :)

Kisses Puma

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Busy week…

It’s been a good and fun week for me :) I shot for Naughty America last weekend and twice for Penthouse this week and here are some BTS shots for ya’…


Had the pleasure to taste and play w Capri Anderson one of the days…



Puma 2

And then last night it was dinner time and I tasted Nikki Benz… Delicious :)


We ran off with a bottle of Dom :)…And I look like I’m gona take a dump at the bus stop???


Now uploading pics from the AIM fundraiser party that almost everyone from our industry came out to to support on Wednesday night. They’re coming up in just a bit so enjoy these in the meanwhile :)

XXX Puma

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