Have you seen…

…that my book ‘My Life As a PornStar’ is finally out? If you want some fun reading it’s available on a bunch of places; iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Amazon Kindle, Amazon print-on-demand, Sony Reader Store, Kobo, Copia, Baker & Taylor, eBookPie. Here’s the link to Amazon – http://amzn.to/1f0tRis & iTunes -  http://bit.ly/1aiX9JJ. Working on some soft cover editions right now that hopefully will be available for Christmas :) If I may say myself, I should be up for the Pulitzer prize next year ;)

2-Fin-3d-nologo 4-Fin-no-logo


As for my Shanghai trip it was amazing! Such a cool place and very nice people. Sometimes I was an attraction and had to pose for pictures. I think they went home and showed the pic to their friends and laughed about the tall blond giant they saw wandering on the streets of Shanghai lol… The cutest one was this one kid though. He kept staring at me at this restaurant and finally his mom came up and said he thinks I’m a living Barbie doll and asked if he could have a pic with me. Damn adorable little boy :)


And here’s some more pics from the trip. There’s me singing karaoke with 4 chicks who picked me up on the street and thought I should go sing karaoke with them. Why not? There’s a vacuum packed pigs face for sale. A Ferrari w strange paint job. Sightseeing and me trying to achieve sexy pool pix at my hotel pool, but I failed pretty bad ;) Enjoy…

PumaSwede_shanghai43 PumaSwede_shanghai44 PumaSwede_shanghai47 PumaSwede_shanghai52 PumaSwede_shanghai55 PumaSwede_shanghai60 PumaSwede_shanghai62 PumaSwede_shanghai64 PumaSwede_shanghai65 PumaSwede_shanghai66 PumaSwede_shanghai72 PumaSwede_shanghai71 PumaSwede_shanghai70 PumaSwede_shanghai69 PumaSwede_shanghai75 PumaSwede_shanghai76 PumaSwede_shanghai77 PumaSwede_shanghai80 PumaSwede_shanghai81 PumaSwede_shanghai82 PumaSwede_shanghai88 PumaSwede_shanghai90 PumaSwede_shanghai92 PumaSwede_shanghai96 PumaSwede_shanghai97 PumaSwede_shanghai104PumaSwede_shanghai41 PumaSwede_shanghai42 PumaSwede_shanghai40 PumaSwede_shanghai39 PumaSwede_shanghai38 PumaSwede_shanghai37 PumaSwede_shanghai36 PumaSwede_shanghai31 PumaSwede_shanghai28 PumaSwede_shanghai26 PumaSwede_shanghai25 PumaSwede_shanghai24 PumaSwede_shanghai22 PumaSwede_shanghai21 PumaSwede_shanghai20 PumaSwede_shanghai19 PumaSwede_shanghai18 PumaSwede_shanghai17 PumaSwede_shanghai16 PumaSwede_shanghai15 PumaSwede_shanghai14 PumaSwede_shanghai13 PumaSwede_shanghai12 PumaSwede_shanghai11 PumaSwede_shanghai10 PumaSwede_shanghai9 PumaSwede_shanghai8 PumaSwede_shanghai7 PumaSwede_shanghai6 PumaSwede_shanghai5 PumaSwede_shanghai4 PumaSwede_shanghai3 PumaSwede_shanghai2 PumaSwede_shanghai1


What else… I did a very sexy shoot with Amy Anderssen last week. I remembered seeing her image somewhere online and thought her pix where photoshop cause her tits and ass are just too amazing to be true. But to my surprise she exists and is very cool so I had a preeeetty damn good time fucking her with a strap on :) The whole set will be on pumaswede.com very soon :)

PumaSwede_amy17 PumaSwede_amy16 PumaSwede_amy15 PumaSwede_amy14 PumaSwede_amy13 PumaSwede_amy10 PumaSwede_amy9 PumaSwede_amy8 PumaSwede_amy7 PumaSwede_amy6 PumaSwede_amy5 PumaSwede_amy4 PumaSwede_amy3 PumaSwede_amy2 PumaSwede_amy1


OK, I’ll jump over my crossfit pics this time :) I think I’m the last one to discover Breaking Bad, but I finally have and I think I’m gonna squeeze in an episode right now :)

