Almost time…

…to wish you all a happy New Year :) But not just yet…

How was everyones Xmas? Mine was pretty damn cold! I went to Sweden and hung out with my family, ate some of my mom’s not-so-good Finnish Xmas dishes, partied, hiked in the woods, shot for Danish TV and shot pictures for my upcoming dildo series! So excited about these toys and we plan to release them early next year! Sorry, can’t reveal them yet so thats why some pics where I’m holding the toys are blurred…

PumaSwede_bingoplat12 PumaSwede_bingoplat11 PumaSwede_bingoplat10 PumaSwede_bingoplat9 PumaSwede_bingoplat8 PumaSwede_bingoplat7 PumaSwede_bingoplat6 PumaSwede_bingoplat5 PumaSwede_bingoplat4 PumaSwede_bingoplat3 PumaSwede_bingoplat2 PumaSwede_bingoplat1

PumaSwede_sthlm_5 PumaSwede_sthlm_4 PumaSwede_sthlm_2 PumaSwede_sthlm_3 PumaSwede_sthlm10 PumaSwede_sthlm8 PumaSwede_sthlm11 PumaSwede_sthlm12 PumaSwede_sthlm13PumaSwede_sthlm37PumaSwede_sthlm35PumaSwede_sthlm34PumaSwede_sthlm33PumaSwede_sthlm31PumaSwede_sthlm32PumaSwede_sthlm30PumaSwede_sthlm22PumaSwede_sthlm21PumaSwede_sthlm20PumaSwede_sthlm19PumaSwede_sthlm18PumaSwede_sthlm17PumaSwede_sthlm16PumaSwede_sthlm15PumaSwede_sthlm14


I go backwards… So right before Sweden I went and crashed Vicky Vette’s house for a couple of days. We shot some Xmas and Diet Cunt pics and you already know you can check it all out on! And Vicky, give me your dogs – I love em’ :)

PumaSwede_florida_dec37 PumaSwede_florida_dec36 PumaSwede_florida_dec35 PumaSwede_florida_dec34 PumaSwede_florida_dec33 PumaSwede_florida_dec32 PumaSwede_florida_dec31 PumaSwede_florida_dec30 PumaSwede_florida_dec23 PumaSwede_florida_dec22 PumaSwede_florida_dec20 PumaSwede_florida_dec19 PumaSwede_florida_dec18 PumaSwede_florida_dec17 PumaSwede_florida_dec16 PumaSwede_florida_dec15 PumaSwede_florida_dec14 PumaSwede_florida_dec13 PumaSwede_florida_dec12 PumaSwede_florida_dec11 PumaSwede_florida_dec10 PumaSwede_florida_dec9 PumaSwede_florida_dec8 PumaSwede_florida_dec7 PumaSwede_florida_dec6 PumaSwede_florida_dec5 PumaSwede_florida_dec4 PumaSwede_florida_dec3 PumaSwede_florida_dec2 PumaSwede_florida_dec1PumaSwede_FL_Dec1


Had to put my ass to some work and not just play while in Florida :) I feature danced at Desires Gentlemen’s Club. It got a little wild with that bottle of Fireball and had an awesome time at the club with Vicky, Cleo and Carmen Valentina that came and throw some pennies at me lol…

PumaSwede_florida_dec41 PumaSwede_florida_dec40 PumaSwede_florida_dec39 PumaSwede_florida_dec387n1jFFIjscCHBkndQmkmjEz9Gkv3-CSJnEQ4IiaUmE86K-0tBvThwmmW4_59khRK0KGUCN-k8wb8XU11INrgjgLMP-d2LEX7RJkZCYG0HqEiQNJbGgQTqFu3FmsIwD-84f0_wOWqtg09up_nqs-DRy4Wom6hWHe_kfENfp3PnTtcxFBP4exSv7MMC8i8BYA9libdGVWEDoJ5gJK39dK95AkWmbrzPlTuXuKB4T8xKTlELevh75p4OA7qPiX3rv3tMs

AND before Florida I went to Holland to visit my #terrortwin Bobbi Eden and Marq :) Along came Will who also is part of Bobbi’s awesome reality show Double DD in LA and my gym partner. Damn, Holland was FUN and we had the best time!

