Guess it’s….

…time to tell you how I did in the poker tournament in Malta :) It was soooo much fun. The first day of the tournament I asked the Swedish guy who got me to play how long we where playing for that day. His response was that I wasn’t that good so no one expected me to last more than 1-2h. Well, guess what. I played for 11h and made it to the 3rd day. (The 2nd day the 2nd group of 400 something players where playing to qualify for the 3rd day).

PumaSwede_malta8 PumaSwede_malta7PumaSwede_malta5PumaSwede_malta28 PumaSwede_malta3 PumaSwede_malta2 PumaSwede_malta1PumaSwede_malta9


The Finnish stunt group The Dudesons where also down in Malta and playing in the tournament. They took us out on a boat and we played Boats & ho’s ;)

PumaSwede_Malta38 PumaSwede_Malta37 PumaSwede_Malta36 PumaSwede_Malta35 PumaSwede_Malta34 PumaSwede_Malta33 PumaSwede_Malta27 PumaSwede_Malta29 PumaSwede_Malta30 PumaSwede_Malta31 PumaSwede_Malta32 PumaSwede_malta11 PumaSwede_malta10 PumaSwede_Malta39


On the 3rd day I didn’t last so long in the tournament :( It was right after our boat trip and I was declined entrance to the casino in a bikini lol… Anyways, I ended up in 151st place out of 888 players which I think is very damn good considering there was a few pro’s.

And of course there where parties. Every nite. And of course I attended them all hahahaaa… I found a very fun Norweigian gang to hang with and they where pretty wild to say the least ;)

PumaSwede_Malta23 PumaSwede_Malta24 PumaSwede_Malta22 PumaSwede_Malta21 PumaSwede_Malta20 PumaSwede_malta9


That’s all the pics that are safe to show ;) To add it all up – it was a blast and I hope to play in more tournaments :)

I also came back from a trip to Shanghai a week ago and I will make an other post about that trip :) Until then, I leave you with some pics from me crossfitting, webcaming, working, boating, swallowing, hiking, being topless  and just being my fabulous self :)

PumaSwede_malibuhike10 PumaSwede_malibuhike11 PumaSwede_malibuhike12 PumaSwede_cf2 PumaSwede_cf3 PumaSwede_cf4 PumaSwede_cumbreast1 PumaSwede_cumbreast2 PumaSwede_newshoes7 PumaSwede_camhome1 PumaSwede_camhome2 PumaSwede_camhome3 PumaSwede_cleanjerk10 PumaSwede_cleanjerk11 PumaSwede_cleanjerk12 PumaSwede_crossfit340 PumaSwede_crossfit341 PumaSwede_bluetop1 PumaSwede_bluetop2 PumaSwede_bluetop3 PumaSwede_bluetop4 PumaSwede_bluetopcam1 PumaSwede_bluetopcam2 PumaSwede_bluetopcam3 PumaSwede_bluetopcam4 PumaSwede_backsquat20 PumaSwede_backsquat21 PumaSwede_webcam1 PumaSwede_webcam4 PumaSwede_webcam5 PumaSwede_webcam6 PumaSwede_webcam7 PumaSwede_clean1 PumaSwede_clean2 PumaSwede_cherrypimps10 PumaSwede_cherrypimps11 PumaSwede_cherrypimps12 PumaSwede_cherrypimps13 PumaSwede_cherrypimps14 PumaSwede_cherrypimps15 PumaSwede_boating1 PumaSwede_boating2 PumaSwede_boating3 PumaSwede_boating4 PumaSwede_boating5 PumaSwede_boating6 PumaSwede_boating7 PumaSwede_boating8 PumaSwede_boating9 PumaSwede_swallowing1 PumaSwede_swallowing2


OK, time for me to hit the gym again :) Shanghai post will hopefully be up this week too :) You all have a great week :)

Kisses Puma

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Got Zoolander on…

…TV and writing to guys :) Zoolander is one fucking funny movie :) So what’s new? I just got back from St Marteen and St Barth and almost got banned from the wedding I went there for. More about that and pics in my next blog :)

I shot with Ray again. Tried on a brown wig and got us some free pizza by taking topless pics with the delivery guy :) Guess it can be fun and beneficial to be a brunette too :)

As always there’s a little bit of party in my life… or in my panties :) This time with Diana Doll, Charmane Star and Cindy. And a silicon dildo I found :)

Catched up and shit-chatted with the wifey Sandy :)

Then some smart one booked the Swenz together so me and Nikki Benz could have some sexy time together :) It was for Penthouse and as far as I know their studio is still standing and we didn’t brake anything :) #winwin

Best part was to play dress up in their huge closet lol. I crashed Nikki’s camshow in a gorilla costume, I wanted to be an astronaut and finally for our camshow together we went overboard with the pink :) Oh, and don’t forget to watch our “Banana Eating” video vi shot on YouTube -

I also shot for Mike Adriano. Giving you the before and after make up pic so don’t get too scared :)

And in usual order just some random pics :)

OK, got to finish watch Zoolander and maybe I can learn some poses and facial expressions for my next shoot :) Have an amazing weekend everyone and if you miss me too much – you can always find me on Twitter – :)

Kisses Puma


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Eurotrip part 1

Long time no see :) I’m back in 1 piece from mine and Nikki Benz’s Eurotrip which was AWESOME :) We visited Madrid, Barcelona, Istanbul, Marrakech, Sweden and Ibiza. We where gone for 3 weeks and 6 days and made 12 flights all together… Here are the 1st load of pics for you :) And I hope you haven’t missed the SWENZ videos we made and put on YouTube – :)

Madrid… No severe incidents except that I “accidentally” broke a security gate and got yelled at… Oooops… Fucking thing didn’t open fast enough ;)

Barcelona… The brunette sexy ass biatch is Francheska James :) And I LOVE that you can be topless on the beaches as you might will be able to tell :)


Yes, got a bit frisky with Nikki in the bathtub Istanbul lol…

OK, this is part 1. Gonna work on part 2 now… Stay tuned :)

XXX Puma

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