Oh, one last thing. These items are now up for bidding on Abibids.com in case you want some Puma memorabilia. I guess less fancy would be to just call it my used lingerie lol…

PumaSwede_bl_dress10 PumaSwede_bl_dress11 PumaSwede_bl_dress12 PumaSwede_bl_dress13 PumaSwede_bl_dress14 PumaSwede_bl_dress15 PumaSwede_leopard_red1 PumaSwede_leopard_red2 PumaSwede_leopard_red3 PumaSwede_leopard_red4 PumaSwede_blue_piece2 PumaSwede_blue_piece3 PumaSwede_blue_piece4 PumaSwede_redheels1 PumaSwede_redheels2 PumaSwede_redheels3

Enjoy your day & read my book :)

Kisses Puma


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Currently I’m a…

…a little obsessed with my horse head I got off my Wishlist. Can you tell? It comes with me everywhere… LOL


When not horsing around I manage to get my ass to the gym and it’s going good. In a week I will start a 30-day Paleo challenge. If you don’t know what it is and are interested in eating well, check it out :) On Memorial Day we did a special workout and I can say I never been more exhausted in my life! As you can see in the pic I look like I got gangbanged, gagged, performed a blowbang and whatever else you can imagine hahahaaa… But I finished it! even though it took me 70 minutes and 38 sec :)


Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Snoop Dogg. He did some kind of talk show so me and Anita Toro – pure Colombian hotness – did an appereance :) The horse head appeared too lol…

PumaSwede_snoop1 PumaSwede_snoop2 PumaSwede_snoop3 PumaSwede_snoop4 PumaSwede_snoop5 PumaSwede_snoop6 PumaSwede_snoop7 PumaSwede_snoop8 PumaSwede_snoop9 PumaSwede_snoop10

I also made sexy sexy time for Bang Bros which was fun :)

PumaSwede_bangbros64 PumaSwede_bangbros63 PumaSwede_bangbros62 PumaSwede_bangbros61


Then I had some more sexy time :) The hottie is DD Ventura from UK :)

PumaSwede_ddventura7 PumaSwede_ddventura2 PumaSwede_ddventura8 PumaSwede_ddventura3 PumaSwede_ddventura4 PumaSwede_ddventura5 PumaSwede_ddventura6


A camshow for you lovely members of my site pumaswede.com. Yes, this is an advertisement ;) JOIN PUMASWEDE.COM

PumaSwede_cam1 PumaSwede_cam2 PumaSwede_cam3 PumaSwede_cam4


I also did a cool shoot with a cool guy named Shane :)

PumaSwede_shaneshoot8 PumaSwede_shaneshoot7 PumaSwede_shaneshoot6 PumaSwede_shaneshoot5 PumaSwede_shaneshoot4 PumaSwede_shaneshoot3 PumaSwede_shaneshoot2 PumaSwede_shaneshoot1 PumaSwede_skull1


I confess, I partied it up with my wifey Sandy :)

PumaSwede_emerson21 PumaSwede_emerson22 PumaSwede_emerson24 PumaSwede_emerson25 PumaSwede_emerson26 PumaSwede_emerson20


When I don’t fuck or CrossFit, I paint. Or I just started. Puma Picasso has a nice sound to it ;) Don’t dare to show you the result yet cause it’s work in progress :) Or maybe it looks like shit, not sure hahahaaa…

PumaSwede_paint3 PumaSwede_paint4 PumaSwede_paint2 PumaSwede_paint1 PumaSwede_paint5 PumaSwede_paint9 PumaSwede_paint8 PumaSwede_paint7


Oh, almost forgot. went to Del Mar and saw the CrossFit Regionals. Damn, never seen that much good looking ass! Biatches where in shape. By the way, I’m getting my own Level 1 certification in CrossFit in the end of the month – yeay :)

PumaSwede_CS_Regionals11 PumaSwede_CS_Regionals12 PumaSwede_CS_Regionals13 PumaSwede_CS_Regionals15 PumaSwede_CS_Regionals8 PumaSwede_CS_Regionals7 PumaSwede_CS_Regionals6 PumaSwede_CS_Regionals3 PumaSwede_CS_Regionals2 PumaSwede_CS_Regionals1

And what follows is just a little bit of everything as always :)