PumaSwede_Holland1 PumaSwede_Holland2 PumaSwede_holland3 PumaSwede_holland4 PumaSwede_holland5 PumaSwede_Holland6 PumaSwede_Holland7 PumaSwede_Holland8 PumaSwede_Holland9 PumaSwede_Holland10 PumaSwede_Holland11 PumaSwede_Holland12 PumaSwede_Holland13 PumaSwede_Holland14 PumaSwede_Holland15 PumaSwede_Holland16 PumaSwede_Holland17 PumaSwede_Holland18 PumaSwede_Holland19 PumaSwede_Holland20 PumaSwede_Holland21 PumaSwede_Holland22 PumaSwede_Holland23 PumaSwede_Holland24 PumaSwede_Holland25 PumaSwede_Holland26 PumaSwede_Holland27 PumaSwede_Holland28 PumaSwede_Holland29 PumaSwede_Holland30 PumaSwede_Holland31 PumaSwede_Holland32 PumaSwede_Holland33 PumaSwede_Holland34 PumaSwede_Holland35 PumaSwede_Holland36 PumaSwede_holland37 PumaSwede_holland38 PumaSwede_holland39 PumaSwede_holland40 PumaSwede_holland41 PumaSwede_holland42 PumaSwede_holland43 PumaSwede_holland44 PumaSwede_holland45 PumaSwede_holland46 PumaSwede_holland47 PumaSwede_holland48 PumaSwede_holland49 PumaSwede_holland50 PumaSwede_holland51 PumaSwede_holland52 PumaSwede_Holland53 PumaSwede_Holland54 PumaSwede_Holland55 PumaSwede_Holland57 PumaSwede_Holland58 PumaSwede_Holland59 PumaSwede_Holland60 PumaSwede_Holland61 PumaSwede_Holland62 PumaSwede_Holland63


That’s it for right now. It’s a little past 6AM here in LA right now and I’m suffering from jetlag… I do plan to make one more post with some of the best/worst/funniest/sexiest/etc pics of 2014 for you :) Not sure I have some New Years resolutions to reveal, but I have some plans for 2015 though I might let you in on :) I have to do it all today cause tomorrow I head out to the desert camping for the New Years and there’s not even cellphone reception there unless you drive into town :)

Love & Kisses, Puma Swede

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Happy Easter :)

Hope everyone is having an amazeballs Easter what ever you are up to :) I just got news from an other Swede in LA that there is a Swedish candy store that has opened up and I already called to see how long they’re open for today :) So after this blog you can guess where I’m going :)


The biggest news I have to report now is that my book ‘My Life as a Porn Star’ is finally out in paperback – YEAYYY :) Here are 2 links you can order it from

CreateSpace -
Amazon -

If you want signed copy for yourself, your mom, a friend or someone else you can email me at :) I charge $35 including shipping in the US and $45 internationally. Payment is to be made through PayPal – Include your address and who I sign the book to in your email :) Even cats like it :)

PumaSwede_carmen3 PumaSwede_carmen4



And last weekend I was in Florida dancing my ass off at Desire. An other very cool detail to this trip is that I stayed at a nude resort for the first time in my life LOL! Amazing! I sat outside having my coffee and my neighbors stroll out nude and get on their bikes and wave me good morning hahahaaa… A guy danced 2h straight by the pool nude in something that reminded me of the dance ‘Hey Macarena’ and a gymnastics combined. Fuck, these where some happy people – fun to see :)

PumaSwede_desirefl5 PumaSwede_desirefl6 PumaSwede_desirefl7 PumaSwede_desirefl8 PumaSwede_desire10 PumaSwede_desire11 PumaSwede_desire12 PumaSwede_desire13 PumaSwede_desire14 PumaSwede_desire15 PumaSwede_desire16 PumaSwede_desirefl4 PumaSwede_desirefl3 PumaSwede_desirefl2 PumaSwede_desirefl1

To top all this off I invited myself to Carmen Valentina and shot some fun stuff with her. If you are you’ll see it all on :) Yes, a little advertisement here :)

PumaSwede_carmen1 PumaSwede_carmen2 PumaSwede_carmen5 PumaSwede_carmen6 PumaSwede_carmen7 PumaSwede_carmen8 PumaSwede_carmen9 PumaSwede_carmen10 PumaSwede_carmen11 PumaSwede_carmen12 PumaSwede_carmen13 PumaSwede_carmen14 PumaSwede_carmen15 PumaSwede_carmen16 PumaSwede_carmen17 PumaSwede_carmen18 PumaSwede_pinkdress10 PumaSwede_pinkdress11 PumaSwede_pinkdress12 PumaSwede_pinkdress13

Well, I couldn’t leave without crashing Vicky Vette’s place too hahahaa :) Invited this cute little girl Cleo to play with us too :)

PumaSwede_floridavickys1 PumaSwede_floridavickys2 PumaSwede_floridavickys3 PumaSwede_floridavickys4 PumaSwede_floridavickys5


