I think we all deserve more orgasms so I’m here to provide the tools :) The official Puma Swede sex toys are here and its really taking off! They are now top sellers at Mshop, Sweden’s largest retailer of ‘sexleksaker’ aka sex toys in Swedish. My product -The Vibe, is one of the fastest selling new products from a new brand in the 30 year old history of Mshop!

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 9.23.23 PM

More orgasms to the people! Check out -

In the end of the year I hope to see my collection in many more countries. Like they say in one of my favorite movies Step Brothers – Prestige worldwide! But I say Puma Swede worldwide!

PumaSwede_dildos6 PumaSwede_dildos5

Talking about worldwide. I told you in my last blog post about getting rid of all my stuff and  going to Colorado, remember? (If not, read the last blog post damn it!) Well, I’m here now :)  I packed the car to the max and drove out here and so far so good :) It’s actually pretty amazing :) Especially the nature…

PumaSwede_CO_hike7 PumaSwede_CO_hike6 PumaSwede_CO_hike5 PumaSwede_CO_hike3 PumaSwede_CO_hike2 PumaSwede_CO_hike1 PumaSwede_coloradomove10 PumaSwede_coloradomove9 PumaSwede_coloradomove8 PumaSwede_coloradomove7 PumaSwede_coloradomove6 PumaSwede_coloradomove5 PumaSwede_coloradomove4 PumaSwede_coloradomove3 PumaSwede_coloradomove2

Had to test the internet power out here so did a quick camshow and internet seems to work better than Mayweather or Paquaio’s punches this weekend ;)

PumaSwede_cam_blue1 PumaSwede_cam_blue2 PumaSwede_cam_blue3 PumaSwede_cam_blue4 PumaSwede_cam_blue5 PumaSwede_cam_blue6

About the fight though, I watched it at a strip club with Sophie Dee and she was also feature dancing there so I throw a couple of dollars at her fine ass and tits :) Oh, and I met Sassee Cassee, the worlds tiniest dancer – 36 inches tall. I never felt more like a giant :) She is supercool and her moves on stage are off the hook!

PumaSwede_SophieDancing3 PumaSwede_SophieDancing2 PumaSwede_SophieDancing1


I have a lot of other stuff to tell you and more sexy pics, but I’ll make an other post about it all :) Hopefully this week! Oh, and don’t miss my camshow on on Tuesday at 5PM EST! Let’s orgasm together :)

Kisses, Puma


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