PumaSwede_bl_dress1 PumaSwede_athome5 PumaSwede_sushialone1 PumaSwede_bl_dress2 PumaSwede_ashower PumaSwede_balcony3 PumaSwede_balcony2 PumaSwede_balcony1 PumaSwede_gimp PumaSwede_bobbyuPumaSwede_pinkshirt1 PumaSwede_cunt5 PumaSwede_stripes PumaSwede_wh_bra1 PumaSwede_cooking PumaSwede_closeuptit1 PumaSwede_betweentits1PumaSwede_CS_Regionals4 PumaSwede_ddventura1 PumaSwede_flowers1 PumaSwede_paint PumaSwede_dantetoilet PumaSwede_karta PumaSwede_food_tits PumaSwede_shaneshootBTS2 PumaSwede_shaneshootBTS1 PumaSwede_handsboobs3 PumaSwede_bodyshot7PumaSwede_flowers1 PumaSwede_faceshotPumaSwede_ddventura9

Have a great weekend you all :) Until next time :)

Kisses Puma Swede






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Got Zoolander on…

…TV and writing to guys :) Zoolander is one fucking funny movie :) So what’s new? I just got back from St Marteen and St Barth and almost got banned from the wedding I went there for. More about that and pics in my next blog :)

I shot with Ray again. Tried on a brown wig and got us some free pizza by taking topless pics with the delivery guy :) Guess it can be fun and beneficial to be a brunette too :)

As always there’s a little bit of party in my life… or in my panties :) This time with Diana Doll, Charmane Star and Cindy. And a silicon dildo I found :)

Catched up and shit-chatted with the wifey Sandy :)

Then some smart one booked the Swenz together so me and Nikki Benz could have some sexy time together :) It was for Penthouse and as far as I know their studio is still standing and we didn’t brake anything :) #winwin

Best part was to play dress up in their huge closet lol. I crashed Nikki’s camshow in a gorilla costume, I wanted to be an astronaut and finally for our camshow together we went overboard with the pink :) Oh, and don’t forget to watch our “Banana Eating” video vi shot on YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9U81GIn4M0

I also shot for Mike Adriano. Giving you the before and after make up pic so don’t get too scared :)

And in usual order just some random pics :)

OK, got to finish watch Zoolander and maybe I can learn some poses and facial expressions for my next shoot :) Have an amazing weekend everyone and if you miss me too much – you can always find me on Twitter – twitter.com/pumaswede :)

Kisses Puma


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Eurotrip part 1

Long time no see :) I’m back in 1 piece from mine and Nikki Benz’s Eurotrip which was AWESOME :) We visited Madrid, Barcelona, Istanbul, Marrakech, Sweden and Ibiza. We where gone for 3 weeks and 6 days and made 12 flights all together… Here are the 1st load of pics for you :) And I hope you haven’t missed the SWENZ videos we made and put on YouTube – youtube.com/officialswenz :)

Madrid… No severe incidents except that I “accidentally” broke a security gate and got yelled at… Oooops… Fucking thing didn’t open fast enough ;)

Barcelona… The brunette sexy ass biatch is Francheska James :) And I LOVE that you can be topless on the beaches as you might will be able to tell :)


Yes, got a bit frisky with Nikki in the bathtub Istanbul lol…

OK, this is part 1. Gonna work on part 2 now… Stay tuned :)

XXX Puma

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Hello from Florida :)

I’m visiting Vicky Vette here in Florida and it’s awesome. We’re chilling, shooting, going to the beach and roll play as Scandinavian Vikings ;) OK, that last thing was a joke…

And our lovely VNA-sister Charlee Chase came by to play with us for a day :)

Before I came down here I did a really fun shoot for an Asian company. I love Asian people and I think they love me too :)

I also shot some hot stuff for my website. I shared a cock with sexy Jennifer Dark and then ate Kayla Carrera’s tasty pussy :) I have such a hard life ;)

And you know me, of course there’s been some partying with my partners in crime – Nikki Benz, Sandy & Jenn :)

And some more partying…

Since I’m a very healthy person I make sure I keep my protein levels high by regularly swallowing some cum :)

And I got this pic from Nikki and I think its funny as fuck…

And last pick is the WTF pictures :))

Ooookeeey, enough for now. Have to go and work on my tan now :) From tomorrow night until Saturday I’m dancing at DejaVu Tampa so you just bring your ass & cock down :)