OK, one more very cool thing happened this month :) My wifey Sandy got married to her Roman. It was a surprise wedding and we got to witness Roman proposing and then hit the church. Lot of tears, laughter and joy. This was no regular wedding so the after party was at Hakkasan where we partied like animals and then some gambling in the morning hours :) So happy for them :) Oh, I did molest Sandy’s mom too, but she liked it LOL…

PumaSwede_Sandywed3 PumaSwede_Sandywed4 PumaSwede_Sandywed5 PumaSwede_Sandywed6 PumaSwede_Sandywed7 PumaSwede_Sandywed8 PumaSwede_Sandywed9 PumaSwede_Sandywed10 PumaSwede_Sandywed11 PumaSwede_Sandywed12 PumaSwede_Sandywed13 PumaSwede_Sandywed14 PumaSwede_Sandywed16 PumaSwede_Sandywed17 PumaSwede_Sandywed18 PumaSwede_Sandywed19 PumaSwede_Sandywed20 PumaSwede_Sandywed21 PumaSwede_Sandywed22 PumaSwede_Sandywed23 PumaSwede_Sandywed25 PumaSwede_Sandywed26 PumaSwede_Sandywed27 PumaSwede_Sandywed29 PumaSwede_Sandywed30


This month I got my hands on Jessica James and Nicole Aniston as well :) I love porn cause I get to role-play almost every time you shoot. I played a somewhat-not-so-believable-surgeon among other things :)

PumaSwede_JJ_NA_shoot7 PumaSwede_JJ_NA_shoot6 PumaSwede_JJ_NA_shoot5 PumaSwede_JJ_NA_shoot9PumaSwede_JJ_NA_shoot10 PumaSwede_JJ_NA_shoot8 PumaSwede_JJ_NA_shoot4 PumaSwede_JJ_NA_shoot3 PumaSwede_JJ_NA_shoot1 PumaSwede_JJ_NA_shoot2 PumaSwede_JJ_NA_shoot12 PumaSwede_JJ_NA_shoot11


OK, it’s fucking Easter and I got to hit that candy store hahaaa… You go order my book or something :) Random pics as always to finish this blog post :)

PumaSwede_spirittshirt2 PumaSwede_adamlunch1 PumaSwede_playboycasting1 PumaSwede_playboycasting2 PumaSwede_playboycasting3 PumaSwede_playboycasting4 PumaSwede_playboycasting5PumaSwede_partnerWOD24 PumaSwede_partnerWOD22 PumaSwede_partnerWOD21 PumaSwede_partnerWOD20 PumaSwede_silverlake2 PumaSwede_silverlake1 PumaSwede_blackboots1 PumaSwede_redbrapanty6 PumaSwede_redbrapanty7 PumaSwede_elevendildos1 PumaSwede_skal1 PumaSwede_bodyafter2 PumaSwede_peace PumaSwede_redbrapanty2 PumaSwede_redbrapanty1 PumaSwede_agentprovo3 PumaSwede_agentprovo2 PumaSwede_agentprovo1 PumaSwede_crawfish3 PumaSwede_crawfish2 PumaSwede_crawfish1 PumaSwede_desireclub PumaSwede_nightmovesmag PumaSwede_caminblack3 PumaSwede_caminblack2 PumaSwede_caminblack1 PumaSwede_bodypic1PumaSwede_redlingerie2 PumaSwede_redlingerie1 PumaSwede_buelingerie3 PumaSwede_buelingerie2 PumaSwede_buelingerie1 PumaSwede_dildos3 PumaSwede_dildos2 PumaSwede_dildos1 PumaSwede_toiletpic PumaSwede_purpledress4 PumaSwede_fight_play2 PumaSwede_fight_play1 PumaSwede_agentPlingerie3 PumaSwede_agentPlingerie2 PumaSwede_agentPlingerie1 PumaSwede_arcade2 PumaSwede_arcade1 PumaSwede_camshowpink5 PumaSwede_latopp3 PumaSwede_latopp2 PumaSwede_latopp1 PumaSwede_thegrove14 PumaSwede_thegrove13 PumaSwede_thegrove12 PumaSwede_thegrove11 PumaSwede_JuliaAnncam4 PumaSwede_JuliaAnncam3 PumaSwede_JuliaAnncam2 PumaSwede_JuliaAnncam1



Byyyeeee, Puma

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I’m back in…

…Sweden again :) And there’s still snow here brrrr…. The days are sunny though so it’s nice. Don’t have to wear long johns lol… And there’s always the sauna that we Finns love :)

The real reason I’m here though is to re do my tittes :) I had a consultation the day after I landed and surgery is tomorrow Monday the 8th. So excited :) I told the Dr that I don’t believe in the saying “Less is more”, but prefer “more is more” so he finally agreed to give me bigger implants – YES :)

Thought this was  a bit funny; Sweden vs Hawaii :)

Some pics from AdultCon with some of the VNA biatches like Vicky Vette, Deauxma, Julia Ann, Sara Jay, Shanda Fay, Carmen Valentina, Gabby Quinteros & Monica :) And then there was the old fart Walt who’s a member of the VNA network and he did an attempt to hump me I think. He was more like a seal stuck on the beach lol…

There was Easter and I guess I’ve been good since I got a huge egg filled with candy :)

Some exercising outside the bedroom is sometimes good :)

But I do like the indoor activities that includes penetration a LOOOOT ;)

My everyday ramdomness…

OK, last nite with my “old’ titties so I’ll touch them some extra tonite :)

XXX Puma

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Hope you all…

…survived and had a blast for 4th of July :) I went on a boat and we rolled with the theme “Boats & Ho’s” :) I mean, there was some Bro’s too, but who cares when the hotties you’re hanging with are Sandy, Diana Doll, Charmane Starr & Kaylani Lei :)

The coolest thing was the dolphins that where swimming and jumping by the boat on the way back. Better than the fucking plastic Flipper I tried to make out with ;)

I shot a new B/G scene for Brazzers too and did a camshow with lovely Bobbi Eden :)

Work hard and party harder :) The usual suspects –> Nikki Benz, Sandy, Charmane Star, Jenn, Kaylani Lei, Maya…

And did a solo act with Nikki Benz one night…

I love dressing up so me and Sandy put on these fabric condoms – safety first :)

And last pics from Tampa Deja Vu where I finished my FL trip :) I had such a blast at that club and met so many great people. Plus Vicky Vette and Carmen Valentine pop by to play with me last night :)

I leave you with these pic :) Mmmm… I’m a pretty happy girl let me tell you :))

Rock this weekend cause I sure will :)

XXX Puma


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Hello from Florida :)

I’m visiting Vicky Vette here in Florida and it’s awesome. We’re chilling, shooting, going to the beach and roll play as Scandinavian Vikings ;) OK, that last thing was a joke…

And our lovely VNA-sister Charlee Chase came by to play with us for a day :)

Before I came down here I did a really fun shoot for an Asian company. I love Asian people and I think they love me too :)

I also shot some hot stuff for my website. I shared a cock with sexy Jennifer Dark and then ate Kayla Carrera’s tasty pussy :) I have such a hard life ;)

And you know me, of course there’s been some partying with my partners in crime – Nikki Benz, Sandy & Jenn :)

And some more partying…

Since I’m a very healthy person I make sure I keep my protein levels high by regularly swallowing some cum :)

And I got this pic from Nikki and I think its funny as fuck…

And last pick is the WTF pictures :))

Ooookeeey, enough for now. Have to go and work on my tan now :) From tomorrow night until Saturday I’m dancing at DejaVu Tampa so you just bring your ass & cock down :)

XXX Puma

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Was up folks? Did you miss me here? Well, I got some exciting news for you that I’ve been working on why there’s been a lack of updates here on the Blog. Sorry about that :( But it’s gonna get a hell of a lot better :)

So here it goes - as you know I love my site & all you guys & I decided it was time to ramp it up & get you more stuff to take it to a new level.  You may have seen on twitter that come December 1, my site is gonna be part of the VNA Pornstar Network.  You will still get all of my exclusive porn but I am adding access to something you haven’t had before – live daily shows & access to girls like Vicky Vette, Francesca Le’, Deauxma, Julia Ann, Sara Jay & other girls. We are putting the final touches on the new website as we speak.  If you are a member here you can either leave your membership as is OR you can switch to the new site come December 1. The choice is gonna be up to you guys – either way you will still get my porn, promise!

To kick off the new site design I have lots of goodies planned. If you are in the Los Angeles area I am making my first appearance at Adultcon, Los Angeles Convention Center, December 10-12, 2011.  You can come out and get your picture with me & who knows… maybe I will grab your balls too :) You know how much I love meatballs. Or any balls actually ;) I will also be doing regular member camshows with the new network that are OPTIONAL CAM2CAM. You are gonna freak when you see the new system. And of course I’ll be Bloging about all my adventures.

In the meanwhile I have a Blog in Sweden - You can get it in English, just click and scroll on the ‘Select Language’ button :)

Stick around 2012 is gonna be an amazing year. So know you know :)

Much love to you all :)

XXX Puma


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