XXX Puma

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Helllooouuuu helllooooouuu :)

How was everyones SuperBowl weekend? Mine was awesome :) Not that I saw so much of the game though, but I was hanging w fun people, playing poker and won $600 and got myself some anal sex :)

What else is new? Shot some new content for my website with sexy Jessica Jaymes and bootylishious Tiffany Brooks :)

After you work you got to have some fun too. And I think I must have the hottest pieces of ass + tits to do it with – Nikki Benz, Sandy & Diana Doll :)

And some random pics :)

OK, back to work. Planning a Valentines party that will be a blast I think :) Keep on smiling cause shit doesn’t get better if you’re bitching :) Or something like that :)

XXX Puma

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Back in LA and…

..I’m jet lagged :( Worst part of traveling I think, but hopefully I’ll be OK in couple of days :)

A lot of fun stuff happened my last week in Sweden. I’m in the works of opening a swingers club there. The location of the club is ready, but needs some fixing and then we’re ready to go :)

Also in negotiating with a Swedish production company to film the fab life of me :) And some other cool other stuff that is going to be a surprise :) Here are a couple of pics taken by one of Sweden’s best photographers Bingo Rimer for one of the ‘secret’ projects :) Classy with a cup of tea :) He also makes clothes and got a pair of jeans – Sexy by Sweden they’re called :)

There was a lot of dinners and one of them was at Teatergrillen which I recommend if you ever visit Sweden and look for great food and excellent service :) Of course I had meatballs :)

Did a little bit of shopping too and I found a store that sells big size bra’s but has a small back which is very hard to find. You like?

Random pic of me outside in the cold :)

I paid my boob Dr an other visit and he said he refuses to do my boobs any bigger :( But he fixed my face a little cause he said it was too skinny :) Well, I guess it made the trick ;)

Hahaaa… Not quite that bad. Here’s a pic of what/where he ‘filled’ me up :)

That is all for now. Been up for a couple of hours and think I’m gona head out to Starbucks for some coffee and breakfast. Unless Club Sandy wakes up and offers to take me to breakfast ;)

Hope you all are having a great weekend :)

XXX Puma

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Here they come…

…A few pics from my anal scene for Brazzers last week as promised :)

Ooops, my boobs got in the way ;)

Getting it up the butt can be fun :)

And all good things cum to an end – and in this case it was a facial shot :)

I did an other hot shoot yesterday with lovely and sexy Veronica Avluv. We where suppose to mess around with whipped cream but it ended up being a full on food fight with cream and cakes :) Here’s a few BTS shot :)

Thank you Veronica for an awesome day :)

Tomorrow I leave to Sacramento and to dance at Gold Club Centerfolds. I’ve been there before and had a great time last time. So if you are in the area, stop by and say Hi :)

Kisses, Puma

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We are back…

…from Key West but here’s a few more pics for you of me and Mariah Milano :)








And a couple of pics from our last sexy camshow together in case you missed out…



Yesterday we rented a boat and went on the rivers. Really cool until we got stuck with the boat and had to get towed home ;) Pics and story will come :)

Now off to bowling. I’m pretty good at it, but sometimes pretty damn bad. Wish me luck :) Hope you all are enjoying your weekend :)

Kisses Puma

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…it’s been a great week with a lot of hot ladies involved :) Last Sunday as I mentioned I got to play with sexy Nina Mercedez – yummy! Just look at her perfect smile…


On Thursday I shot again…



And my “victim” of the day was Angie Savage :) So damn pervy and cute!


Then I had myself some Kayme Kai :) Sexy little thing….


And since I had some time on my hands I decided to glue “diamonds” on my pussy – pimp my pussy!


Ready to get started grinding :)


Yesterday was an other shoot and this time I went military style…



Fantastic fantastic… Thanks to all the hotties that I get to play with and LowArt for capturing it all :)

Other than that I went to Four Seasons and ate some of the best Fish & Chips I have ever had. I was a little bit more dressed too :)


And of course Mr Lee was generous with his protein as usual :)


And I started doing Bikram Yoga and maybe you can tell I need some stretching :)


OK, that’s it for now. Have some funny videos too. Just have to upload them first :) Hope you all have a fantastic weekend :)

Kisses Puma

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